RV Lot

 Location: 13599 El Dorado Drive
 Hours: 9:00am – 12:00pm (Mon – Thurs)
 Contact LWTC1@verizon.net


The Leisure World Trailer Club is a social club operated by the membership. The elected board of directors hires a lot manager to manage, operate and regulate the parking lot and facilities. The members may use the facilities providing the member agrees to conform to the Lot Rules and Regulations as a condition of occupancy.

The Trailer Club leases the premises from the Golden Rain Foundation for storing and servicing recreational vehicles and non-conforming vehicles* belonging to members of the club. Recreational vehicles are defined as being: motor homes, fifth wheels, campers, and camping trailers that are self-contained.

All recreational vehicles stored in the lot shall be in operable condition, legally licensed, insured, and be owned by a Golden Rain Foundation member who is a resident of Leisure World, Seal Beach.

Eligible vehicles are subject to space availability, and continued storage in lot is not guaranteed.

Bob Croft (714) 743-7000 | rvbob007@hotmail.com