MUTUAL OPERATIONS                   




Infrastructure Modifications (formerly Policy 7496.12) Mutual Twelve


 1           SCOPE This Policy supplements laws, codes, Golden Rain Foundation and Mutual 12 governing documents, and other requirements. It does not weaken or eliminate any requirement of any kind that is not addressed herein.


 2.1       Any building exterior or interior modification must be approved by Board Resolution unless Board approval is on file or clear in policy (Exception:  Interior walls may be painted or papered without a GRF or Mutual permit.)

 2.2       All modifications approved for shareholders shall be at shareholder expense.

 2.3       Shareholder and shareholder’s contractor are responsible for repair and/or replacement of any Mutual 12 infrastructure components disturbed, modified or damaged during construction. 

 2.4       As an example but not a limitation, repair or replacement of Mutual sidewalk light wiring damaged during and resulting from shareholder walkway replacement, sprinkler line work, grade changes, etc. must be corrected at contracting shareholder expense.

 2.5       There shall be no shareholder construction or other shareholder encroachment under the attic access, in front of or in a location compromising access to or interfering in any way with any kind of electrical, electronic and or information transmission equipment including their enclosures wherever located. No encroachment shall be allowed on any kind of easement or access not mentioned above unless exempted by Board Resolution.

 2.6       Neither GRF nor the Mutual allows contractors to work outside of regular business hours. See Policy 7402.12 Working Hours – Contractors, Vendors and Shareholders. If contractors or their employees are found on site outside of regular business hours a fine may be imposed for up to $500 for each occurrence in addition to other punitive action.

 2.7       GRF and Mutual requirements and contract supersede GRF Building Inspector “FINISH BUILDING” sign off on the GRF Building permit.


 3           LANDSCAPE

 3.1       Any time, including garden border adjustments, changes are made or turf is restored, excess soil shall be removed and any new soil shall be added at shareholder expense. In any Mutual or shareholder contract, price of soil and turf addition or removal shall be included whether specifically stated in the contract or not.

 3.2       All grounds and sprinkler modification, including but not limited to grade and garden borders, must be performed by the Mutual’s landscape contractor unless another contractor is authorized by Board resolution. All work performed will be at shareholder expense.  (See Policy 7408.12 – Contractor Liability)


 4.1       Shareholder(s) of the adjoining unit, if any, must agree to the relocation of their common entrance walkway.  A written agreement must be signed by both parties prior to any work being performed by the contractor.

 4.2       New walkways shall be a minimum width of four feet and a maximum width of five feet.  Any flare shall be included within the five-foot width.

 4.3       Walkways may include brick, flagstone, or any similar material between Mutual walkways and resident porch area. The maximum five-foot width must include at least three-inch cement mow strip on each side. Non-standard walkway damage will be the responsibility of the shareholder.

 4.4       The site plans shall define the areas affected by the relocation of the entrance walkways which are connected to the main sidewalk and all affected units.

 4.5       The site plans shall show:

 4.5.1  The original “as is” walkway.

 4.5.2  The proposed relocated walkway(s).

 4.6       All grounds and sprinkler modification, including but not limited to grade and garden borders, must be performed by the Mutual’s landscape contractor unless another contractor is authorized by Board resolution. All work performed will be at shareholder expense.  (See Policy 7408.12 – Contractor Liability)


 5.1       Maximum of two entrances may be located at the edge of a building’s footprint. Additional entrances are not allowed unless these additional entrances exit onto the separate interest patio area of the unit.

 5.2       Walkways are not allowed on the additional entrances located at the edge of a building’s footprint.

 5.3       The stoop of an entrance located at the edge of a building’s footprint shall not exceed minimum code requirements in length and width.

 6           THRESHOLDS

 6.1       Exterior sidewalk and interior slab shall not have more than 1.5” difference.

 6.2       Demolition and replacement of existing patio slabs shall take place as needed to accomplish this requirement.

 7           STEPS

 7.1       Steps are not allowed anywhere on the Mutual 12 premises, interior or exterior (the concrete platforms in the back of the carports are not steps).

 8           APRONS

 8.1       Policy 7425.12 requires a 12-inch exterior apron added to the main foundation structure. Wider aprons are not permitted.

 8.2       A bay foundation may be flush with the structure or have an apron not to exceed 6”.

 8.3       Apron to be part of monolithic pour for footing per Policy 7490 Standard Plans and Specifications diagram 9 of 15, Patio Roof Footing Slab, date May 1987.


 9.1       Soundproofing is always required:

 9.1.1  On all common walls exposed during construction.

 9.1.2  On all walls of second bathrooms.

 9.2       Soundproofing is recommended:

 9.2.1  For common walls, in particular any room considered a bedroom or sleeping room.


 10.1    Before any construction involving the attic receives the FINISH BUILDING sign off, all insulation must be put back in place or replaced so that protection is at least as good as original.  Skylight structure insulation must be put in place securely.

 10.2    Shareholder is encouraged to specify high quality fire resistant insulation anywhere insulation is required.

 11        ACCESS

 11.1    Water heater whether in the original location or relocated must not be obstructed.

 11.2    Any variance, such as but not limited to under sink water purifier, requires Board approval and GRF Building Permit. Any work on obstructed original fixtures will be at shareholder’s expense.


 12.1    Enclosed patios may have all screens, windows, louvered windows, acrylic, backer board, drywall, deco blocks, doors, and all other enclosure materials removed when the unit is sold. Removal of enclosure materials is at the discretion of the Mutual board. The cost of removing enclosure materials will be at the Seller's expense.  Exception, if there is proof of permits, it will be removed at Mutual expense.

 12.2    Modifying the patio to add any enclosure materials such as windows, doors, drywall, backer board, concrete fill in deco blocks, etc., requires a GRF Building Permit.

 12.3    Acrylic, plastic, etc., may not be used for patio enclosure except when it is being used as a backing material for deco blocks.

 12.4    No enclosed patio addition may have a door that locks. Only doors with direct entry into the unit may have locks, i.e., front door or sliding glass door leading directly into the unit from the patio. A door outside in the patio without direct access into the unit is not considered an entry door. To clarify, there can be no door locked before arriving to the primary entrance of the unit. Any lock on a patio door must be removed or the Mutual will remove it at the shareholder expense.


 13.1    All Sewer tie-ins to be at existing toilet at existing bath. Mutual Twelve does not allow contractors to tie into the 4 inch main line.

 13.2    Interior water distribution lines are prohibited from being laid in the slab of the unit.


 14.1    If Downspouts are relocated, the contractor will replace existing gutter with a one piece gutter to the middle of the center unit of the building (the location of the seam).


 15.1    On Washer/Dryer installs there must be easy access such as a side door to shutoff valves.

 15.2    The Washer/Dryer cabinet space must be large enough to easily remove the washer / dryer without having to remove the doors, the framing, or the molding.


























MUTUAL ADOPTION                                 AMENDMENTS


TWELVE:     2003-01-09                             2015-11-12, 2016-07-14 (Emergency 120 days),

                                                                        2016-10-13, 2017-09-25, 03-8-18



I/We the undersigned, understand and agree to comply with all of the laws, codes, governing documents, and requirements of the Golden Rain Foundation and Seal Beach Mutual No. Twelve for work briefly described below applicable to:


Unit No:                           GRF Building Permit No.:                                                                









COMPANY NAME:                                                                                                                         



BY:                                                                 Title:                                                               -          



Name Printed:                                                                     Date:                                                




Prior to signing this or any other document related to this modification of Mutual 12 property I/We have obtained any and all assistance needed to fully understand our responsibility as shareholder/owner of the separate interest.


I/We understand that the sentence, “I agree all work will comply with Foundation and Mutual Corporation policies, regulations, and procedures.” is included in the NOTICE TO RESIDENT OF AGREEMENT section of the GOLDEN RAIN FOUNDATION BUILDING PERMIT.



               PRINT NAME    



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