MUTUAL OPERATIONS ††††††††††††††††††††††††††




Air Conditioning/HVAC/Heat Pump Units - Mutual Twelve Only


In order to conform to revised requirements of the City of Seal Beach, the Uniform Building Code, and the regulations of the Physical Property Department of Leisure World, and in accordance with the previous practices of this Mutual, the installation of air conditioning units shall be approved and confirmed as follows.



1.1 †††† Ducted and Ductless air conditioning/heat pumps shall be placed in front of an

apartment as close to the center as feasible on all inside units.

1.2†††††† Corner Units: †Ducted and Ductless air conditioning/heat pumps shall be placed

on the short side of all corner apartments as close to the center as feasible.†

1.3         All new installations and change outs will require a four-inch-thick poured

concrete slab.

1.4         Replacement unit may remain at existing location.


2.†††† All HVAC heating unit cement pads shall be flush with the apron.


3.†††† Ducted air conditioning/heat pumps size shall not exceed 3.5 ton.


4. ††† On the occasion of change of ownership, and with a charge against the sellerís escrow,

all air conditioning units shall be inspected and serviced or replaced, as needed, to conform with current building codes and all condensation drain lines will be checked and rodent-proofed as needed.


††††††††††† 4.1† If the HVAC unit is found to be in need of replacement or leveling, the Shareholder shall install a four-inch thick, poured concrete slab, flush with the apron and is required to be in compliance with all other provisions of this policy.†† All costs to be charged against the sellerís escrow.


5. ††† All exposed lines (beginning and end) must be covered with sheet metal and/or expandable foam so they are rot-resistant and flame-, insect-, and vermin-proof.† Lines must be installed inside the drip line.


6.††† If the noise level exceeds city code either the inside or outside level, the shareholder is responsible for having unit(s) repaired at once.† If the unit is not repaired by the shareholder, the unit may not be used by the resident or shareholder.† If the Mutual repairs the unit, the shareholder will be billed for all expenses.† Repair and maintenance of all units will be the responsibility of the shareholder.


7.††† When removing previous HVAC units the contractor must remove the cement pad for the previous unit as well.





TWELVE:†††††† 08 Oct 87†††††††††††††††††† 04-11-02, 09-13-07, 10-08-09, 09-25-17, 03-8-18