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It’s a New Day at Leisure World Health Care Center

Introducing OptumCare Medical Group: Health Care Built Around You

You’ve probably heard the news: there is an exciting change coming to the Leisure World Health Care Center (HCC)! The HCC will become part of OptumCare, the largest and most admired health care company in the country.

With OptumCare, Leisure World will have the best of both worlds: health care from doctors you know and trust, plus new ways to deliver health care and better health care technology. We call it modern health care with heart.

We understand this transition is important to the community. We will keep you updated each step of the way, sharing new information as it becomes available. Keep a lookout for information in the Leisure World Weekly. We also have more information online at lwsb.com/optum-health.

We’re excited to be part of your community, and we look forward to seeing you at the HCC soon!


A better future together

We believe in creating your health care center, your way. We will bring committed, exceptional, local doctors and specialists to the HCC. But we need your guidance and feedback on the health and social programs that best fit your needs. Leisure World Seal Beach is a unique and vibrant community. Together, we can create a healthier, brighter future for everyone.


Questions about … the Health Care Center and OptumCare

What’s changing at the Health Care Center?

Los Alamitos Medical Center decided not to renew its lease after 30 years. After thoroughly reviewing proposals, the Golden Rain Foundation Board of Directors chose OptumCare to take over the lease for the next five years, with an option for a five-year extension. OptumCare is committed to creating a modern, best-in-class healthcare center that will serve Leisure World for many years to come.

Once we are all settled in, we’ll have a number of events to welcome everyone to the HCC, introduce new doctors and specialists, and give you the chance to meet your OptumCare team.

What is OptumCare?

OptumCare is a health delivery organization. We want our patients to have better lives, so we aim to make health care more accessible, coordinated, and meaningful for you. To make sure you have an exceptional experience, we help our doctors by giving them the tools and support so they can do what they do best: take care of you.

OptumCare is the biggest healthcare services and technology company in the nation. We are part of a company that is ranked fifth on the Fortune 500. This means your doctors have more resources, better technology, and more tools, which means better care for you.

What do I need to do right now?

For now, nothing. We will keep you updated on any important deadlines and what you need to do. If you’re currently seeing a doctor at the HCC, keep your appointments–your health is a top priority for everyone!

The Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) is coming up, so you may want to start writing down questions on how the HCC transition may affect your care. Insurance agents and brokers will be in the HCC starting next month, and they can help answer those questions. We also have answered a number of questions here, and we’ll continue to share information as it becomes available.


Questions about … Doctors, Specialists and Office Staff

Can I continue seeing my doctor during this time?

Keep those appointments! Your health is a top priority for us. You can and–should–continue seeing your doctor for your care.   We will keep you updated as we have more information about which doctors will be seeing patients at the HCC after the transition.

My doctor is at the Seal Beach Village office. Will they come here?

Our goal is to have patients see their doctors when needed. To do this, Drs. Chris Nguyen and Al Pita will continue to see patients in the Seal Beach Village office. Drs. Ellen Dayon, Rudy Haider, and Nancy Smith will have more flexible schedules to accommodate the needs of both location during the transition.

Will the Seal Beach Village office stay open?

Yes. The Seal Beach Village office will stay open, with the same hours and services available. Drs. Chris Nguyen and Al Pita will continue to see patients at that office. Drs. Ellen Dayon, Rudy Haider, and Nancy Smith will have flexibility in their schedules to accommodate the needs of both offices.

Will the office staff stay with the HCC?

A friendly smile and familiar face can make a big difference when you’re not feeling your best. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition with minimal disruption to our patients and staff.

Will my specialist stay with the HCC?

We are working closely with the current HCC specialists to be sure you have access to the specialty care you need.  We are also working to add new specialists, including a board-certified endocrinologist to run a diabetes program.

Will pharmacy and physical therapy services stay?

We know how important these providers and services are in this community, and we plan for them to remain here at the HCC.

Will I still be able to call the on-call nurse?

Yes. The 24-hour on-call nurse will still be available.

Are there going to be more services at the HCC?

We are developing health care programs and looking to add more specialists at HCC to keep everyone at Leisure World active and healthy. With help from the Leisure World Board of Directors, we’ll get your feedback so we can create programs that make sense for you.


Questions about … Getting Care Now

I have an appointment at the HCC in a few weeks. Should I still go?

Yes! Your health is a priority for your doctors and for OptumCare.  Please continue to see your doctor as usual.

I go to the Los Alamitos Hospital. Can I still go there after the transition?

Yes. OptumCare and Los Alamitos Hospital have a close relationship. The hospital will continue to provide care to residents.

Will I still be able to use the Los Alamitos Hospital shuttle?

Yes. We know how important it is to have access to the hospital, so the shuttle will continue to run. You can visit http://hccmedgroup.com/pdf/PARKING-INSERT.pdf to print a copy of the bus schedule.

I’m not getting care at the HCC, but I would like to. What do I need to do?

For now, you don’t need to do anything. We want to make sure you can select an OptumCare doctor at the HCC. Once we know the doctors who will be at the HCC, we’ll share information on what you can do to get care from them.

If you have an HMO or Medicare Advantage plan accepted by OptumCare doctors and would like to start getting care before the transition, you can do that now. There is a customer service phone number on the back of your health plan card. (We also have the numbers listed at the end of this information sheet.)

Give the health plan customer service team a call and tell them the name of the  OptumCare doctor you would like to start seeing.

I don’t get my care at the HCC. Will this transition affect me in any way?

No. This transition won’t affect you, however, we’d love to meet you!  We are looking to add some community health events and social events, and you are welcome to join us.


Questions about … Insurance

Do you take my insurance?

We take most insurances, including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare supplemental plans, AARP, PPO plans, and all commercial HMO health plans.

With Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) coming up, now is a great time to learn more about your insurance and what it covers. Agents representing many health plans will be available at the HCC throughout the next several months, so check to see if your health plan has an agent stopping by to host a sales meeting.

Do you take my HMO or Medicare Advantage plan?

OptumCare doctors accept many HMO and Medicare Advantage plans through the Monarch HealthCare network.

To find out if you are part of Monarch, call your insurance company using the member services line on the back of your insurance ID card. We have also listed the member services lines for many insurance plans below:

 Insurances We Accept

Medicare Advantage
Aetna Medicare Advantage (800) 282-5366
Alignment Health Plan (866) 634-2247
Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage (888) 230-7338
Blue Shield of CA (800) 353-1118
Health Net Medicare Advantage (800) 275-4737
Humana (800) 457-4708
OneCare / OneCare Connect (877) 412-2734
SCAN Health Plan (800) 559-3500
UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage (877) 517-5276
Medicare supplements
AARP See the back of your ID
Anthem Blue Cross See the back of your ID
Blue Shield See the back of your ID
Humana See the back of your ID
HMO and commercial plans
Aetna (877) 402-8742
Anthem Blue Cross (800) 388-1116
Blue Shield of CA (888) 626-6780
Cigna (800) 244-6224
Health Net (800) 638-3889
Molina Healthcare (855) 542-1974
UnitedHealthcare West (800) 624-8822
Aetna PPO See the back of your ID
Anthem Blue Cross PPO See the back of your ID
Blue Shield of CA See the back of your ID
Cigna PPO See the back of your ID
Health Net See the back of your ID
Humana See the back of your ID
Tricare See the back of your ID
UnitedHealthcare PPO See the back of your ID

If your plan isn’t listed here, stop by the HCC and someone will be able to help you.

We also accept Medicare and cash payments.

Your Health Care Center, Your Way

The Health Care Center is one of the things that makes Leisure World Seal Beach special, and we want you to feel at home there. We are committed to our partnership with Leisure World in creating a best-in-class health care center that gives you an exceptional experience. It’s a new day for Leisure World and OptumCare.

For more information about updates on the Health Care Center, please visit your community website, www.lwsb.com/optum-health.

Town Hall Meeting – July 31, 2018