Mini Farm

Welcome to our community garden!

The GRF Mini Farms are a 1.8-acre community garden space dedicated to growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the company of friends and neighbors. Creating a sustainable urban-nature ecosystem that provides a habitat for wildlife and transforms an underutilized space into a beautiful and useful community area.

The GRF Mini Farms is a vibrant and beautiful 1.8-acres of property at the Northern edge of the community divided into 198 garden plots. Since opening in 1988, our garden has grown to include more than 250 gardeners growing a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants.
Take some time to stop by the garden and see what is growing.

Cultivating Community

In 1988, a group of shareholders were granted permission by Golden Rain Foundation to establish community gardens at the 1.8-acre site adjacent to the freeway.

The group of likeminded residents cleared the land, measured it off to create individual plots and installed pipes for watering. The new garden plots were assigned first come first serve to residents who wanted them. Founders ran a loose organization, collecting dues and setting rules.

In January 1997, the mini farmers officially became a GRF club with a constitution and board of directors. There were 107 plots at the time and a perennial waitlist.

In January 2006, the mini farm club applied to the GRF for permission to use an unused strip of land along the perimeter wall for 11 more gardens. The project was approved, bringing the total to 118 plots.

In January 2021, Golden Rain Foundation took over the administration and management of the 1.8-acre lot. With the focus on enhancing the gardening experience for residents, GRF began by providing educational programs, resources, and networking opportunities for its members to promote the love of gardening. Subdivision of plots began immediately, giving new opportunity to residents on the waitlist. The Mini Farm now has 198 plots for residents to enjoy.


October 2020


A year of growing vegetables Use and culture of culinary herbs Composting is good
Pest Control


Please call or email if you have questions or concerns. Include your name, plot number, and a brief message. A staff member will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Phone: 562-485-6994