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After you, the member, have completed your Official Non-Revocable Ballot, insert it into envelope “A,” make no marks on envelope “A,” seal envelope “A,” and insert it into envelope “B,” which is preaddressed to the Inspectors of Election.  In the upper left-hand corner of envelope “B,” print your name and the address of your property located in Leisure World Seal Beach; sign your name on the signature line of envelope “B” only and mail it to the Inspectors of Election.


The Inspectors of Election must receive your Ballot on or before 12:00 noon the last business day before the election date.  You may hand deliver your sealed envelope to 23322 Peralta Drive, Suite 4, Laguna Hills, CA on or before 12:00 noon the last business day prior to the election date, or bring your Ballot to the Meeting before the polls close.  Unmarked Ballots cannot be accepted and will be voided.


Please feel free to contact the Golden Rain Foundation with any questions regarding this process as it is important that you vote, and that your vote counts!  A quorum of Members must return ballots in order for the vote to be valid.


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