How Did Wage Issue Happen? – May 14th update

Message from GRF President Linda Stone

The California State Legislature approved language in wage and hour laws that all employees must be paid overtime if an individual works more than eight hours a day. We can all agree that is fair.

What was true before, however, is not true now as the courts have clarified the law in recent rulings. The following three examples now are legally working overtime.

  1. If an employee clocks in at 7:55a.m., takes a mandated half-hour lunch break, then clocks out at 4:30 p.m.
  2. A standard practice in the past was to offer a voluntary waiver to employees that wanted to work through lunch so they could leave early for a doctor’s appointment.
  3. Interrupting an employee’s lunch or break to discuss work-related issue or ask a question.

It is the law going forward and retroactively to the years before the courts’ ruling. Golden Rain Foundation, along with many other companies, were liable although we acted in good faith with the interpretation of the law at the time.

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