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No Name Band

The “No Name Band” is a group of professional musicians who live here in our community. 




* L to R: Terry Humphreys, Carol Robinson (director), Carmen Edwards, Barbara Mc Ilhaney, Howard Jarvis, Diana Neal, Dave Locy, Gary Rittmer, Dutch Vander and missing is Anita Ragole.


This talented group of musicians want to share their talents with you. They sing and play a variety of songs and instruments with the focus on Jazz. In 2007 they created the group so each could express themselves musically.



They have performed for: 

  •   The Sunday Night Ballroom Dance Group
  •   The Theater Club
  •   M9 Picnics
  •   Presbyterian Church
  •   Los Alamitos Senior Center
  •   Anaheim Senior Center
  •   In 2011 they performed at the Amphitheater and…
  •   Leisure World’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2011

They rehearse under the leadership of Carol Ribinson.

They are available to perform for you.  Call to schedule the "No Name Band" and add a touch of class to your next event!


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