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Mutual 8 Patio/Estate Sales
Mutual 8 Shareholders:

Please read the following Mutual 8 and Leisure World policies (both must be adhered to), before planning and proceeding with a patio/estate sale.

If you have any questions, contact your Mutual 8 President.

To view active or upcoming Mutual 8 patio or estate sales or, to add a patio or estate sale, scroll to the the bottom of this page.

Please be sure to include "Start" and "End Dates" for your patio or estate sale, and to delete your ad after your sale has ended.  Ads with expired dates may be deleted without notice.

Note that the Tab (below) is titled "Garage Sales". This is due to a default description on the template used for our website.

Patio and Estate Sales posted in this section which do not adhere to LWSB and Mutual 8 policies may and will be deleted without notice. Shareholders responsible for unauthorized listing(s) may or will be denied further access to Mutual 8's website.  

Mutual 8 Policy
Policy 7508.8



Patio/Estate Sales

THAT NOTWITHSTANDING previous action by this Board, Mutual No. Eight will permit

Patio and Estate sales only.

Patio and estate sales will be conducted in accordance with the “Request for Permission
to Conduct Patio/Estate Sales” hereby adopted.

Authorization to approve such sale(s) is
given to the President of the Mutual Corporation or, in the absence of the President, any
other director so long as the President is notified of the sale.

FURTHER, that Policy 7508, “Instructions for Requesting an Estate Sale” be adhered to.

Leisure World Policy
Policy 7508


Patio/Estate Sales - All Mutuals

The following instructions must be followed when requesting to conduct an Estate Sale:

Complete four (4) copies of the “Request for Permission to Conduct Estate Sale” (page 2 of
this policy)

and three copies of “Estate Sale Inventory” (pages 3 and 4 of this policy):

a) Give one copy of each form to Mutual President at time of approval.

b) Give one copy of “Request for Permission to Conduct Estate Sale” to the Golden Rain
News, if advertising the sale in the News.

c) Give one copy of “Request for Permission to Conduct Estate Sale” to Security Dept.

d) Post copy of “Estate Sale Inventory” at place of sale.


The complete Leisure World Policy 7508 including the form to be filled out, is located at Links-Policies-Policy 7000 Files.

A copy of Policy 7508, including the form, is also available at the Leisure World (Golden Rain Foundation) Administration Office.

Garage Sales
None Currently Available

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