Amphitheater Series Cancelled

Due to a growing number of unconfirmed reports of LW members testing positive for COVID-19 (with some fully vaccinated people being hospitalized), the GRF has canceled the following community events:

  • Amphitheater Movie Nights, including Wonder Woman, Aug. 13; and Coming to America, Sept. 3.
  • Amphitheater Show Series, including the Linda Ronstadt Revival concert, Aug. 19; and the Petty Breakers, Sept. 2.
  • Weekend Dances for one month, including Abilene, Velvetones and Vinyl Rock.
  • Clubhouse 6 Hospitality Center will close as of Monday, Aug. 16.

Several clubs, and religious groups and churches have chosen to cancel meetings and events for the time being. Please check with clubs and churches for the latest meeting information.
Thank you to all LW’s proactive and prudent clubs that have canceled August meetings. By taking action now, we may be able to get back on track in September
The GRF urges all residents to wear masks and avoid crowds.