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Welcome to your Mutual 14 website!

Thank you for visiting!  On behalf of the Mutual 14 Board of Directors, welcome to our Mutual 14 website.  Feel free to explore the many features available on the site.

The purpose of the website is to improve communications and allow residents to quickly and easily find information about the happenings within our Mutual.  The site will only be as good as we make it, so please contribute any feedback you think would be helpful and let us know what would make the site more useful to you.

 Number of Directors:  9  Regular Meetings:  3rd Tuesday of each month
       @ 1:00pm Open Forum begins
 Number of Apartments:  328    1:30 pm Meetings begin in 
 Number of Buildings:  34    Admin Conference Room.
 Number of Carport Buildings:  11  Annual Meetings:  3rd Thursday in May,
 Number of Laundry Rooms:  9    10:00 am, Clubhouse Four


Mutual President's Message

Dear Fellow Shareholders and Neighbors,

Welcome to our Mutual 14 website.  We hope you find it informative and useful.

This year, your board began tackling our Mutual's problems, needs, and projects quickly.  We've fielded an energetic team of seven committee chairs and their committee members plus our new secretary/parliamentarian to work on our Mutual's behalf.

We're taking on everything from timely major infrastructure projects, such as roofing, painting and plumbing to more personal projects such as getting our caregivers registered and ensuring we will be prepared in an emergency.

We also hope to offer a couple of great, social get-togethers, including our annual Mutual 14 picnic.

I'm proud of to part of this team and to support its efforts to the best of my ability.

We hope you will consider visiting at least a couple of our board meetings this year to get a taste of the new, fresh flavor of our communities civic life.

We're here to serve our Mutual and your needs so don't be afraid to give any one of us a call during regular weekly business hours.  If you have an emergency at other times, don't hesitate to call me or any of the other board members if I'm not available.

We want to say thanks for this great new website, so ably hosted by Mutual 14 Webmaster Phil Arnold.

And finally, our appreciation goes out to the more than two dozen volunteers who've stepped up to join board committees this year and to our wonderful building captains, the foundation of everything we do.

Very best regards to all,

Mutual 14 President 2014-2015

 Bulletin Board
  07/10/2014 - Click for June 17 Meeting Minutes
  07/11/2014 - Click for July 15 Meeting Agenda
To have your event listed here, send your info to:
  08/07/2014 - President's Council - CH4 - 9:00 am
  08/14/2014 - Mutual 14's Sidewalk Sale, 8:00 am - 1:00 pm, Traffic Circle by Flagpole and
at Residences/Carports
  08/19/2014 - Mutual 14 Board of Directors - Admin; 1:00 pm - Open Forum; 1:30 pm Meeting Begins
  09/10/2014 - Mutual 14's Emergency Information Event for Building Captains, Directors, Emergency Volunteers, Interested Residents, 10:00 am, CH4, C
10/16/2014 - All Leisure World's Emergency/Earthquake Drill. 10:16 am
  10/30/2014 - Mutual 14's Town Hall, Time and Place TBA
 Monthly Calendar
 Week 1
 Wednesday - Treasurer's (CFO) Group - 9:30am - Admin
 Wednesday - Library Committee - 1:30pm - Admin
 Thursday - President's Council - 9am - CH4
 Week 2
 Monday - Recreation Committee - 1:30pm - Admin
 Tuesday - Information Technology Services Committee - 10am - Admin
 Tuesday - Executive Committee 1:30pm - Admin
 Wednesday - Security, Bus & Traffic Committee - 1pm - Admin
 Thursday - Publications Committee - 1:30pm - Admin
 Friday - Physical Property Committee - 1pm - Admin
 Week 3
 Tuesday - Finance Committee - 10am - Admin
 Tuesday - Mutual 14 Board - 1pm (Open Forum), 1:30pm (Meeting) - Admin
 Week 4
 Tuesday - GRF Board of Directors 10am - CH4
 Wednesday - Golden Age Foundation - 2pm - Admin

Seal Beach Mutual Fourteen

2014-2015 Board of Directors

GRF Staff Roster and Phone Numbers
April 14, 2014

Click for GRF roster

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