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Ronde Winkler
Carole Damoci
Joy Reed
Ronde Winkler
GRF President
Mutual 10 Director

Carole Damoci
GRF Vice President
Executive Committee Chair
Mutual 12 Director

Joy Reed
GRF Corporate Secretary
ADR Committee Chair
Mutual 4 Director

Linda Stone
GRF Treasurer
Finance Committee Chair
Mutual 3 Director

Paula Snowden

Richard Stone
Mutual 1 Director

Paul Pratt
Mutual 2 Director

Paula Snowden
Mutual 2 Director
Phil Hood, Mutual 5
Mary Wood

Phil Hood
Recreation Committee Chair
Mutual 5 Director

Mary Wood
Mutual 6 Director

Kathleen Rapp
Mutual Administration Chair
Mutual 7 Director

Steven McGuigan
Mutual 8 Director
SB&T Committee Chair

Barry Lukoff
Marjorie Dodero
Mutual 9 Director

Mary Ruth Greer
Mutual 11 Director

Barry Lukoff
Mutual 14 Director
Physical Property Chair

Philip Friedman
ITS Committee Chair
Mutual 15 Director

Tim Bolton
Perry Moore

Tim Bolton
Mutual 16 Director

Perry Moore
Mutual 17 Director


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