RESIDENT REGULATIONS                                


PARKING RULES AND FINES (Companion to GRF Policy 1927-37 Parking Rules for Trust Property) - MUTUAL TWELVE



The following Parking Rules are applicable to all persons controlling or operating vehicles on any Mutual Twelve Property.

Shareholder/Members are solely responsible for the actions of their guests and employees, therefore they are solely responsible for the fines and penalties incurred by their guests or employees.

GRF vehicles are exempted from these rules when appropriate, such as maintenance or security vehicles assisting first responders or providing services to a shareholder/member unit.

 1           PREFACE

 1.1      In order to promote safety, all drivers and pedestrians shall follow the same parking rules as are required on public streets, unless otherwise specified herein.

 2           DEFINITIONS. Words appearing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS are defined in this section.


 2.1.1  A method of resolving disputes other than by litigation involving a neutral third party pursuant to Civil Code Sections 5925-5965.


 2.2.1  A defined parking location that has been designated for the use of a specific individual including carports. See Policy 7502.12 –  Carport Regulation and Common Area Traffic Policy – Mutual Twelve


 2.3.1  A device with 2 or 3 wheels, respectively, upon which any person can ride propelled exclusively by human power through a belt, chain or gears.

 2.4      CAREGIVER

 2.4.1  A non-shareholder/member hired or identified by a Shareholder/ Member as providing part-time or full-time care. This person must be registered with Stock Transfer.

 2.5      COMMERCIAL VEHICLES.  A motor vehicle of a type required to be registered and used or maintained for the transportation of persons for hire, compensation, or profit or designed, used, or maintained primarily for the transportation of property. A COMMERCIAL VEHICLE shall also mean any type of vehicle, which includes without limitation, a truck, van or trailer that has one or more of the following traits:

 2.5.1  Larger than one (1) ton carry weight;

 2.5.2  Bares a prominent business name or advertisement. If the graphic medium is removable, such as a magnetically attached sign, this element does not apply when all such signage is removed and stored out of view;

 2.5.3  Normally employed or designed for commercial business use, whether or not a business name or advertisement is displayed.

 2.5.4  Racks, materials, ladders, tool boxes and/or tools are visible on the exterior of the vehicle;

 2.5.5  Used to haul any hazardous materials;

 2.5.6  Designed to carry more than 15 passengers.

 2.6      DUE PROCESS

 2.6.1  An established course for judicial proceedings or other governmental activities designed to safeguard the legal rights of the individual.


 2.7.1  Two-wheeled vehicle supplemented with an electric motor. It may not be driven on sidewalks.

 2.8      GOLF CART

 2.8.1  A motor vehicle having not less than three wheels in contact with the ground, having an unladed weight of less than 1,300 pounds, which is designated to be and is operated at no more than 20 mph, and has a maximum width of 48".


 2.9.1  An internal due process procedure offering an opportunity for both sides to meet and confer in good faith in an effort to resolve a dispute and reach a resolution of alleged violations of community rules.


 2.10.1               A motor vehicle which is designed to travel in excess of 20 MPH with a maximum speed of 25 MPH. LSV's less than 48" in width shall be driven in accordance with the rules and regulations established for Golf Carts. LSV's that are more than 48" in width are prohibited from all walkways and sidewalks.


 2.11.1               A vehicle that is propelled by an electric motor with a battery pack on the vehicle. This vehicle is self-propelled.


 2.12.1               A motorcycle has more than a 150cc engine size, and no more than three wheels and has to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


 2.13.1               A motor-driven cycle has 149cc or less engine size (CVC §405) and has to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).


 2.14.1               A person without the right under the governing documents and applicable law to occupy a dwelling within a Mutual.


 2.15.1               A register maintained by the Security Department to document vehicles granted a limited exception to certain parking rules. Examples: Extended RESIDENT’S absence, overnight RV parking, late night calls for overnight guests without a parking permit.

 2.16   PARKING RULES VIOLATION PANEL (PRV) (Not applicable to Mutual Twelve)


 2.17.1               Any person who is afoot or who is using a means of conveyance propelled by human power other than a bicycle. This also includes any person operating a self-propelled wheelchair, motorized scooter, tricycle or quadricycle.


 2.18.1               Aircraft;

 2.18.2               Boats, personal watercraft, and their trailers except as allowed in Section 3.10 – Recreational Vehicles Restricted;

 2.18.3               INOPERABLE VEHICLE: a vehicle that lacks a functioning engine or transmission, or non-functioning wheels, tires, doors, windshield, or any other major part or equipment necessary to operate safely on the highways;

 2.18.4               Off-road vehicle (not street licensed) other than GOLF CART or GOLF CAR;

 2.18.5               UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLE: Use or parking of a motor vehicle without consent of Mutual Twelve or GRF;

 2.18.6               UNREGISTERED VEHICLE: no current valid State registration; or

 2.18.7               Vehicle designed to carry 15 or more passengers. EXCEPTION:  Buses or limousines to load or offload passengers with approval from the Security Department or Recreation Departments.


 2.19.1               A motor vehicle or trailer for recreational dwelling purposes; a motor home or other vehicle with a motor home body style which has its own motor power or is towed by another vehicle. EXCEPTION: Van camper conversions.


 2.20.1               A parking location that is marked as such by a sign, or curb or pavement marking is set-aside for use only by the designated user(s).


 2.21.1               A written notification of a violation of Mutual Twelve parking policies placed on the violating vehicle. This information is forwarded to the mutual president.


 2.22.1               All land operated by the GRF on behalf of the Mutuals


 2.23.1               Streets with names.


 2.24.1               Not an ASSIGNED PARKING space.


 2.25.1               A vehicle not permitted to be on Mutual Twelve Property.


 2.26.1               Boats, boat trailers, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), trailers used to transport ATVs.

 3           RULES FOR PARKING


 3.1.1  No PROHIBITED VEHICLE shall be parked on Mutual Twelve Property.

 3.1.2  At no time, shall any vehicle be parked on Mutual Twelve Property if it is leaking any fluids. EXCEPTION: Clear Water

 3.1.3  Any of these types of vehicles are subject to immediate towing at the owner’s expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy .


 3.2.1  The following Parking Permits are issued by Security Department

 3.2.2  All Parking Permits must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle or on the king pin of a fifth wheel or the tongue of a trailer:     Shareholder/member for use on rental or new vehicle;     Guest or employee of Shareholder/Member;     Overnight Parking Permit at request of Share-holder/Member for Guest.


 3.3.1  Park safely – At no time may a vehicle be parked in a manner creating a traffic hazard.

 3.3.2  No animal or child is allowed to be left alone in any parked vehicle on Mutual Twelve Property. Animal Control or Seal Beach Police will be called immediately in either circumstance.

 3.3.3  Fire Hydrant – At no time may a vehicle be parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and may be subject to immediate tow-away at owner’s expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy.

 3.3.4  Sidewalk – No vehicle may be parked with any portion of it on a sidewalk.

 3.3.5  Off Pavement – At no time may a vehicle be parked with any portion of it off pavement.

 3.3.6  Curb or Parking Stall – Vehicles may park in a designated parking stall or along a curb or sidewalk, unless otherwise provided herein.  Vehicles on a two-way travel roadway must be parked with the passenger side wheels within 18 inches of the curb or sidewalk.     Vehicle must be parked completely within the marked boundaries of a parking space     A vehicle may be parked in a location that is not a marked stall; however, at no time may it be parked in a manner that creates a traffic hazard, interferes with other vehicle access, PEDESTRIAN traffic, or access to facilities or equipment.     Any vehicle without proof of current valid State registration may not be parked on Mutual Twelve Property at any time.     Any vehicles without a Seal Beach Leisure World decal on windshield or a pass displayed may not be parked on Mutual Twelve Property.     Trailers not connected to a vehicle are not permitted to be parked on Mutual Twelve Property. Such trailers may be parked in the Permit section at Clubhouse 4 only with a permit issued by the Security Department.     Pods, moving trailers or similar portable storage units are not permitted on Mutual Twelve Property without Security Department authorization.     Vehicles in violation are subject to immediate tow away at owner’s expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy.

 3.3.7  Assigned Parking – Vehicles parking in Assigned Parking spaces are will be ticketed and may be subject to tow away at owner's expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy.


 3.4.1  Red Zones – Vehicles in violation are subject to ticket and to immediate tow away at owner’s expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy.     Fire Hydrant or Fire Lane: No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle within 15 feet of a fire hydrant even if the curb is unpainted.     Non-Fire Lanes: A vehicle may not be left unattended.     Bus Stops: No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle within the red zone marked to provide for loading and unloading of buses.     Drive-up Mail Boxes: No person shall park or leave unattended any vehicle within 15 feet of the mail box. (not applicable to Mutual Twelve)

 3.4.2  Blue Zone (Handicapped): Vehicles must display a valid, government-issued disabled (handicapped) license plate or placard.

 3.4.3  Green Zone: Parking may not exceed time limit posted by sign or curb marking.  EXCEPTION:  Unlimited time parking in a Green Zone is permitted only when the vehicle is displaying a valid government-issued disabled (handicapped) license or placard.

 3.4.4  White Zone: Passenger loading and unloading only. Time limit: 30 minutes.

 3.4.5  Yellow Zone: Vehicle loading and unloading only: 30 minutes. Unpainted: Parking is permitted up to 96 hours, unless otherwise restricted.


 3.5.1  A RESIDENT'S vehicle (not RV or VUFR) may be parked for no more than 96 hours in one location, without first notifying the Security Department.

 3.6      NON-RESIDENT PARKING.  NON-RESIDENT vehicles are not eligible for extended parking privileges without permit issued by the Security Department.

 3.6.1  Any violation of this section may result in vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. See Policy 7582.12 – Towing Policy.


 3.7.1  A CAREGIVER may park on Mutual Twelve Property only when a copy of the CAREGIVER parking pass is displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

 3.7.2  For Caregiver parking rights, the person must be registered with the GRF Stock Transfer office.


 3.8.1  Contractors’ vehicles must comply with all rules set forth herein and must not obstruct or park on the sidewalk or grass.

 3.8.2  Contractor and service vehicles, shall not be parked on Mutual Twelve Property overnight without a permit.  Personal vehicles driven by workers are not eligible for overnight passes.


 3.9.1  RESIDENT overnight parking is prohibited without a Security Department issued vehicle decal.  EXCEPTION: A temporary Overnight Parking Permit for a resident may be issued by a director.

 3.9.2  Overnight parking of COMMERCIAL VEHICLES, equipment, and materials utilized in authorized activities conducted for the Mutual, or its residents, are not permitted without an Overnight Parking Permit issued by the Security Department.

 3.9.3  The Overnight Parking Permit must be displayed face-up on the driver side dashboard of the MOTOR VEHICLE, or prominently affixed to the front of trailers or equipment.

 3.9.4  The following vehicles and equipment are prohibited from parking on Mutual Twelve Property at any time between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. unless otherwise addressed in this policy:     Vehicle not displaying a valid GRF decal or Overnight Parking Permit.     Recreational Vehicle – except as provided below in Section 3.10 – “Recreational Vehicles Restrictions.”     COMMERCIAL VEHICLE, construction/ maintenance equipment, storage and disposal units, building materials.

 3.10   RECREATIONAL VEHICLES (RV) or VEHICLE USED FOR RECREATION (VUFR) RESTRICTIONS. An RV or VUFR may be parked on Mutual Twelve Property only when meeting all of the following conditions:

 3.10.1               RV parked on Mutual Twelve Property MUST have Security Department issued decal or a Parking Permit.

 3.10.2               RV or VUFR is parked up to 48 hours for the purpose of loading or unloading.

 3.10.3               Other activities, such as sleeping or resting in the RV or VUFR, and vehicle maintenance are not allowed.

 3.10.4               RV or VUFR must be parked with engine and accessory equipment (e.g. exterior lights, air conditioner, audio and video equipment) shut off. The generator may ONLY be used between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. while loading or unloading the vehicle.

 3.10.5               Extensions such as slide-outs, tilt-outs, and awnings must be closed. Steps must not block the sidewalk.

 3.10.6               RV or VUFR may not be attached to any external power supply.

 3.10.7               Leveling jacks, if used, must include a base plate sufficient to prevent damage to pavement.

 3.10.8               No animals or children are to be left unattended on or within any RV or VUFR at any time.

 3.11   “FOR SALE” SIGNS

 3.11.1               "For Sale" signage shall not be displayed on any vehicle on Mutual Twelve Property.

 3.12   REPAIRS

 3.12.1               Vehicles may not be rebuilt or rehabilitated, major service may not be performed, and fluids may not be changed on any Mutual Twelve Property.

 3.13   WASHING

 3.13.1               All washing of vehicles must be done at the car and RV washing areas behind Clubhouse 2. Vehicles must have a GRF decal.

 3.13.2               EXCEPTION. NON-RESIDENTS shall not be permitted to wash their vehicle anywhere on Mutual Twelve or TRUST PROPERTY.

 4           TRUST PROPERTY PARKING AREAS (not applicable to Mutual Twelve)


 5.1      BICYCLES or TRICYCLES may not be parked in any manner interfering with foot or vehicle traffic. Mutual Twelve is not liable for damaged, lost or stolen property.

 5.2      Attended BICYCLES or TRICYCLES may be parked off pavement, but only in such a manner as not to damage landscaping.

 5.3      Parking on a sidewalk is prohibited.

 6           TOWING. See Policy 7582.12 –  Towing Vehicles.

 7           DUE PROCESS. See Policy 7585.12 Governing Document Compliance Corrective Measures And Fines.



 8.1      Fine Table




2nd and Subsequent

1. Assigned Parking Space or Restricted Parking Space.



2. Blocking Crosswalk   



3. Expired or Invalid State Vehicle Registration



4. Flat Tires



5. “For Sale” sign on Vehicle



6. Handicapped Parking without Placard or Handicap I.D. Displayed



7. Hazardous Materials Leaking



8. Limited Time Parking



9. Maintenance or Repair



10. No Valid GRF Vehicle Decal or Parking Permit Displayed



11. Parked on Sidewalk or Grass (EXCEPTION: Day guests’ bikes, trikes, golf carts and scooters may park on the grass during the day except on mow day or when other turf maintenance is performed.)



12. RED ZONE: Bus Stop



13. RED ZONE: Fire Hydrant



14. RED ZONE: Mail Box 



15. RV or VUFR - Generator Running 8pm – 8am



16. RV or VUFR - Jack Support: None or Inadequate



17. RV or VUFR Parked Over 48 Hours in Mutual



18. Two or more vehicles in one carport space



19.. Washing any vehicle on Mutual Property (use GRF Car Wash areas)



20. Washing a Non-resident Vehicle at Car Wash 



21. Wrecked, Inoperable, Unlicensed, or Leaking vehicles on Mutual Property




 8.2      Notice of parking violation may result in either a Fix-It citation or a Fine or the vehicle being towed. See table.

 8.3      A Fix-It citation allows 30 days for resolving the problem. Submit written proof of correction to the Mutual Twelve Board.

 8.4      Fines may be paid per instructions on the notice of parking violation.

 8.5      To request a hearing for a GRF NOTICE OF PARKING VIOLATION on Mutual Twelve property that includes a fine, contact Mutual Administration (562) 431-6586 Ext. 374. Hearings will be scheduled and conducted per Policy 7585.12 – Governing Documents Compliance, Corrective Measures and Fines

 8.6      Additional citations may be issued after each 24-hour period.

 8.7      * Fine will be waived on first offense if placard and/or paperwork that was current at time of Citation is presented. Security Services Director has the right to waive the first offense fine if needed paperwork is presented. 

 8.8      After the fourth RV or VUFR violation all RV or VUFR parking privileges are suspended for twelve (12) months beginning with the date of the fourth infraction.

 8.9      Fines will be processed by the Golden Rain Foundation with proceeds going to Mutual Twelve.

 8.10   Any violation of Mutual Twelve Policy 7502.12 Carport Regulations and Common Area Traffic Policy not covered by this policy will be handled by Mutual Twelve according to Policy 7585.12 with notification assistance from Mutual Administration. Resident shareholders, including Directors, may report violations to Security, Mutual Administration or the Board.





TWELVE:  03-27-17,       AMENDED 2017-10-12