Electric Cart Pad - Mutual Twelve Only



 1           A temporary parking or charging pad for an electric golf cart ( see policy 7502.12.1 for definition of a golf cart) may be adjacent to an apartment using the following guidelines:  Adjacent to the apartment means next to the patio or exterior wall of the unit. Garden area will be used for the parking or charging pad to bring the pad adjacent to the unit.

A permit must be obtained from the GRF Physical Property Department before a temporary cart pad is installed.

 2           The material and the location of the parking or charging pad must be approved by the Mutual and the GRF Physical Property Department.

 3           It is recommended that the cart pad shall not exceed 5’ x 8’.

 4           Pouring a concrete slab for parking or charging an electric cart is not permitted on Mutual property.

 5           Only Pavers may be used for the cart pad.

 6            Parking or charging pads will only be installed for Electric carts. Gas powered carts may not be parked adjacent to a unit. They may only be parked in the parking / carport area.

 7            Cart pads may not be installed or used for charging Smart Cars.

 8            The cost of installing a cart pad will be at the shareholder’s expense.

 9            The parking or charging pad shall be removed upon the resale or transfer of the share of stock, at the seller’s/transferor’s expense, unless the buyer/transferee is going to acquire a cart within three months of escrow close.  The buyer agrees in writing to assume all of the obligations of the seller/transferor in respect to said cart pad.  If a cart is not acquired within three months of escrow close the pad shall be removed at the buyers expense.

Upon sale or transfer all concrete parking or charging pads installed may be required to be removed and the turf or grass area returned to the existing garden line at seller’s/transferor’s expense.


 10         Any modifications to the existing sprinkler system that are required as a result of the installation of an approved parking or charging pad shall be at the shareholder’s expense and will be done by the Mutual's landscaper.

Cart pads may only be used to park a cart on. When the cart is not parked on the pad no other objects may be placed on the pad. Using the pad for furniture, bicycles, tricycles, scooters, barbecues, plants, etc., may result in disciplinary action by the mutual board and removal of the cart pad at the shareholder’s expense.

























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TWELVE:       9 Oct 08                       2012-01-12, 2017-09-14