LWW Trans/Ed. 03-04-21

 March 4 2021

GRF Construction Projects

GRF projects are underway around the community despite slowdowns attributed to COVID-19. This column will update residents on the progress of various construction projects. The information is provided by GRF Facilities Director Mark Weaver and Physical Property Manager David Rudge.


Physical Property staff share the community’s frustrations on the delays associated with the repair of the pool and spa. 

The project was originally planned as a renovation but as underlying foundational defects were uncovered, it quickly became a complete replacement requiring extensive new plans that must be compliant to all new codes. That complication was compounded by the COVID-19 crisis, which has heavily impacted response times, even with major utilities.  

The architect has completed the set of stamped plans and a permit application for the City of Seal Beach and the Orange County Health Care Agency. 

The packet was submitted on Feb. 5. When the plans are approved and a permit is issued, an updated construction schedule will be completed and shared. 

MJ Jurado has installed a 6-foot sewer line for the pool backwash system, with the capacity to receive 185 gallons per minute for five minutes. 

Rough-in plumbing is continuing this week.

The pricing of pool equipment from multiple vendors is nearing completion. 

Once that is finalized, orders will be placed.

SCE has approved the installation of a 100-amp pedestal on the golf course to relocate the power from the pool equipment room. This was approved by GRF Board last week.

SoCal Gas has relocated the gas meter.

We thank you in advance for your patience.

SCE Alert

Southern California Edison (SCE) is planning a system outage relating to its outsourced payment processing that will affect LW shareholders who remit their SCE payments directly to the GRF Finance Office.

The outage is planned for Wednesday, March 31, through Monday, April 5. To avoid late payment processing during this outage period, shareholders should mail their payments directly to SCE.

Haynes dismantling project continues

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) continues work toward future integrations of renewable energy generation at the Haynes Power Generating Station with the dismantling of Units 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

Dismantling of these older units is part of efforts to eliminate ocean water cooling, make room for future renewable energy generation planning, and to maintain plant and grid reliability.

Work crews have finished dismantling Units 5 and 6, including the metal framing and stacks. 

The removal of the stacks has changed the horizon for Leisure World residents. 

Dismantling work proceeded smoothly and safely as planned. Next on the project schedule is the dismantling of Units 3 and 4.  The metal structures, stacks, control house and maintenance building will be dismantled from March through August. 

The same dismantling methods and equipment used for Units 5 and 6 will be used for Units 3 and 4. 

The metal framing and stacks will be cut into pieces moving from top to bottom, and each piece will be lifted by a crane and carefully lowered to the ground for removal. This work will involve the use of torches, excavators, and a crane. Workers may be visible on metal frame structures and stacks during the dismantling activities. 

Monitoring instruments will measure dust, noise and vibration levels during all work to maintain levels below the required limits. Only a few trucks will enter and leave the plant during daytime hours. No traffic impacts are expected. 

LADWP and its contractors continue to use strict safety precautions to protect workers and the community, including compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 

LADWP will continue to provide periodic updates on the dismantling work to Leisure World residents. For more information, call the Project Information Line at 800-531-6638.

tion levels during all work to maintain levels below the required limits. Only a few trucks will enter and leave the plant during daytime hours. No traffic impacts are expected. 

LADWP and its contractors continue to use strict safety precautions to protect workers and the community, including compliance with CDC guidelines for COVID-19. 

LADWP will continue to provide periodic updates on the dismantling work to Leisure World residents. For more information, call the Project Information Line at 800-531-6638.

—from the LADWP

Perrottis donate statue to LW community

by Ruth Osborn


Leah Perrotti, who represents Mutual 1 on the GRF Board of Directors, and her husband, John, have given the community of Leisure World a charming sculpture of a mature couple sharing quiet time on a park bench. Like the relationship it portrays, the statue’s  lovely patina reflects something grown beautiful with age.

The Perrottis chose the made-in-America bronze to be “a thought-provoking, beautiful work of art, evoking fond memories of loved ones,” said Mrs. Perrotti.

The 350-pound sculpture, titled “Golden Years,” was mounted Feb. 25 at the northeast corner of Golden Rain Road and St. Andrews Drive, near the LW Pool’s exterior wall.

“It has been a tradition in our family to plant a tree to honor our loved ones who have died. Adhering to our tradition, we planted a tree to honor my father, Harry Boxer, a Leisure World resident, who died last year,” said Mrs. Perrotti. “We decided we wanted to do something more, for not only our parents, but for everyone who lives and works in our community.”

The Perrottis wanted their gift to be long-lasting.

“Seeing the joy our community gets from ‘Twiggy’ that stands proudly at the entrance of the Administration building, we knew we wanted a life-size statue that depicted the emotion of love, and, more specifically, the love of parents,” said Mrs. Perrotti. 

Twiggy is the mid-century-modern, cast-bronze statue given to the people of Leisure World by LW developer Ross Cortese. Dated Feb. 1, 1968, it is the work of Italian sculptor Pino Conte, whose art is also found in the National Gallery of Victoria, among other collections. 

With Twiggy in mind, the Perrottis first spoke to GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny a year ago, asking if they could donate a statue to the community. 

It was pre-COVID-19 when the idea was first raised, and Ankeny was receptive. So the Perrottis searched worldwide for a gift that would symbolize their sentiments.

“It is our hope that others who view it may think of their parents or maybe see themselves and think of the memories they have as parents or grandparents,” said Mrs. Perrotti.

The soul searching that went along with choosing this gift led the Perrottis to “realize that our journey in life began with our entrance into this world on the day we were born. It was our parents’ love that we felt first. They worked long and hard so that we could have opportunities they never had. We felt compelled to honor our parents and the parents of all shareholders in Leisure World,”  said Mrs. Perrotti.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut-downs began in March 2020, so the purchase and placement of the statue was put on the back burner.

This past summer, the Perrottis resumed their search.

They worked closely with Ankeny, GRF President Susan Hopewell and GRF Vice President Linda Stone. It took a village, including the Architectural Design Review Committee, chaired by GRF Director Irma Heinrichs, and GRF Purchasing Manager Julie Rogers. Rogers contacted the vendor, the Large Art Company,  based in the San Fernando Valley, and facilitated the sculpture’s purchase and delivery in September. It arrived within two weeks of purchase and was carefully stored until its final site was prepared and security cameras installed. 

A plaque that will soon be placed at the site says it best: “Love your parents and treat them with loving care, for you will only know their value when you see an empty chair.”

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Update

Last weekend, 1,250 second-dose inoculations were completed for LW residents whose appointments were originally scheduled for  Feb. 20 and 21. 

This coming weekend, March 6 and 7, residents who were originally scheduled for clinics on Feb. 25 and 26 will also get their second doses.

People who received their first shots on Feb.  4 will also get their second doses on Saturday, March 6. If you were vaccinated on Feb. 5, come to Clubhouse 6 this Sunday, March 7, for your second dose.

In the future, all clinics will be held on weekends. 

Appointment times have been changed for upcoming second-shot clinics. Although recipients may have been told to return at the same time that they had their first shots, the second-shot clinics are moving faster. People with afternoon reservations should come in at times listed below. OptumCare has adjusted appointment times, based on the pace of inoculations last weekend:

• If you are scheduled for your second shot before noon, you may come at the time you were given.

• If you are scheduled between 3-4 p.m., come between 9-10 a.m.

• If you are scheduled between 4-5 p.m., come between 10-11 a.m.

• If you are scheduled between 5-6 p.m., come between 11 a.m. and noon.

• If you are scheduled after 6 p.m, come between noon and 1:30 p.m.

Even though vaccine-supply interruptions due to bad weather postponed four second-dose clinics, the vaccine is being administered within the 42-day window in the make-up clinics last weekend and this weekend.

However if you are the exception because of a previous delay, consult your physician.

You are required to present your paperwork from the first clinic or the appointment card in order to get your second shot. This is to prevent fraudulent attempts to obtain a first injection at a second shot clinic, as some have attempted to do. The quantities are carefully metered to accommodate the same number of people from each first-shot clinic.

If you have not received your first inoculation, you can expect to receive it later in March if you have reregistered since February 5. Once Optum is informed the vaccine has been allocated for LWSB, we will schedule another clinic and advise everyone by LW Live email notifications. Your date of registration has nothing to do with when you will get your appointment, which is determined randomly by computer from all regis-trants.  We have, however vaccinated the majority of those over 65 so the rest should be accommodated at the upcoming clinics.  Once the over 65 group is inoculated and the Orange County opens the vaccine up to others, we plan to vaccinate those under 65. GRF employees, registered caregivers (no caregiver that has not registered with Stock Transfer is eligible), and our custodial contractor employees. Watch for update on LW Live for new clinic dates.

If you or a neighbor has not registered, you should do so immediately at www.lwsb.com/vaccine. Those who do not have access to the internet can be regis-tered by anybody who does.

• The name will be added to a database of those who want the vaccination. If the qualified resident is under 65, they will be entered into a separate database for when the vaccine is made available to them. If one person in a couple is under 65, it is preferable to register together for the later date, or to register separately if the older person needs to be vaccinated sooner.

• Each time we are advised that we will receive vaccine and another clinic can be held, names will be taken from the list at random by the system and the names chosen will be contacted for an appointment.

• We will notify you by email if you registered by email of the appointment date and time.

• If you register for another person, we ask that you then contact the resident you helped register, inform them of the appointment, and if necessary, transport them or arrange for the access bus to bring them to Clubhouse 6.

• When you are notified of the appointment, the registrant must show up for the vaccination on the date and time specified.  There are no choices of times or dates.

Please note:

• You must be available to take the second dose 3 weeks after the first dose.  In case of a delay beyond our control, you may want to postpone plans that would prevent you from being available for an extra week.

• Couples will be scheduled together by completing the one form with both names.

• If you are unable to complete registration by email, and do not have a friend or relative to assist you, contact Cindy Tostado at 562-431-6586 ext. 317 or Eloy Gomez at ext.  for a copy of the form to register manually or for personal assis-tance. 

One more thing: We are often asked by individuals to be moved up the list. We are re-quired to offer the vaccine, without prejudice, to any GRF member, co-occupant, or lessee over 65.  To do this equitably, the computer randomly picks from all pre-registrants. Standbys are chosen the same way and are called when registrants don’t show up for their appointment. We do not choose nor reject anybody.  It is a simple matter of mathematics:  We have nearly 10,000 people living here and have so far in-oculated 4200. Any resident is free to get their shot from another POD if they don’t feel they can wait; we just ask that they notify us to take them off the registration list by sending an email to cancelv@lwsb.com .

Questions? Contact kathyt@lwsb.com 

Bus transport available to COVID-19 shot clinics

LW Minibus and on-call service will be available from 8-5 p.m. on all Saturday and Sunday vaccination clinic days. 

The on-call bus service will be available for everyone and is not to be confused with Access bus service, which is specifically for people with mobility issues.

There will not be any fixed-route (scheduled) Minibuses available on Saturdays and Sundays, so people who need to get to vaccine clinics will have to use on-call service. 

No appointment is required for on-call service. 

Anyone who needs transportation to clinics or any other location inside Leisure World should call (562) 431-6585, ext. 379, and request for a bus to come to their location. 

A Leisure World Minibus will be dispatched to the specified  location within10 minutes or less. Because parking is very limited at Clubhouse 6, where clinics are held, residents are asked to consider using the Minibus on-call service.

For more information, call (562) 431-6586, ext. 372. 

LW Access bus service is by appointment only for people with mobility concerns. 

People can schedule Access appointments to the vaccination clinics (or any other location inside Leisure World) by calling (562) 431-6585, ext. 379. Access bus appointments are scheduled on the half-hour and can be made up to three days in advance. 

–—Grant Winford

GRF fleet manager

GAF Tax Help Program is full

The AARP Tax-Aide Program sponsored by the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) begins Monday, March 8. 

Volunteers will prepare and e-file returns on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings. 

All appointments have been filled. 

More than 260 appointments were made, fewer than in a normal 10-week tax season. This year, the program is only six weeks long, due to factors related to COVID-19, and there are fewer free programs being offered in the area, so the GAF tax program was swamped with calls. 

For residents who received appointments, your tax return documents will be scanned when you arrive, and you will return the following week to pick up the completed return. 

For a full overview of the process, see the tax articles in the LW Weekly on Feb. 18 and 25.

You must be a full-year California resident and, if married, file a Married Filing Joint return. 

The program does not prepare returns with rental property or the sale of anything other than your California residence or stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It will not handle Schedule Cs for self-employed individuals or amended returns. Broker statement cannot exceed 15 pages. 

Residents who were unable to get a GAF appointment can file taxes for free at IRS.gov. Click on the “File Your Taxes for Free” icon and follow the prompts.  

Amenities Update

Turtle Lake Golf Course, operating on Pacific Standard Time since October, will switch to the daylight saving time schedule, effective March 14.

The course will be open from 8 a.m.-7 p.m., with the last tee time reservation at 6:20 p.m.

Golf starters report many new golfers are taking advantage of the course, but some seem unaware of the rules. The basic rules for the course should always be followed, and there are additional restrictions in keeping with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

The sign stating these rules and scorecards have been removed for safety, so golfers can pick up copies of GRF Policy 70-1429.02-1, Golf Course Rules, from the starter. The policy is also available online at lwsb.com. 

Some golfers have reportedly not received confirmation for their reservations. But confirmations are always emailed after a tee time is reserved. Confirmations may not reach the golfer because of  incorrect email addresses. Golfers should check the spelling of their emails, especially if they have failed to receive confirmations. The starter simply responds to the email address in the reservation and is not typing it.

The Recreation Department, which coordinates the GRF Vaccine Taskforce, is focusing primarily on scheduling COVID-19 clinics until everyone has been vaccinated.

Shot clinics are being held in Clubhouse 6, so registration for the Fitness Center has been temporarily put on hold. 

The community will be notified once registrations resume.

In the meantime,  check out https://www.lwsb.com/fitness-center-tutorials/ to learn how to use the new equipment at the Fitness Center. The series of tutorial videos help acclimate people to new smart systems and fitness circuits so they will be ready when the center opens.

Complete instructions for all machines except the circuit training can be accessed from smartphones. An attendant will be there to show people how to link their phones to the machine’s video presentation, or people can check out iPads to learn while they work out.

The COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee, which drafts emergency procedures for reopening amenities under COVID-19 restrictions,  continues to look at opening other amenities, in keeping with CDC guidelines. Expect regular updates as the situation evolves.

The next ad hoc meeting is scheduled for today, March 4 (see the GRF meeting schedule on page 5 for more information).

Dance and exercise classes have resumed at Veterans Plaza on their previous schedules.  Contact the Recreation Department if you are interested in particular activities or contact information for the clubs and their instructors. 

Updates related to amenity reopenings will be published in the LW Weekly as well as on LW Live as they become available.

For more information, contact kathyt@lwsb.com. 

405 Freeway Improvement Project

The Orange County Transportation Authority, in cooperation with Caltrans, is widening the San Diego Freeway (I-405) between SR-73 and I-605.The project is improving 16 miles of I-405 between the SR-73 freeway in Costa Mesa and I-605 near the Los Angeles County line. Construction updates are as follows:

Eastbound SR-22 Connector to Northbound I-605/I-405 Closed

Drainage and roadway work on the EB SR-22 connector to NB I-605/I-405 will require a 55-hour closure of the connector beginning as early as 10 p.m., Friday, March 5, and continuing until 5 a.m. Monday, March 8. 

 Activities include installation of drainage pipe, paving and guard rail work.

Beach Boulevard Lane Reductions 

Crews began construction of the traffic signal at the Beach/Edinger Avenue and Beach/Center Avenue intersections Feb. 8. Work will continue for approximately two months and entails intermittent lane reductions at the intersections of Beach between Stark Drive and Center.

Daytime work hours are 7 a.m.- 4 p.m. Nighttime work hours are 9 p.m.-5 a.m. on weekdays and 9 p.m.-8 a.m. on weekends.

Off-Ramp to Beach Boulevard is PERMANENTLY CLOSED 

The southbound I-405 loop off-ramp to northbound Beach Boulevard is permanently closed. Motorists will use the Beach Boulevard/Center Avenue off-ramp from now on to access north- and southbound Beach Boulevard.

The loop off-ramp was eliminated to accommodate the widening of Beach and of the freeway. The Beach/Center off-ramp and Center are being reconstructed to accommodate the change in traffic volume.

Email 405project@octa.net or call (888) 400-8994 for more information. The I-405 Improvement Project mobile app provides quick access to current traffic conditions, closures and detours, along with project updates and links to contact the project team. Download it from the Apple Store or Google Play. 

Tax Tips for Seniors

Current research by the Internal Revenue Service indicates that individuals are likely to make errors when preparing their tax returns. 

The IRS has the following tax tips to help you avoid some of the common errors dealing with the standard deduction for seniors, the taxable amount of Social Security benefits, and the Credit for the Elderly and Disabled. Find links to helpful publications as well as information on how to obtain free tax assistance at https://www.irs.gov/individuals/seniors-retirees/tips-for-seniors-in-preparing-their-taxes.

Standard Deduction for Seniors

If you do not itemize your deductions, you can get a higher standard deduction amount if you and/or your spouse are 65 years old or older. You can get an even higher standard deduction amount if either you or your spouse is blind. (See Form 1040 and Form 1040A instructions.)

Taxable Amount of 

Social Security Benefits

When preparing your return, be especially careful when you calculate the taxable amount of your Social Security. Use the Social Security benefits worksheet found in the instructions for IRS Form 1040 and Form 1040A, and then double-check it before you fill out your tax return. See Publication 915 PDF, Social Security and Equivalent Railroad Retirement Benefits.

Credit for the Elderly or 


You must file using Form 1040 or Form 1040A to receive the Credit for the Elderly or Disabled. You cannot get the Credit for the Elderly or Disabled if you file using Form 1040EZ. Be sure to apply for the credit if you qualify.

Who Can Take the Credit 

The credit is based on your age, filing status and income. You may be able to take the credit if:

•Age: You and/or your spouse are either 65 years or older; or under age 65 years old and are permanently and totally disabled.


Filing Status: Your income on Form 1040 line 38 is less than $17,500, $20,000 (married filing jointly and only one spouse qualifies), $25,000 (married filing jointly and both qualify), or $12,500 (married filing separately and lived apart from your spouse for the entire year).

And, the non-taxable part of your Social Security or other nontaxable pensions, annuities or disability income is less than $5,000 (single, head of household, or qualifying widow/er with diependent child); $5,000 (married filing jointly and only one spouse qualifies); $7,500 (married filing jointly and both qualify); or $3,750 (married filing separately and lived apart from your spouse the entire year).

Calculating the Credit: Use Schedule R PDF (Form 1040 or 1040A), Credit for the Elderly or Disabled, to figure the amount of the credit.  See the instructions for Schedule R PDF (Forms 1040 or 1040A) if you want the IRS to figure this credit for you.

Also see Publications 524 PDF (Credit for the Elderly or Disabled); and 554 PDF (Tax Guide for Seniors). 

Free IRS Tax Return Preparation –  IRS-sponsored volunteer tax assistance programs offer free tax help to seniors and to low- to moderate-income people who cannot prepare their own tax returns.

RV Lot improvements to begin

The main entrance of the GRF RV lot will be under construction beginning Monday, March 8.

The project is expected to   take about eight weeks to complete.

Improvements include the  installation of new entry and pedestrian gates and a new driveway.

The chain link fence will be replaced with concrete block and 45-degree corners for access.

New LED street lighting will also be installed. For more information, call 431-6586, ext. 324.

Letters to the Editor


I was intrigued by Nick Masssetti’s column on Seal Beach water rates (Feb. 18).  Last year I designed and proposed removing the crab-grass-infested turf in front of my unit and 14 of my neighbors’. I began to think about and research what it would take to remove the turf and establish a drought tolerant garden (we are calling it a park.)

This area is approximately 3,500 square feet, measuring 186 feet long and 18-and-a-half-feet wide. It will feature a path suitable for walkers and electric wheelchairs, berms, sand, gravel and rocks for landscape texture, California-native flowering plants, succulents and cacti, and possibly a dry creek bed, which will help with drainage. It has been approved by our board of directors.

Through my research, I found that, once established, this area will have a mean water saving of around 83,640 gallons per year and water cost savings of 70 to 80 percent. 

To top it off, I am currently in the process of applying for a turf removal rebate from the Orange County Water District that could bring as much as $7,000 back into our Mutual’s coffers.

The luxury of lush, green, cooling grass will never go away, but here is an alternative that is visually appealing and holds a practical purpose.

Chris Abel

Mutual 2


I would like the GRF to consider opening the gym to all of us who have received both COVID-19 vaccine shots. We would, of course, require social distancing, masks and proof of having received both vaccine shots.

The GRF has spent hundreds of thousands of our money to renovate the gym, and it is just sitting there empty. It has been over a year, and so many of us need this form of exercise.  

Gerri Wright

Mutual 11

Editor’s note: For more information on the Fitness Center, see the amenities update on page 2.


Recently my friend took me to her Mini Farm garden, where her lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes were growing in healthy abundance. Also, her flowering plants were in bloom, beautifying the area.

Her hard work watering, cultivating and clearing the weeds blessed her with a good harvest. I surely enjoyed her delicious and juicy tomato salad.

When I was a director, some shareholders in my wheel were  interested in gardening. They asked me how to get a plot. I advised them to apply. There’s a long waiting list, but it’s worth waiting for, I told them.

Gardening is one of the best hobbies to help people cope, both mentally and physically, with the coronavirus pandemic.

Lisa Dickson

Mutual 1

Perspectives Policy

Submissions in each of the following categories may be published at the discretion of the managing editor. 

Letters to the Editor: Maximum number of words: 250. Letters should be typed and delivered to LW Weekly by email (preferred), regular mail or hand-delivered. 

Letters must be of general interest to the community and may contain opinions, suggestions, compliments and complaints without being scurrilous, libelous, defamatory, repetitive or otherwise inappropriate. 

The names of individual employees, titles and/or departments will not be permitted in letters that could adversely impact any Foundation employee directly or indirectly.


Mutual Meetings 

Mutual residents are invited to attend the open meetings of their mutual boards (schedule subject to change). 

Thurs., March 4 Presidents’ Council

virtual 9 a.m.

Mon., March 8 Mutual 9

virtual 9 a.m.

Wed., March 10 Mutual 4 (open forum, 9:15 a.m.)

virtual 9:30 a.m.

Thurs., March 11 Mutual 12

virtual 9 a.m.

Fri., March 12 Mutual 3

virtual 9 a.m.

Mon., March 15 Mutual 15

virtual 1 p.m.

Tues., March 16 Mutual 14

virtual 1 p.m.

Wed., March 17 Mutual 5

virtual 9 a.m.

Wed., March 17 Mutual 7

virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., March 18 Mutual 2

virtual 9 a.m.

Thurs., March 18 Mutual 11

virtual 1:30 p.m.

Mon., March 22 Mutual 8 (open forum, 9:15 a.m.)

virtual 9:30 a.m.

Wed., March 24 Mutual 10

virtual 9 a.m.

Thurs., March 25 Mutual 1

virtual 9 a.m.

Carport Cleaning Schedule 2021

Since most of the holidays in 2021 fall on workdays for LWSB’s cleaning contractor, all carports will be cleaned this year on the actual holiday, with the exception of Thanksgiving (Nov. 25). The following carports will be cleaned the morning of Nov. 30:

Mutual 11: Carports 130 -131

Mutual 15: Carports 7-8, 10 and 13

Mutual 16: Carport 9

The following carports will be cleaned that afternoon:

Mutual 15: Carports 3, 6, 11-12

LW Community Guide 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the production of the LW Community Guide in 2020. If there are any changes to your information for the White Pages from 2019, or if you weren’t included in 2019 but want to be in 2021, contact pattym@lwsb.com with your name and address and/or phone number.

Call for Candidates

Mutual and GRF election cycle begins

Since 1962, Leisure World, Seal Beach, has operated on a united community spirit. There is no one more interested in their home, Mutual and community than LWers and their fellow shareholders. Only they can truly understand the value of the LW life and lifestyle and have the motivation to see their Mutual, as well as the entire community, prosper.

Being part of a Mutual or GRF Board places shareholders in the middle of the decision-making process, with their voice and opinions heard as they represent their fellow shareholders for a collective benefit.

Pride in community, patience and motivation to help others are very important qualities for running for a seat on their Mutual or GRF Board. It is the strength of the vast and varied experience each director has, as well as the collective strength of the Board, that builds community and protects LW’s lifestyle and homes. The skills and knowledge a person has compiled through the years will be put to good use; everyone has the ability to do and be the change for the benefit of all.  

The duly elected Mutual and GRF Boards set into operation the day-to-day business of each mutual corporation and Trust property and all of its amenities. Directors address the issues of most importance to their electorate—that is, their fellow shareholders. Board directors find solutions to existing problems, large and small. It’s not an easy job; it takes time, effort and a willingness to donate a portion of everyday life to the community.

As a community of more than 9,000 highly qualified shareholders, there is so much expertise to offer. New ideas and perspectives are always needed, which means volunteers are needed. Everyone should consider becoming a candidate for a position on their Mutual or GRF Board of Directors.

The schedule below indicates the Mutuals’ and GRF elections schedule. Deadlines to apply for candidacy vary. Anyone interested in or who has questions relating to becoming a candidate for his or her Mutual or GRF Board of Directors should contact the Stock Transfer Office at (562) 431-6586, ext. 346.

GRF Meetings 

Golden Rain Foundation committee and board meetings are open to Leisure World residents. The following is a tentative schedule. Public health and safety measures will be in place to protect membership and staff, with limited in-person seating at Clubhouse 4. Physical distancing and wearing a face mask are required.

Thurs., March 4 COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Fri., March 5 GRF Board Executive Session

virtual 1 p.m.

Mon., March 8 Mutual Administration Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Wed., March 10 Security, Bus & Traffic Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Thurs., March 11 Communications/IT Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Fri., March 12 Executive Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Mon., March 15 Finance Committee

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m.

Tues., March 16 Website Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Tues., March 23 GRF Board Monthly Meeting

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m.

Thurs., April 1 COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Fri., April 2 GRF Board Executive Session

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Mon., April 5 Special GRF Board Meeting

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m.

Mon., April 5 Recreation Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Wed., April 7 Governing Document Committee

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m.

Wed., April 7 Physical Property Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

GRF BOD Executive Session Agenda

Friday, March 5, 1 p.m.

Virtual meeting in accordance with applicable codes. 

NOTE: This meeting is closed to Shareholders/Members per Civil Code §4935.

Executive session meetings are held in the strictest confidence. Every Board member has a fiduciary duty to maintain the confidentiality of all topics deliberated and discussed in executive session. Failure to do so could expose GRF and its Board members to liability. 

In light of the global pandemic, executive meetings will be held telephonically or through web-based applications until further notice. Therefore, all Board members should ensure they participate in a manner that will preserve the privacy and confidentiality of such meetings. Board members should be in a location that is secure with no other persons present or in hearing range of the Board’s discussions.

A. Call to Order

President Susan Hopewell

B. Roll Call

C. Legal

D. Contracts

E. Personnel

F. Adjournment

Agenda is subject to change.

Notification of Proposed Changes to GRF Governing Documents

Per the action of the GRF Board on Feb. 23, in accordance with Civil Code §4360, Notice of Approval, the Board hereby provides general notice to all Shareholders/Members of the following proposed changes to GRF Governing Documents. All Shareholders wishing to comment on the proposed changes may submit them by either emailing to the attention of the GRF Board at deannab@lwsb.com or mailing to Golden Rain Foundation, P.O. Box 2069, Seal Beal, CA 90740, Attn: Proposed Document Revisions. Please reference the name of the governing document on any correspondence you submit. All comments will be copied to the Board for review and consideration. The Board will take final action relative on these documents at its special meeting on April 5.

Note: Underlined words are those being added, while those with strikethroughs are being deleted.


30-5093-2, Member/Owner (M/O) Renter/Lessee (R/L) Rules of Conduct, Non-Compliance with Rules of Conduct—Fines and Penalties


The purpose of implementing fines and penalties of non-compliance with M/O, R/L Rules of Conduct is to: 

1.1. Encourage voluntary compliance;

1.2. Penalize members violators who do not comply with the Rules of Conduct;

1.3. Protect Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Trust Property and assets, GRF Staff, GRF-contracted service providers Authorized Residents and GRF members and their M/O, R/L, and visitors (guests and caregivers).


2.1. Fine Schedule

2.1.1. First Offense: $100.00

2.1.2. Second Offense: $200.00

2.1.3. Third Offense: $500.00 and GRF member’s violators suspension of GRF Trust Property amenities for 60 days.

2.1.4. Fines and Penalties for further offenses will be subject to the GRF Board of Directors’ discretion and dependent upon the severity of the infraction.

2.1.5. Egregious offences will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, and appropriate fines or penalties will be assessed by Board of Directors action, under applicable terms of the California Civil Code.

2.2. Legal Action

2.2.1. For infractions that rise to a criminal nature as stated in City, State or Federal laws, the appropriate authorities will be notified.

2.2.2. GRF will seek legal action when necessary to protect GRF Trust Property assets, GRF staff and GRF-contracted service providers on Trust property or while working in Mutuals.

2.2.3. The prevailing party may be entitled to recover reasonable legal costs. 


70-1406-1, Limitations on Use of Trust Property—Rules

Limitations have been placed on certain Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Trust facilities. The Recreation Department (RD) is authorized to verify the status of any user and may enlist the Security Department (SD) and/or other agencies to enforce this policy.


1.1. Car wash;

1.2. Exercise Room Fitness Center (Policy 70-1466-1);

1.3. Golf course (Policy 70-1429.01-1 & 70-1429.02-1);

1.4. Lapidary room/art room/ceramics room

1.5. Swimming pool (Policy 70-1468-1); 

1.6. Woodshops;

1.7. Multi-use Court;

1.8. Bocce Ball Court;

1.9. Library/Veterans Plaza;

1.10. Knowledge and Learning Center/Test Kitchen;

1.11. RV Lot/1.8 Acres;

1.12. Golf hitting cage.

All other Trust facilities are provided for the use of GRF Members LRs in good standing and their guests who are at least 18 years old except for private functions and 12 years old for use of table tennis. Members LRs must be present at all times when guests are using these facilities.

Caregivers may assist Members LRs who use the facilities and remain with them, but they may not use the above facilities themselves.

Special events take precedence when approved by the RD.



2.1. Power equipment, such as the equipment used in the lapidary room, woodshop or exercise room Fitness Center, shall not be used except under the supervision of a RD-approved attendant or supervisor.

2.2. Football, baseball, soccer, hockey and basketball other contact sports may not be played on GRF Trust property due to the possibility of injury to Members LRs and/or guests.

2.3. Risers may not be stacked upon one another for any activity in a clubhouse; and

2.4. Use of skateboards, Razor-type scooters, roller skates, hoverboards, a Segway, roller blades or radio-controlled devices are prohibited on all Trust property.


3.1. Will not be allowed for a four-week period prior to the GRF Arts and Crafts Festival;

3.2. The maximum number of tables allowed shall be approved by the RD;

3.3. All items for sale must be sold by GRF Members LRs; and

3.4. Operations will be monitored by the RD to ensure that all rules are followed.


4.1. The Club or Organization must be exempted from the payment of the bank and corporation tax pursuant to California Penal Code Section 326.5;

4.2. All receipts from bingo games must be used for charitable purposes;

4.3. Specifically, all profits from the game must be used to directly benefit shareholder/GRF LRs, in consideration of which the profits may be donated to various Leisure World charitable organizations;

4.4. Golden Rain Foundation, and specifically the Recreation Committee, reserves the right to determine what organizations may be recipients of the profits in the case of a dispute;

The Club or Organization must obtain and present a valid gaming permit used by the City Council of the City of Seal Beach, pursuant to Seal Beach Municipal Code Section 7.20.40(D)(2);

4.5. No Club of Organization will be permitted to conduct bingo games more than 12 hours per calendar month.


The following rules are to be posted in all clubhouses for the information and guidance of all concerned:

5.1. Clubhouse lobbies will be available for reservations with RD head approval. Lobby furniture may only be moved by custodial staff;

5.2. Dining and kitchen facilities shall be cleaned by the reserving Member LR after being used (Policy 70-1411-1);

5.3. Clubhouse 1 and Clubhouse 2 Picnic Area shall be cleaned by the reserving Member LR after being used, except for the BBQ;

5.4. BBQs will be cleaned by the custodians after they have cooled down;

5.5. The regulation of the thermostats shall only be controlled by the custodian on duty; 

5.6. Malfunctioning and/or damaged equipment shall be reported to the custodian or the RD;

5.7. Items shall not be hung on window coverings or partitions at any time;

5.8. Only blue low-tack painters’ tape shall be used to attach items to the walls—no other type of adhesive is authorized. Push pins or tacks may be used to attach items to the soundproofing panels. No push pins or tacks can be used on walls. Any cost to repair will be charged to reserving party;

5.9. Items shall not be stored in any area of any Clubhouse without RD approval; 

5.10. Decibel sound levels inside clubhouses and outdoor entertainment areas should not exceed 80 decibels and will be monitored by staff on duty;

5.11. Children under the age of 18 years shall remain under the constant visual supervision of an adult;

5.12. No smoking (Policy 70-1412.02-1);

5.13. Only licensed Service or Emotional Support Animals, duly registered with Stock Transfer, are permitted in or on Trust property (Policy 50-1023-1);

5.14. Power-driven mobility devices operated inside the clubhouses shall display an authorized handicap decal issued by the SD. The vehicle shall be operated at the lowest possible speed at all times within a clubhouse. Electric wheelchairs are exempted;

5.15. Any person, persons or activities which disturb an event shall be brought to the attention of the custodian or the SD;

5.16. All damages, repairs or unusual cleaning costs shall be the responsibility of the reserving Member LR;

5.17. Members LRs shall notify the RD when a caterer will be used (Policy 70-1431-1);

5.18. Candles shall only be used in Trust facilities without carpeting;

5.19. GRF reserves the right to disallow the use of Trust property to any Member LR at any time; and

5.20. GRF and custodial staff meal and break periods must be adhered to without interruption (California Labor Laws).


Any club or organization using Trust property cannot make rules or regulations that conflict with the established rules and regulations of the GRF.

Neither the GRF nor staff employed by the GRF may become involved with the enforcement of club or organization rules or regulations.


GRF Trust facilities shall be maintained and preserved for the social, cultural and recreational benefit of all GRF Members. Rules shall be reasonable, and yet not allow for exploitation of Members by individuals, groups, clubs or organizations.

Standard practices to be followed by clubs or organizations using GRF Trust facilities shall include the following:

6.1. The club or organization shall have a defined purpose. A current annual application, with bylaws attached, must be filed with the RD.

6.2. There shall be an annual business meeting, including election of at least three officers, and financial accounting to Members of the club or organization of all funds.

6.3. The club or organization shall specify a regularly scheduled meeting time and place.

6.4. The RD shall be kept informed of any change of officers, By-laws or purpose of the club.

6.5. Although Members are allowed to invite guests, no club may advertise or publicize its activities so as to infer its membership or events are open to non-GRF Members.

6.6. Caregivers cannot belong to any club.

6.7. Should a complaint be lodged by a memberLR of a club for any reason, the RD can require all pertinent detailed documentation needed to resolve the complaint:

6.7.1. If a club refuses to comply with the request, they can have their use of Trust property suspended until they do;

6.7.2. If the complaint is found to be valid, the club will be given 30 days to remedy;

6.7.3. If the club fails to comply, the club’s status as a recognized club in LW may be terminated, and all further use of Trust property will cease;

6.7.4. The Club has the right to appeal the RDs’ decision to the Recreation Committee. Appeal must be in writing to the Recreation Committee Chair; and

6.7.5. A final appeal to the GRF Board, must be requested in writing to either the Executive Director or GRF President.

6.8. GRF reserves the right to disallow the use of any Trust property to any club or organization at any time.


GRF Members LRs in good standing that belong to an organization outside of the community may be permitted to reserve a clubhouse facility once each calendar year for an event by that organization, if space is available, for a fee. Members LRs are responsible for the organizations’ activities and shall ensure that the organization follows all established rules relating to Trust property use. In the event that more than one Member LR belongs to the same outside organization, that organization is still limited to one invitation per calendar year.

There will also be a non-refundable usage fee depending on the number of attendees. See policy 70-1406-2.


Revenue-generating reservations will be approved by the Recreation Committee. 

Members LRs are able to invite guests as long as the number of guests does not comprise a majority of the attendees.


9.1. The clubhouses will be open for the use of Members LRs and guests accompanying them from 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

9.2. Hours of operation for the Exercise Room Fitness Center, Golf Course, and Swimming Pool will be determined administratively;

9.3. The Exercise Room Fitness Center, Golf Course, Multi-use court, Bocce ball, and Swimming Pool will be limited to Members LRs. Caregivers or guests are not permitted to use these areas;

9.4. The Exercise Room Fitness Center, Golf Course, and Swimming Pool will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day;

9.5. Any Trust facility may be closed at any time for maintenance; 

9.6. No personal trainers are allowed in the Exercise Room Fitness Center; personal trainers will be approved by the Recreation Department and the Recreation Committee;

9.7. The Amphitheater will be available for use by recognized clubs and organizations by reservation only (Policy 70-1412.02-1);

9.8. The Golden Age Foundation can use the hospitality area in any Clubhouse on any holiday for the benefit of the Members LRs, with approval of the Recreation Committee;

9.9. Clubhouses 1, 2, 4 and 6 Building 5 will be closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Exceptions are at the discretion of the RD;

9.10. Any permanent operational time change(s) must be approved by the Recreation Committee.


Whenever it may become necessary to close down or limit the use of any Trust facility for a non-emergency reason, advance notice of up to one month is to be given to the RD, who will give proper notification to all concerned.


11.1. Charges will be assessed for clubs and/or private parties using Trust facilities when the scheduled or actual use extends beyond the official hours, or when additional help or special accommodations are required. The rate to be used is the lowest established billing rate currently in effect, as determined and published by the Accounting Office. In the event of overtime, a minimum of one hour will be charged;

11.2. Parties requesting the use of meeting rooms will be required to pay all charges for damages, repairs or unusual cleaning costs.

11.3. See 70-1406-2, Limitation on Use, Fees.


80-1930-1, Traffic—Rules

The following Traffic Rules and Regulations are enforced and are applicable to all PEDESTRIANS and persons operating MOTOR VEHICLES, GOLF CARTS, MOBILITY SCOOTERS or BICYCLES on any property managed by the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF). 

MEMBER/OWNERS (M/O) are solely responsible for the actions or omissions by any RENTER/LESSEE (R/L), VISITOR, CAREGIVER or CONTRACTOR whose entry into LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH they have authorized, as well as any persons who have entered Leisure World Seal Beach through their R/L’s authorization. Therefore, the M/O is responsible for any fines and penalties associated with their unit that are imposed by GRF. 


1.1. For MOTOR VEHICLES: Any person IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH operating a MOTOR VEHICLE, as defined in the California Vehicle Code, shall be required to have a valid driver’s license in their possession.

1.1.1. All MOTOR VEHICLES operated in LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH must display current state-issued license plates and carry valid registration papers.


1.2.1. GRF AUTHORIZED RESIDENTS are not required to possess a driver’s license to operate a GOLF CART or LSV IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH.

1.2.2. Any VISITOR operating a GOLF CART or LSV IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH must possess a valid state-issued driver’s license, be 16 years of age or older, and be accompanied by an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT. 



2.1.1. Each MOTOR VEHICLE owned by an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT must display a valid GRF-issued decal on the front windshield or a valid entry pass on the dashboard.

2.1.2. Except for R/Ls, an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT motor vehicle decal is valid for up to two years, or the month and year when the AUTHORIZED RESIDENT’s driver’s license expires, whichever is sooner. 

2.1.3. An R/L’s decal expires concurrently with the lease. 

2.2. For GOLF CARTS and LSVs (Low-Speed Vehicles):

Each GOLF CART or LSV operated or parked by an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT in LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH must display a valid GRF-issued decal. Except for R/Ls an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT’s golf cart or LSV decal is valid for two years. 

An R/L’s decal expires concurrently with the lease.


AUTHORIZED RESIDENTS may obtain and display a GRF-issued decal on their BICYCLE or ELECTRIC BICYCLE to assist in gate access and in faster recovery if lost or stolen.


3.1. MOTOR VEHICLES may only be operated on streets, driveways and designated parking areas designed for such use.


3.2.1. GOLF CARTS, LSVs, all forms of BICYCLES, AND MAINTENANCE MOTOR VEHICLES can be operated on all roadways IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH and are subject to the respective traffic and safety codes and the provisions of this document pertaining to the specific conveyance.

3.2.2. OPERATION ON SIDEWALKS: Operating a GOLF CART, or LSV less than 48 inches in width, on a sidewalk or walkway is permissible only from the point of origin to the nearest driveway or place of exit to the street. Operating an LSV more than 48 inches in width is prohibited on all walkways and sidewalks. BICYCLES and MOBILITY SCOOTERS may be operated on all walkways and sidewalks in a safe manner under 5 miles per hour. MOTORIZED and ELECTRIC BICYCLES, while under powered operation, may not be operated on sidewalks. GRF VEHICLES, GOLF CARTS or LSVs, when utilized by GRF EMPLOYEES and THIRD PARTY CONTRACTORS to provide services to LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH Mutual Corporations, are permitted to travel on sidewalks, lawns and walkways, as necessary. 


4.1. Powered vehicles not licensed for street use, other than:

4.1.1. GOLF CARTS or LSVs under 48 inches wide;


4.1.3. ELECTRIC BICYCLES, while using pedaled propulsion.

4.2. Any MOTOR VEHICLE whose entry into the Community was not authorized by GRF, one of the Mutual Boards or an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT.

4.3. Any motor vehicle without current state-issued license plates or not carrying valid registration.

4.4. Vehicles designed to carry 12 or more passengers, unless approved for loading or offloading passengers with approval from the Security Department or Recreation Department. 

4.5. Roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, Segways, or similar unpowered or powered vehicles.


5.1. GOLF CARTS and LSVs 

5.1.1. GOLF CARTS and LSVs operated IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH between dusk and dawn must have working headlights, brake lights and directional signals.

5.1.2. GOLF CARTS and LSVs operated during rain or other precipitation must have working wiper blades.

5.1.3. GOLF CARTS and LSVs shall be operated on sidewalks at no speed greater than 5 miles per hour.

5.1.4. GOLF CARTS and LSVs must yield the right of way to all PEDESTRIANS, BICYCLES and MOBILITY SCOOTERS.


5.2.1. BICYCLES and ELECTRIC BICYCLES shall be operated on sidewalks at no speed greater than 5 miles per hour.

5.2.2. BICYCLES and ELECTRIC BICYCLES are not allowed within Trust buildings.

5.2.3. BICYCLES and ELECTRIC BICYCLES must yield the right of way to all PEDESTRIANS and MOBILITY SCOOTERS.


5.3.1. The driver of a MOTOR VEHICLE or BICYCLE shall yield the right of way to a PEDESTRIAN.

5.3.2. A person operating a MOBILITY SCOOTER on a sidewalk must yield the right of way to all PEDESTRIANS upon the sidewalk.


6.1. The driver of any type of vehicle involved in any kind of accident resulting in death or injury to any person or animal shall immediately stop and call 911. The driver then must notify the Security Department immediately. 

6.2. The driver of any vehicle involved in any accident resulting in damages to any property shall notify the LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH Security Department immediately.

80-1937-1, Parking—Rules


In order to promote safety, all drivers and pedestrians shall follow the same parking rules as required on public streets, unless otherwise specified herein.


The following Parking Rules are enforced and are applicable to all persons owning, controlling or operating vehicles on Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) TRUST PROPERTY. This refers to the streets, sidewalks, parking areas, clubhouses, grounds and other amenities overseen by GRF.

2.1. All MEMBER/OWNERS (M/O) are solely responsible for the actions of any VISITOR, RENTER/LESSEE (R/L), CAREGIVER OR CONTRACTOR who has entered Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) under their authorization, as well as any persons who have entered LWSB through their R/L’s authorization. Therefore, the M/O is responsible for any fines and penalties associated with their unit that are imposed by GRF.

2.2. GRF is not liable for damaged, lost or stolen property associated with the use of vehicles on GRF TRUST PROPERTY.

2.3. GRF vehicles are exempted from these policies when appropriate, such as maintenance or security vehicles assisting first responders or providing emergency services to a unit or GRF TRUST PROPERTY. 

2.4. Documentation 

2.4.1. No MOTOR VEHICLE (including GOLF CARTS) may be parked on TRUST PROPERTY without a GRF decal on its windshield or GRF entry pass visibly displayed. In the case of COMMERCIAL VEHICLES or RVs without a windshield or dashboard, a GRF pass can be secured to the vehicle or the trailer.

 2.4.2. Any vehicle without proof of current valid State registration may not be parked on TRUST PROPERTY at any time. 

2.5. Requirements 

2.5.1. All persons parking IN LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH must observe California Vehicle Code Chapter 10.12 regarding time limits associated with the painted curbs and parking limitations listed in this document. 

2.5.2. Curb or Parking space—Vehicles may park in a designated parking space or along a curb or sidewalk, unless otherwise provided herein.

2.5.3. Parking on all Trust Streets (streets having names) shall be in the direction of the flow of traffic in all cases of parallel parking.

2.5.4. Vehicles on a two-way travel roadway must be parked with the passenger side wheels within 18 inches of the curb or sidewalk.

2.5.5. Vehicles must be parked completely within the marked boundaries of a parking space, except for commercial or recreational vehicles more than 20 feet in length.

2.5.6. No MOTOR VEHICLE may be parked with any portion of the vehicle on a sidewalk.

2.5.7. At no time may a motor vehicle be parked with any portion of the vehicle on the grass.

2.5.8. Vehicles may be parked for no more than 72 hours in one location.

2.5.9. At no time may a vehicle be parked in a manner that creates a traffic hazard, interferes with other vehicle access, PEDESTRIAN traffic, or access to facilities or equipment.

2.5.10. MOTOR VEHICLES shall not park in GOLF CART- or LSV-designated spaces.

2.5.11. Pods, moving trailers or similar portable storage units are permitted on TRUST PROPERTY for up to 72 hours with prior authorization.

2.5.12. Trailers not hitched to a vehicle are not permitted to be parked on TRUST PROPERTY.


3.1. Red Zone: Vehicles in violation are subject to immediate tow at the VEHICLE owner’s expense.

3.1.1. Fire Hydrant: No person shall park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant even if the curb is unpainted.

3.1.2. Fire Lanes: A vehicle may not be left unattended at any time.

3.1.3. Bus Stops: No person shall park or leave standing any vehicle within 30 feet on the bus-stop side of the street to provide for loading and unloading of buses unless otherwise marked.

3.2. Blue Zone (Handicapped): Vehicles must display a valid, government-issued disabled (handicapped) license plate or placard.

3.3. Green Zone: Parking may not exceed 20 minutes.

EXCEPTION: Unlimited time parking in a Green Zone is permitted only when the vehicle is displaying a valid government-issued disabled license plate or placard.

3.4. White Zone: Immediate passenger loading and unloading only.

3.5. Yellow Zone: Vehicle loading and unloading only not to exceed 20 minutes.

3.6. Unpainted: Parking is permitted up to 72 hours, unless otherwise restricted.



 4.1. Commercial Vehicles 

 4.1.1. Contractor vehicles must comply with all traffic and parking rules and regulations inside the community and must not obstruct or park on sidewalks or walkways.

4.1.2. Contractor and service vehicles, including personal vehicles driven by EMPLOYEES or COMMERCIAL WORKERS, shall not be parked overnight on TRUST PROPERTY (including named TRUST STREETS) without a permit. 

 4.2. Golf Carts and LSVs

4.2.1. GOLF CARTS AND LSVs may be parked in parking spaces or along curbs designated for GOLF CARTS or MOTOR VEHICLES.

4.2.2. GOLF CARTS AND LSVs may not be parked in any manner interfering with foot or vehicle traffic.

4.2.3. Parking on a sidewalk by GOLF CARTS AND LSVs is prohibited. 

 4.3. Bicycles and Electric Bicycles

4.3.1. BICYCLES or ELECTRIC BICYCLES must be parked utilizing bicycle racks where provided.

4.3.2. BICYCLES or ELECTRIC BICYCLES may not be parked in any manner interfering with foot or vehicle traffic.

4.3.3. Attended BICYCLES or ELECTRIC BICYCLES may be parked off pavement, but only in such a manner as not to damage landscaping.

4.3.4. Parking on a sidewalk by BICYCLES or ELECTRIC BICYCLES is prohibited.

 4.3.5. Overnight parking of bicycles on TRUST PROPERTY is not permitted. 

 4.4. Mobility Scooters

4.4.1. MOBILITY SCOOTERS may be parked in parking spaces designated as intended for “SCOOTERS” or “GOLF CARTS.”

 4.4.2. MOBILITY SCOOTERS may not be parked in any manner interfering with foot or vehicle traffic.

4.4.3. Parking a MOBILITY SCOOTER on a sidewalk is prohibited.


4.5.1. The RV or VUFR parked on TRUST PROPERTY MUST display a GRF-issued decal or an entry pass.

4.5.2. The RV or VUFR cannot be parked for more than 72 hours.

4.5.3. Other activities, such as vehicle maintenance, sleeping, cooking or resting in the RV or VUFR, are not allowed.

4.5.4. The RV or VUFR must be parked with engine and accessory equipment (e.g., exterior lights, air conditioner, audio and video equipment) shut off. The generator may be used while loading or unloading the vehicle and ONLY between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

4.5.5. The extensions such as slide-outs, tilt-outs and awnings must remain closed. Steps must not block the sidewalk.

4.5.6. The RV or VUFR shall not be attached to any external power or water supply.

4.5.7. Leveling jacks, if used, must include a base plate sufficient to prevent damage to pavement.

4.5.8. No animals or children shall be left unattended on or within any RV or VUFR at any time.


5.1. Clubhouse 1

5.1.1. Parking in the lot near the woodshop is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

5.1.2. Parking is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. in the spaces on the west side of the clubhouse (Burning Tree).

5.1.3. Parking is permitted up to 72 hours in the lot across from the clubhouse next to the golf course.

5.1.4. No RVs are allowed to park overnight near Clubhouse 1 or in the lot across from the clubhouse, next to the golf course.

5.2. Clubhouse 2

5.2.1. Parking in the lot next to the Woodshop and car wash is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

5.2.2. Parking is prohibited between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. in the spaces on the east side of the clubhouse (El Dorado).

5.2.3. Parking is permitted up to 72 hours in the lot between the clubhouse and the RV lot if the vehicle displays an official GRF decal or an unexpired short-term entry pass issued by the Security Department.

5.2.4. No RVs are allowed to park overnight near Clubhouse 2, except as stated in 5.2.3.

5.3. Clubhouses 3 and 4

5.3.1. No overnight parking allowed, except for the Radio Club Yellow Emergency Van 3 and contractor vehicles as authorized by GRF.

5.3.2. No RVs are allowed to park overnight near Clubhouses 3 and 4.

5.4. Building 5, Clubhouse 6, Health Care Center, Administration and Alley

5.4.1. No overnight parking is permitted, except for GRF Security Vehicles, CARE ambulances, Leisure World Pharmacy delivery vehicles, two health-care vehicles, the vehicle used by the 24-Hour Nurse, the HCC Golf Cart, GRF vehicles and contractor vehicles as authorized by GRF.

5.4.2. Parking spaces in the Health Care Center parking lot, unless otherwise marked, will be for AUTHORIZED RESIDENTS and VISITORS of Leisure World Seal Beach during business hours.

5.4.3. No RVs are allowed to park overnight in any space near Building 5, Clubhouse 6, the Health Care Center, the Administration building and the alley.

5.5. Amphitheater

5.5.1. Only employees of GRF or the Health Care Center (HCC) may park in designated employee parking from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

5.5.2. AUTHORIZED RESIDENTS may only park in spaces marked for “Staff” or “HCC” from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

5.5.3. No overnight parking is allowed.

5.5.4. Visitors are only allowed to park in the Amphitheater parking lot during GRF-sponsored special events.

5.5.5. The parking space designated for the HCC 24-Hour Nurse may never be used by anyone else except that employee and the HCC Golf Cart.


6.1. No animal or child is allowed to be left alone in any parked vehicle on TRUST PROPERTY. Animal Control or Seal Beach Police, respectively, will be called immediately.

6.2. “For Sale” signage shall not be displayed on any vehicle on TRUST PROPERTY.

6.3. Vehicles may not be repaired and/or major service may not be performed, and fluids may not be changed, on any TRUST PROPERTY.

6.4. All vehicles must be washed at the car and RV washing areas behind Clubhouse 2. The vehicle must be owned by the AUTHORIZED RESIDENT and must display a GRF-issued decal.

6.5. Non-RESIDENTS shall not be permitted to wash their vehicles anywhere on TRUST PROPERTY.


The Security Department has been authorized by the GRF Board of Directors to enforce the traffic rules of this community in compliance with California Vehicle Code Section 22658, which may result in the towing of a vehicle at the vehicle owner’s expense.

7.1. MOTOR VEHICLES Subject to Immediate Towing at the VEHICLE Owner’s Expense:

7.1.1. Those in red zones designating fire lanes or fire hydrants;

7.1.2. Those parked in any no-parking zone;

7.1.3. Those parked in handicapped spaces without a proper government-issued placard or state-issued disabled license plates;

7.1.4. Those in properly posted construction zones;

7.1.5. Those blocking entrances, exits and crosswalks, or preventing access to or operation of another motor vehicle.

7.1.6. Those leaking gasoline, oil or any other hazardous fluids; and

7.1.7. Those parked in the space designated for the HCC 24-Hour Nurse.

7.1.8. Any PROHIBITED VEHICLE: Boats or unattached trailers; Inoperable vehicles; Unlicensed and/or off-road vehicles (except golf carts); Vehicles lacking current state registration; Aircraft.


Any vehicle issued a Community Rules Violation notice shall be subject to towing 72 hours after the citation has been posted.

80-1937-2, Parking—Fines


The following Community Rules Violations Fines are enforced and are applicable to all persons controlling or operating vehicles on any TRUST PROPERTY regulated by the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) of Seal Beach. This refers to the streets, sidewalks, parking areas, clubhouses, grounds and other amenities overseen by GRF.

All MEMBER/OWNERs (M/O) are solely responsible for all the actions of any VISITOR, RENTER/LESSEE (R/L), CAREGIVER OR CONTRACTOR who has entered Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) under their authorization, as well as any persons who have entered LWSB through their R/L’s AUTHORIZATION. Therefore, the M/O is responsible for any fines and penalties associated with their unit that are imposed by GRF. 


1. Designated Parking Space or Restricted Parking Space: $25

2. Blocking Crosswalk: $25

3. Expired or Invalid State Vehicle Registration: $50

4. Inoperable Vehicles: $25

5. “For Sale” Sign on Vehicle: $25

6. Handicap Parking Without Placard or Handicap ID Displayed: $100

7. Hazardous Materials Leaking: $50

8. Limited Time Parking: $25

9. Performing Maintenance or Repair: $25

10. No Valid GRF Vehicle Decal or Parking Permit Displayed: $25

11. Parked on Sidewalk or Grass: $25

12. RED ZONE: $100

13. RV or VUFR—Operating Contrary to 80-1937-1 (Section 4.5): $50

14. RV or VUFR—Jack Support, None or Inadequate: $50

15. RV or VUFR Parked Over 72 Hours on TRUST STREET: $50

16. Washing any Vehicle on Trust Property (except car wash areas): $25

17. Washing a Vehicle Without a GRF-Issued Resident Decal at Car Wash: $25

2.1. Additional Community Rules Violation notices for the same violation may be issued after each 24-hour period. 


Additional penalties may be assessed to M/O who fails to respond to a rules violation notice in a timely manner. The procedures for assessing those penalties are outlined in 30-1937-3. 


Procedures for M/O to appeal a Community Rules Violation notice are detailed in 30-1937-3.

5. The fine may be contested to the COMMUNITY RULES VIOLATION (CRV) PANEL.

80-5580-1, Entry Passes—Rules


All MOTOR VEHICLES (e.g., GOLF CARTS, LSV, MOTORCYCLES), BICYCLES and PEDESTRIANS entering LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH are required to present or obtain valid and current authorization for entry before operating on Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) TRUST PROPERTY streets or parking on TRUST PROPERTY.


Entry authorization for MOTOR VEHICLES must be displayed the entire time the vehicle is on TRUST PROPERTY. 


2.1.1. RESIDENT MEMBER/OWNER (RMO) who is currently not leasing their Leisure World Seal Beach (LWSB) UNIT;

2.1.2. RENTER/LESSEE (R/L) who has been approved by Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) Stock Transfer and the R/L’s Mutual to reside in a LWSB residence;

2.1.3. Co-occupant who has been authorized to reside in a LWSB residence; or


2.2. For an AUTHORIZED RESIDENT’s MOTOR VEHICLE, the authorization will be in the form of an authorized GRF windshield decal assigned to the vehicle.

2.3. A VISITOR, SERVICE PROVIDER or CONTRACT WORKER must display the entry pass authorization on the vehicle’s dashboard so as to be visible through the windshield.

2.4. An AUTHORIZED RESIDENT temporarily operating a VEHICLE (such as a rental car) without a GRF windshield decal, must display a GRF-issued entry pass authorization from the Security Department, on the vehicle’s dashboard so as to be visible through the windshield.

2.5. If the VEHICLE or equipment does not have a dashboard, the entry pass authorization should be securely taped to the vehicle. 

2.6. ANY AUTHORIZED RESIDENT who enters LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH as a PEDESTRIAN, or operating a BICYCLE or MOBILITY SCOOTER, must present a duly authorized GRF identification card. 

2.7. A VISITOR or CONTRACT WORKER who enters LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH as a PEDESTRIAN, or operating a BICYCLE or MOBILITY SCOOTER, must present a valid entry pass or a GRF Identification card. 


3.1. RESIDENT MEMBER/OWNERS (RMO) and Mutual 17 MEMBER/ OWNERS eligible for entry passes under the provisions of 80-5580-3 may assign their four annual GRF-issued entry passes assigned to their unit to individuals they choose. 

3.2. R/Ls must call their visitors in.

3.3. No VISITOR or CONTRACT WORKER may assign any other form of entry pass or parking authorization to a VEHICLE or a person other than to the VEHICLE or person initially authorized to receive it. 


4.1. The photocopying or duplicating of any GRF authorized pass by any person can be construed as the unlawful taking of property and is strictly prohibited.

4.2. Any PERSON who presents a photocopied or counterfeit GRF pass for entry into LEISURE WORLD SEAL BEACH may be referred for civil or criminal action for making a false representation.

Health & Wellness

Meals on Wheels Orange County and Age Well Senior Services launch Senior Cuisine Delivered

As part of a comprehensive COVID-19 response, nonprofits Meals on Wheels Orange County and Age Well Senior Services recently launched a new meal service to safely deliver fresh, restaurant-quality meals at an affordable price to participating seniors, as well as their caregivers and dependents.

“Numerous older adults and their families asked us to provide restaurant-quality meals delivered safely to their homes during the pandemic, and Senior Cuisine Delivered is the solution—offering convenience, affordability and peace of mind countywide,” says Holly Hagler, CEO of Meals on Wheels Orange County.

Seniors (or their families and caregivers) can enroll online at seniorcuisinedelivered.mealsonwheelsoc.org. Participants can choose two-, four- or six-day meal plans featuring lunches and dinners. Since entrées cost $9.95 each and there are no additional fees or delivery charges, a two-day plan would include four meals for $39.80. For a limited time, new participants will receive $15 off their first two-week subscription. 

Before enrolling, people can review sample menus from local, participating restaurants, including Blue Stone Kitchen, Jewish Community Services of Orange County, Ngoc Suong Restaurant and Zest in a Bowl. The menus are representative of the type of meals that will be delivered, but individual meal customizations are not accommodated at this time. People can change their restaurant preferences by logging into their accounts before noon on the Friday before a new week. 

Deliveries are made according to the following schedule: 

• For the four-meal plan: two lunches and two dinners on Mondays between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

• For the eight-meal plan: two lunches and two dinners each on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

• For the 12-meal plan: two lunches and two dinners each on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

All meals are fresh and should be immediately refrigerated.

For more information on this program, call (714) 823-3294 or visit mealsonwheelsoc.org.

Meals on Wheels, Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach Inc. delivers freshly cooked meals for $8.25 per day Monday-Friday, between 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Deliveries include an 8-ounce carton of 1 percent milk. An alternate dessert is available for those on a diabetic diet. Contact Caron Adler at (562) 439-5000, ext. 2, or visit www.mowlb.org to complete an online application. To cancel a meal for the following day, you must contact Adler before 9 a.m. the prior business day. Menu is subject to change without notice. 

Thursday, March 4: Baked turkey ziti, whole-grain roll, and green beans with pimentos; jello with fruit; turkey, ham and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickle, plus three-bean salad. 

Friday, March 5: Rosemary chicken breast with creamy garlic sauce, rice pilaf and seasoned broccoli; chocolate pudding; chicken Caesar salad with lettuce, cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing, plus crackers.

Monday, March 8: Homemade meatloaf with mushroom gravy, garlic-and-chive mashed potatoes, and peas and carrots; oatmeal cookies; tuna-salad sandwich with spinach and tomato, plus homemade potato salad.

Tuesday, March 9: Barbecue chicken leg and thigh, mashed sweet potatoes, and zucchini and tomatoes; pears with cinnamon; veggie pasta salad with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, black olives, red onions and dressing, plus crackers.

Wednesday, March 10: Chile relleno casserole with tomato sauce, Spanish rice, and mixed vegetables; fresh banana; roast beef-and-cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickle, plus tricolor pasta salad.

Happy Monday Get Strong Kick Start 

Prevent age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia, with strength training. Via Zoom, certified personal trainer and Leisure World resident Eunis “WildFire!” Christensen leads simple at-home workouts with dumbbells and stretch tubing/bands every Monday at 4 p.m. This free, interactive half-hour group class is designed to help people stay strong and healthy for years to come. 

Email wildfire1@truetomybody.com or call (562) 879-1954 for registration information.

Arts & Leisure

Ebooks available at OC Public Libraries

The Orange County Public Libraries has an extensive catalog of ebooks available for readers with smartphones and tablets. Anyone with an OC Public Libraries card can check out audio and ebooks through the online app Libby by OverDrive. (To get a card, go to https://catalog.ocpl.org/client/en_US/default/search/registration/$N/TEST/true.) Through this app on your cellphone or tablet, you can find audiobooks and ebooks, check them out, download them, and access them. You can keep track of your reading history, and all your loans and holds are consolidated in a single place, with positions and notes synced across all your devices. Libby can also send books to Kindle for people who like to read on that device. (Older devices that are not compatible with Libby should be able to run the OverDrive app.)

Libby is available for download from either the Apple App Store for iPhones or Google Play for androids; for laptops, go to libbyapp.com. 

Any title on a reader’s virtual bookshelf is available at any time, even when the device is not connected to Wi-Fi.  Books are automatically returned to the library unless an additional hold is requested or the reader finishes early and submits a return.

If you need help getting set up, there are a number of helpful videos posted at https://ocpl.org/elibrary/virtual-programs/how-videos.

Library modifies pick-up hours

Continuing maintenance of the area around the LW Library has caused some brief changes to the pick-up schedule for Thursday, March 4, and Friday, March 5. On those days, requests for materials may be made between 9-11:30 a.m., and pick-up will be  between 9 a.m.-noon. The regular schedule will resume next week. 

You may request materials from the library collection via email at LWLibrary@lwsb.com or by calling (562) 598-2431. Requests should include your name, library card number and phone number. You can view the collection at g92021.eos-intl.net/G92021/OPAC/Search/IconSearch.aspx.

You will receive a call when your material is ready. Regular hours to call are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; once contacted, you can retrieve the materials Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., either by coming to the main entrance door or by parking in a curbside spot and calling the library to let staff know you have arrived. Remain in your vehicle, and a staff member will place in your trunk a paper bag filled with your items.

Patrons can return materials to the library book drop at any time.

Grab ’n’ Go Meals

March 4-10 

Clubhouse 6 Parking Lot

• Thursday: Domino’s Pizza—call ahead for special orders, wings and salads offered, 3:30-7 p.m., cash/cards, (562) 493-2212.  

• Friday: Katella Deli—deli favorites, appetizers, salads, hot entrées; specials of the day available onsite, 3:30-5:30 p.m., cash/cards. Call ahead at (562) 594-8611, or order online at www.katellabakery.com. 

• Saturday: Naples Rib Co.—barbecue, salads, sandwiches; 2-4 p.m., cash/cards,  (562) 439-RIBS. Order ahead at www.ribcompany.com/LW for faster service.

• Sunday: Closed. 

• Monday: Salt ’n’ Pepper—hoagies, hot dogs, melts and loaded fries, 3:30-5:30 p.m., cash/cards. For a full menu, go to www.saltandpeppertruck.com/menu. Call in orders at (949) 899-0719.

• Tuesday: Taco Tuesday—Mexican favorites, plus hot dogs, burgers and fries, 5-7 p.m., cash/cards, no preorders.

• Wednesday: The Skewer—Middle Eastern and Mediterranean fare, shawarma, falafel, fries, hummus, and salads, 2-4 p.m. View all options at skewerstruck.com/menu.


 All Grab ’n’ Go events take place rain or shine. Masks and 6-foot social distancing required and strictly enforced. For more information or to offer feedback, call (562) 431-6586, ext. 398.

On-call bus service is available weekdays from 4:30 p.m., when regular service ends; weekends are on-call at any time. Call (562) 431-6586, ext. 379. 

Watch for LW Live! alerts for daily menus. Vendors are subject to change. Sign up for LW Live at https://www.lwsb.com/lw-live-sign-up/. 

Try something new during OC Restaurant Week

Starting Sunday, March 7, several Orange County eateries will offer special menus at special prices for one week only. For many, OC Restaurant Week is the perfect time to try a new place. Now in its 13th year, the countywide promotion features more than 100 locations (listed at ocrestaurantweek.com), with local options including 320 Main, Heirloom and Old Crow Smokehouse, among others. Here’s what you can look forward to:

320 Main: According to its website, this Seal Beach spot is a “friendly, spirited and quality driven restaurant that specializes in classic American dishes and freshly crafted cocktails with simple but inspired twists.” There are a few special Restaurant Week menus to choose from here, including two $50 dinners, each of which comes with a bottle of red or white wine. Choice A includes an order of Buffalo chicken tenders, short-rib Stroganoff and Crema Bread, while Choice B features a bacon wedge salad, Scottish farmed salmon, and fire-roasted squash and zucchini. A Date Night special costs $60 for two people, and a Family Meal promises to feed four for $70. For Friday, there’s a LUXE Dinner Menu for $65 per person that features pork lettuce wraps, prime rib with horseradish and au jus, a twice-baked potato, and a brownie S’mores for dessert, plus a bottle of red or white wine. The restaurant is open for dinner every day except Monday. (Brunch is available Saturday-Sunday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.) Meals are available for takeout and dine-in, with online ordering available. Find out more at www.320mainsealbeach.com. 

NOVA Kitchen & Bar: This “experiential dining destination” in Garden Grove specializes in Japanese fusion. It’s offering a three-course meal, available for dine-in or takeout, for $50 per person. For the first course, you get a choice of sautéed edamame, chicken ginseng soup or pork belly bao. The second course features teriyaki New York steak, salmon or miso cod. And you’ll finish your meal with either chocolate ganache cake or strawberry panna cotta. Read the delicious descriptions at www.novaoc.com.

The Boardwalk Restaurant: “Inspired by the coastal flavors of Southern California,” this eatery is located within Hilton’s Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach. Its $35-per-person, three-course lunch menu appears to be only for dine-in customers. You’ll start with either a deconstructed beet salad or Brussels sprouts salad, then move on to your choice of a grilled flat iron steak or pan-seared halibut, and finish with a house-made berry cobbler or S’mores brownie. Featured cocktails include the Queen of Hearts, Meet Your Maker and OC Sunshine, all of which are available for an extra $12 apiece. For more information, go to www.waterfrontresort.com/dining/the-boardwalk-restaurant.

Eureka!: The Huntington Beach location of the upscale burger chain also offers a few options for Restaurant Week. If you’re dining in, there’s a $20 special for lunch or dinner that includes a starter of crispy glazed Brussels sprouts, truffle cheese fries, or mac-and-cheese balls, plus your choice of a Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Fresno Fig Burger, Cowboy Burger, Veggie Beet Burger or Cobb salad. (All entrées except the Cobb salad include hand-cut fries.) For takeout, you can order the Family Bundle for $60; it includes two appetizers (crispy glazed Brussels sprouts and mac-and-cheese balls), four entrées (two American Cheeseburgers with fries, a Cobb Salad and a Spicy Chicken Sandwich), two servings of Bourbon Barrel Cake and one bottle of red or white wine. There’s also a Date Night menu for $40 that offers Crispy Glazed Brussels Sprouts and your choice of two of its gourmet burgers, plus one cocktail (Wild Child, Industry Margarita or Old Fashioned). Check out your burger options at eurekarestaurantgroup.com/blog/locations/huntington-beach.

Gyu-Kaku: The Huntington Beach location of this Japanese barbecue chain offers extensive lunch and dinner specials for those dining on-site during Restaurant Week, though the dinner menu is also available for takeout and delivery. Both the $20-per-person lunch and $30-per-person dinner come with starters (miso soup; half portion of the Gyu-Kaku salad; white rice, which you can upgrade to garlic rice for an additional $2; and, at dinner, edamame); lunch includes a choice of appetizers (cheese corn butter, fried pork gyoza dumplings, vegetable spring rolls, edamame, fried cheese wontons or Spicy Addicting Cucumber), while dinner features a single S’mores dessert. With lunch, you can choose two barbecue items, and at dinner, three. Discover more about your choices, and find drink specials, at www.gyu-kaku.com/huntington-beach.

Heirloom a Modern Farmhouse: This eatery in Huntington Beach specializes in farm-to-table delights. Those dining on-site can opt for the $50 three-course meal that includes a glass of white or red wine. For the first course, you get the option of Kumamoto oysters, pea-and-mint soup, or beet salad. Then you’ll move on to either spice-crusted ahi, flank steak or seared chicken. And you’ll finish with the restaurant’s banana cake with vanilla bean ice cream. Visit www.heirloomhb.com for more details.

Old Crow Smokehouse: The Midwest barbecue restaurant features two deals for takeout. The Date Night package feeds two and includes your choice of three proteins (one-quarter smoked chicken or slab of baby-back ribs, quarter-pound pulled pork or beef brisket, or one Old Crow sausage link), two sides (crunchy coleslaw, mac and cheese, hand-cut fries, summer pickles, savory sweet potatoes with blue cheese, baked beans, classic cornbread, bacon-cheddar-jalapeño cornbread, country mashed potatoes, vegetable medley, or a baby crow salad) and dessert (apple fritters with vanilla ice cream) for just $25. The more-extensive Family Meal gets you a quarter-pound pulled pork, quarter-pound beef brisket, a full slab of ribs, a beer-can chicken and two Old Crow sausage links; a wheel of either the classic cornbread or the bacon-cheddar-jalapeño cornbread; and three 8-ounce containers of your choice of the sides listed above—all for $70. You can add a bottle of wine for $20 to either meal. For more information, go to www.oldcrowsmokehouse.com.

Los Angeles County’s Restaurant Week started March 1, but ends March 14. You can find more locations to sample at www.discoverlosangeles.com/dinela.

Golf League Results

A bright but cool morning greeted eight men on Feb. 22 at the Meadowlark Golf Club in Huntington Beach. It’s a challenging, par-70, 5,800-yard course, with tree lined fairways, elevated greens (with many false fronts) and more than a few water hazards. 

After a few holes, the weather warmed up, jackets were removed, and it was delightful day to be with friends and play golf. Both the Monday and Friday Leagues continue see a large group of players, indicating the continuing need LW seniors have for exercise and fellowship. The courses the group plays are always quite full, with everyone wearing masks around the clubhouse, observing social distancing and not touching one another’s equipment. 

All scores are net (actual score minus handicap). A Flight handicaps range from 0-20; B flight is higher than 20.

A Flight Winners: First place: Larry Hillhouse, with a nice 5 under 65, plus closest to the pin on the 140-yard (all over water), par-3 seventh hole and fewest putts; second: tie between Bill McKusky and Fujio Norihiro, 1 under 69; third: Dave LaCascia, 2 over 72; fourth; John Peterson; fifth: Sam Choi, plus a birdie. Norihiro was also closest to the pin on the 150-yard, par-3 16th hole.

B Flight Winners: First place: Lowell Goltra, par 70; second: Bob Munn, plus fewest putts.

On Feb. 26, nine men gathered at the Willowick Golf Club in Santa Ana on a cool but warming morning. Willowick is a par-70, 6,000 yard of long, mostly straight, tree-lined fairways and large bunkers, but no water hazards. It also has two 500-plus-yard par 5s that are the longest the League plays. Even though conditions were good, there were no birdies.

A Flight Winners: First place: Gary Stivers, 3 under 67; second: tie between Norihiro and Jim Goltra, 3 over 73; third: Hillhouse; fourth: Petersen; fifth: McKusky. Jim Goltra was closest to the pin on the 130-yard, par-3 12th hole. Norihiro had fewest putts.

B Flight Winners: First place: Tom Ross, 4 over 74, plus fewest putts; second: Lowell Goltra; third: Marv Ballard.

Both the Monday and Friday Golf Leagues play at four local courses, all within 15 minutes of Leisure World, starting between 7-7:30 a.m., except holidays. The courses are David L. Baker in Fountain Valley, Meadowlark in Huntington Beach, Riverview in Santa Ana, and Willowick in Garden Grove. In general, masks are required at the pro shops, but optional while waiting to tee off. No masks are required on the putting greens, driving range or the course itself. Golfers are respectful of one other’s personal space, social distancing is observed, and there is no contact with others’ equipment. Golf carts are single person only unless riders are from the same household. 

LW Men’s Club membership is not required, and friends, ladies, spouses and family are all welcome to play and/or join. There is a prize pool for each round that players are not obligated to enter. Prizes are awarded for low gross in each flight, birdies, closest to the pin on two par-3s, and lowest number of putts in each flight. Holes-in-One and eagles, although infrequent, are generously rewarded. If interested, contact McKusky (562) 430-8618 or LaCascia (801) 674-5975.

Handicaps can be determined using local course handicap numbers and adjusted for the longer, more difficult courses outside Leisure World. Contact LaCascia for more information. 

—Dave LaCascia

Rollin’ Thunder President Tom Davis restores a golf cart (pre-COVID) for resale to the community. You can view the Rollin’ Thunder “Club Closeup” by video producer Owen Hughes this month on SBTV (Spectrum, Channel 3; Frontier, Channel 37) and sbtv.org.

Casting Call 

Director Joe Osuna seeks eight Leisure World actors to perform in four skits. No experience is necessary, but participants must be able to use the Zoom video-conferencing software.

For each skit, two actors will face each other in a Zoom meeting using a virtual green background (to be provided by the director). The actors will compliment each other on what they are wearing or politely talk about their woes or how their day went. 

In post-production, the Zoom grid lines separating the actors will be removed, so that each skit’s two actors will appear as if they’re in the same room at the same time. Special effects will be used to insert thought bubbles expressing the characters’ real thoughts, which do not reflect what the actors are saying.

If you and a friend want to be paired together, let Osuna know. For more details or to sign up, contact Osuna at joosuna29a@gmail.com, or text him at (562) 822-8216.

LW Bicyclists recently rode to Long Beach, where they enjoyed breakfast at Hotel Maya. Anyone wanting to join them for a fun, healthy bike ride should meet at the North Gate at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Helmets, safe shoes and masks are a must. Call Mary Romero at (562) 810-4266 for more information.

Where-We-Live Club

Learn about the concept of feng shui. “Let’s Put Our Affairs in Order and Organize!” will concentrate on the art of placement and how it may change lives. New and previous members, as well as any curious shareholders, are welcome to join. Email wherewelive@yahoo.com to be placed on a mailing list for future workshops, as well as updates to the club’s calendar of activities, Zoom meetings and HomeWorks.

Technology Classes by Miryam

Miryam Fernandez’s technology classes are held every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. Topics change each session, all of which are closed captioned. For an invitation, email Fernandez at mzzmimm@gmail.com. If you need help setting up a microphone and/or video or have other connectivity issues, call Bonnie Cooper at (562) 822-6358 before class begins. 

Registration is required at least six hours prior to allow for technological issues.

March 16: Basic Privacy and Security on the Internet

March 30: Facebook

April 13: iPhone

April 27: Beginner’s Guide to Gmail


Important Reminders

• It’s been reported that fraudsters are using telemarketing calls, emails, text messages, social-media platforms and even door-to-door visits to collect personal information and finances from individuals while promising to provide a vaccination. Please be careful!

• Apple, Microsoft, IRS, Social Security, etc., will never contact you by phone, text or email. If there’s a problem with your account, they will shut you down until you contact them.

Coin Club

The Leisure World Coin Club meets at 1:30 p.m. on March 10 at the greenbelt adjacent to Unit 103-L in Mutual 5. There should be plenty to discuss during the “show and tell” program, but there will be no coin auction this month. The meeting concludes when trading is complete. Attendees are to follow COVID precautions such as wearing masks and respecting social distancing.

Master Gardener Zoom Workshops

The GRF Mini Farm is happy to announce that Master Gardeners will be giving workshops on Zoom over the coming months. Monthly workshops will take place Thursdays at 10 a.m. The dates and topics are:

March 11: Tending My Soil

April 8: Gopher Management

May 13: Terrific Tomatoes

June 10: Insect Pest Management

Zoom links can be found on the mini farm website at www.lwsb.com/mini-farm/ on the morning of each workshop. All are welcome to attend, but current and prospective mini farmers are encouraged to join if able. More workshops will be offered later in the year, hopefully in person.

Video Producers Zoom Meetings

The Video Producers Club offers free, weekly Zoom classes, as well as a social opportunity. 

Classes are as follows:

• Monday, 2 p.m.: Zoom class for iPad and Mac users hosted by Fred Carpenter. For an invite to his class, email sail1942@gmail.com.

• Wednesday, 10 a.m.: Beginners’ Zoom class for Windows and Android users with Charlie Guggino. For an invite to this class, email joosuna29a@gmail.com.

• Thursday, 10 a.m.: Beginners’ and Intermediate Zoom class for Windows and Android users and for beginning Video Producers with host Joseph Valentinetti. For an invite to this class, email 0501042@gmail.com.

• Thursday, 5:30 p.m.: The one-hour Zoom Party Social, hosted by Valentinetti, is open to all residents. For an invite, email 0501042@gmail.com.

—Joe Osuna

Joyful Line
Dance Class 

Under Jojo Weingart’s leadership, members take the lead to display their favorite dances. Classes are held at Veterans Plaza from 2-3:30 p.m.  every Wednesday except the fourth, when class is from 3-4:30 p.m. 

All participants are required to wear face masks and follow social distancing protocols while in the class. 

Exercise shoes must be worn for safety; no flip-flops or sandals allowed. There are no membership dues, and all shareholders are welcome to join. 

For more information, call Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

Literature Art Contest

The Leisure World Library is sponsoring a Literature Art Contest, for which LWers are asked to re-create a scene or pay tribute to a suggested famous work of fiction.

Any artistic medium—paint, ceramic, sculpture, wood, paper, needlecraft or other handcraft—will be accepted, but artists should be mindful that submitted works will be on display outside for several hours. 

Participants will need to choose from among the following classics, all of which have been adapted into movies: 

• “The Great Gatsby” 

• “The Three Musketeers” 

• “Frankenstein” 

• “The Old Man and the Sea”

• “Gone with the Wind”

• “The Hobbit”

• “Huckleberry Finn”

• “Call of the Wild”

• “To Kill a Mockingbird”

• “Little Women”

• “Pride and Prejudice”

• “The Wizard of Oz”

• “Treasure Island”

• “Alice in Wonderland”

• “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”

Completed entries, accompanied by a copy of the entry form, should be dropped off at the library April 12-15, between 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Entry forms will be printed in the LW Weekly (see below), as well as available at the library.

Artworks will be displayed at Veterans Plaza on April 16 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., with winners announced promptly at 2 p.m. First place receives $200, second place receives $100, and third place receives $50 in Visa gift cards.

Hui O Hula tell stories through dance and song

Hui O Hula meets at Veterans Plaza every Thursday afternoon at 1:30 to learn and practice the Hawaiian dance. Everyone is welcome. Dancers usually dress in tropical attire such as mu’umu’u/long dresses, pa’u/gathered skirts or sarongs/wrap-arounds and dance barefoot—though not so much during cold spells (see photo). They nonetheless enjoy telling the stories of traditional Hawaiian songs through movement. 

In the photo above, dancers “tell” the story of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This historic pink Waikiki hotel had its grand opening on Feb. 1, 1927. More than 1,000 guests were invited to enjoy a black-tie dinner, a concert by the Royal Hawaiian Band (still in existence) and dancing in the grand ballroom. The festive gala marked the beginning of luxurious resort travel to Honolulu. In different skill levels, studious dancers describe the grand hotel: its beds with soft sheets, the glistening marble walls, and the aromatic sea smells blowing in from the nearby ocean. 

In March, Green Rose Hula will be taught as Hui O Hula celebrates its 16th year at LW. This love song is lighthearted and flirty; blind composer John Almeida was well-known for singing about flowers and their uniqueness, though, in fact, he was talking about his many girlfriends. Anyone may come and audit the class or just enjoy the music. Participants must wear masks and observe social distancing. For more information, call (562) 431-2242 or email Jojo@HuiOHula.com.

Community, page 10-12


Drop off documents to be shredded today in CH 2

The Golden Age Foundation’s  shredding service event in the Clubhouse 2 parking lot will be held today, March 4, from 10 a.m.–noon. The event will be a drop-and-go service only, so residents will not have to wait in line to have their items shredded. 

GAF sponsors this free service and will be at the event to help shareholders if needed. Social distancing will be strictly enforced, and shareholders must wear face masks when dropping off materials.

The following rules and regulations will be in effect during  the event:  

All shareholders are asked to drop off their documents and leave to encourage social distancing. 

There will be no chairs at the event, and  no line will be allowed to form.

Cardboard boxes will not be accepted. Plastic or paper bags are allowed.

GAF volunteers will guard the bags residents drop off until a truck arrives to shred them. 

For better shredding service, shareholders should remember:

Remove all staples and paper clips.

No electronic devices will be accepted. 

Contaminated bags will be turned away.

GAF also sponsors small battery disposal. Shareholders may bring used batteries to be disposed.

Printer cartridges and hearing-aid batteries will not be accepted.

The next event will be in July.

The GAF is an independent nonprofit, 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to serving the residents of Leisure World Seal Beach. Its purpose is to  help make the community a better place to live.  It was established in 1973 and is not affiliated with the Golden Rain Foundation. 

All GAF programs are provided free to Leisure World shareholders. GAF is entirely staffed by volunteers, so all contributions go directly to meeting community needs. The generous support of shareholders, residents, clubs, organizations and businesses is the main source of income for the organization. GAF programs and projects are made possible by the volunteer efforts of many members. 

Contact Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339 for more information. 

SBTV-3 Listings

SBTV-3 airs on TWC-Spectrum Channel 3, Frontier Fios Channel 37 and online streaming at sbtv3.org/schedule. Have Roku? Go to http://roku.streamsource.tv/add/sbtv. The playback schedule is available at SBTV3.org.

Thursday, March 4

4 pm MCC Summer Evening 


6:15 pm Nova Scotia Road Trip

6:30 pm Tommy Williams:

Memorial Songs

7 pm McGaugh Go West!

8 pm A Tribute to Ole’ Blue Eyes

9:10 pm Aquarium of the Pacific

9:30 pm Ocean Perspectives

10 pm Shakespeare in the Park:


Friday, March 5

4 pm Tommy Williams: 

Memorial Songs

4:30 pm Oceanscapes #2

5 pm McGaugh Third Grade Show

5:50 pm Nova Scotia Road Trip

6 pm Los Al Jazz Band 2018

6:35 pm Sea Inside

7 pm Live at the Ford:

Celtic Show

8:30 pm Bob Cole Conservancy

9 pm Shakespeare in the Park:


10:30 pm Cerritos Center–

Golden Dragon Acrobats

Saturday, March 6

4 pm Hui O Hula 2021

5 pm MCC Summer Evening 


6:30 pm St. Patrick’s Day Harmonica

7 pm McGaugh First Grade Show

8 pm LAUSD

11 pm Cerritos Center–

Matt Mauser

Sunday, March 7

4 pm Cerriotos Center–

Golden Acrobats

6:30 pm St. Patricks Day with Rob Roy

7 pm Life and Times in SB:

The Lawhead Brothers

8 pm Life and Times in SB:

Paula Thomas

9 pm Live at the Ford:

Lady Jazz

10:30 pm Ford Theater:

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Monday, March 8

4 pm McGaugh First Grade Concert

4:45 pm Nova Scotia Road Trip

5 pm Tommy Williams:

Memorial Songs

5:30 pm Hui O Hula 2021

6:30 pm Ocean Perspectives

7 pm Seal Beach City Council 


8:15 pm A Tribute to Ole’ Blue Eyes

9:30 pm Oceanscapes #2 

10 pm Shakespeare in the Park:

Taming of the Shrew 

Tuesday, March 9

4 pm Valentine’s Day Card for You

4:30 pm Oceanscapes #2

5 pm A Tribute to Ole’ Blue Eyes

6:15 pm McGaugh First Grade Show

7 pm Life and Times in SB:

Lawhead Brothers

8 pm Ocean Perspectives

8:30 pm Ford Theater:

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

10 pm Cerritos Center–

Matt Mauser

Wednesday, March 10

4 pm LW Rollin’ Thunder

4:07 pm Nova Scotia Road Trip

4:15 pm A Tribute to Ole’ Blue Eyes

5:30 pm St. Patrick’s Day with Rob Roy

6 pm MCC Summer Evening 


7 pm Oceanscapes #2

8 pm Shakespeare in the Park:

Merry Wives of Windsor

10 pm Cerritos Center-

The Four Tenors

Sunshine Club

Fire extinguisher safety is the topic

Golden Rain Foundation Safety and Emergency Coordinator Eloy Gomez will present a powerpoint presentation about fire extinguisher safety on Friday, March 5, at 10 a.m. via Zoom.  All shareholders are welcome to join this meeting.

To join, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84982089743?pwd=UGR3RlZRaUJmWmlSNE9KdTdNMUh3QT09. The meeting  ID is 849 8208 9743, and the passcode is 508742.

Those who want to receive the Zoom link by email should text their name, Mutual number and email address to (562) 301-5339 no later than Thursday, March 4, at 5 p.m. 

Gomez’s responsibilities as the safety and emergency coordinator include working with shareholders, Mutuals, Seal Beach Police Department, and other county and state agencies for emergency preparedness purposes. He is responsible for the safety of GRF staff, compliance with the California Occupational Safety and Health Agency (Cal-OSHA) as well as the general safety in GRF facilities.

He is a certified Cal-OSHA instructor, certified Red Cross instructor, community emergency response team (CERT) instructor and a certified emergency management specialist by the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI).   

The Sunshine club meets every Friday, and will have four speakers this month, including Gomez, retired Seal Beach police officer Rick Paap,  March 12; f licensed clinical psychologist  John Timberlake March 19 and GRF Fleet and Transportation Manager Grant Winford March 26.

The topic of each guest speaker’s presentation and other details will be published the LW Weekly.

The Sunshine Club has LW leaders come to meetings to introduce their organizations to the group. It also invites specialists from outside Leisure World to share their experiences and ideas with club members. 

For more information, contact Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

senior peace club

The real cost of racism in America

By Nancy Goldstein

LW contributor

The Senior Peace Club will meet via Zoom on Thursday, March 4, at 2 p.m. Continuing to focus on racism in America, the club will watch a YouTube video with author, political commentator and strategist Heather McGhee. There will be a discussion period afterward. 

McGhee is currently a distinguished senior fellow and former president of Demos, a nonprofit progressive U.S. think tank. McGhee is a regular contributor to NBC News and frequently appears as a guest and panelist on “Meet the Press”, “All In with Chris Hayes”, and “Real Time with Bill Maher.” McGhee grew up in Chicago’s South and was initially drawn to theater and creative writing but then became interested in economic policy. She received a bachelor’s in American studies from Yale University in 2001. She later attended UC Berkeley School of Law because she believed it could help her obtain the credentials to change public policy, and graduated with a J.D. in 2009. She was influential in the development of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. In 2019, McGhee presented a TED Talk titled “Racism has a Cost for Everyone.” She was recently interviewed by Christiane Amanpour on CNN, and they discussed the topic of “why racism hurts everyone, regardless of race.” McGhee just published her first book, “The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together.”

To participate in the Zoom meeting online, go to  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86896188281?pwd=M0dCeklMR0dGdXBZZnJKNEg0RGo3UT09, or join by telephone (audio only) by calling (669) 900-6833. The meeting ID is 868 9618 8281, and the password is 667699. If you are joining the meeting via telephone, dial the meeting ID when directed. 

For more information, call Don Koepke at (562) 330-3397.

Scam Report

There has been an increase in computer-based scams over the last few years. This is not surprising given that more consumers are using the Internet to communicate and shop for products due to the pandemic. Two types of Internet- or computer-based scams that have been popular lately are the tech support and romance scams.

Tech Support Scams

One type of computer-related scam involves the request to fix technical issues on your computer. Imposters target older adults through telephone calls alerting them of phony computer issues that supposedly need to be resolved immediately or the scammer will make contact through pop-up alerts while users are browsing the Internet.

Microsoft estimates that 3.3 million Americans are victims of technical support scams annually, with a losses totaling around $1.5 billion.

Although these fraud losses impact all ages, seniors are often the most vulnerable to these types of scam.

The Federal Trade Commision (FTC) has a few useful tips to help consumers avoid falling victim to computer-based scams:

• Do not give control of your computer to a third party that calls you out of the blue.

• Do not rely on caller ID to authenticate a caller. Scammers spoof caller ID numbers. They may appear to be calling from a legitimate company or local number when they are not even in the same country as you.

• If you want to contact tech support, look for a company’s contact information on its software package or on your receipt.

• Never provide your credit card or financial information to someone who calls and claims to be from tech support.

• If a caller pressures you to purchase a computer security product or says there is a subscription fee associated with a call, hang up. If you’re concerned about your computer, call your security software company directly and ask for help.

• Make sure you have updated all of your computer’s anti-virus software, firewalls and pop-up blockers.

Romance Scams

As more and more people turn to the Internet for dating websites, the number of related romance fraud claims have risen as well. The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), received 14,546 calls in 2016 about romance and confidence scams. In 2014, IC3 reported that nearly 50 percent of the victims were 50 and older The volume of complaints and the amount of money lost in this scam have both steadily increased in recent years.

The FBI’s IC3 has the following tips to help older adults to avoid romance scams:

• Be cautious of individuals who claim the romance was destiny or fate, or that you were meant to be together.

• Be cautious if an individual tells you he or she is in love with you and cannot live without you but needs you to send money to fund a visit.

• Fraudsters typically claim to be originally from the United States (or your local region), but are currently overseas, or going overseas, for business or family matters.

Democratic Club

By Mary Larson

LW contributor

With less than two weeks to go, the race for election to the Orange County Board of Supervisors has reached a critical stage. The winner of this seat will represent a district that includes all of Seal Beach and will serve the rest of Michelle Steel’s term that ends in 2022. The winner of this election will need to run again in the 2022 June Primary and November General elections to continue to represent District 2 on the Board.

The Democratic Club endorsed Costa Masa Mayor Katrina Foley. Her three major opponents in the race are all Republicans. If elected, Foley will be the second Democrat on the five-member Board of Supervisors.

Katrina Foley for Orange County Board of Supervisor yard/window signs are now available for pick up in Leisure World at 1460 Pelham Road. 106-G, in Mutual 5. Ample parking is available on Pelham Road. No appointment is necessary.  If you need to have a sign delivered to your unit, email democraticclubsblw@gmail.com with your contact information. 

Voters should be aware that the Vote Center previously located at the Leisure World Fire Station will not be open for this special election.  However, ballots can be deposited in the drop box near the Leisure World Amphitheater up to, and including election day, March 9. Members of the Democratic Club are ready to assist any voter who needs it. Email democraticclubsblw@gmail.com or call (562) 296-8521 or (562) 412-0898. 

Information contained in an attack ad aimed at Foley recently distributed to Leisure World voters is false. LWers are encouraged to disregard the false smear tactics that have been repeatedly used against the mayor in her successful campaigns for election and reelection to the Costa Mesa City Council, as well as in this current race. 

Five current and four former members of the Costa Mesa City Council have endorsed Foley for election to the Board of Supervisors.  They had the following to say as they announced their support for her campaign. 

“In every role she has taken on, as a businesswoman, attorney, City Councilwoman and Mayor, Katrina Foley is singularly focused on delivering results,” said  Councilmember Manuel Chavez.

“Mayor Katrina Foley has exemplified outstanding leadership during the COVID-19 crisis, helping our city navigate previously unimagined challenges,” Councilmember Loren Gameros said.

“I’m proud to endorse Mayor Foley’s campaign because I have seen up-close the work she has done and the results she has achieved in Costa Mesa,” Councilmember Jeff Harlan.


Leisure World Democrats and their supporters are invited to subscribe to the Club’s  free electronic newsletter. Email Mary Larson, at democraticclubsblw@gmail.com or call (562) 296-8521. Remember to include your full contact information. 

The Leisure Democratic Club always welcomes new members and friends. 

Membership forms are available by phoning (562) 431-7275 or by going on-line at https://sblwdems.wordpress.com/democratic-club-membership-2/.

Republican Club

By Brian Harmon

LW contributor

Some LW Republican Club members were upset last week by an attack ad from the Association of Orange County Sheriff’s, a public employee union. The claims of John Moorlach’s alledged harassment of an employee has been condemned by the OC Register and other sources.

Moorlach is running for the Orange County Board of Supervisors in a special election March 9. Ballots have been mailed out. Those who have not received a ballot or want to register to vote can do so at OCvote.com or call (714) 567-7600.

LW Republican Club leaders took issue with the flyers, and many GOP leaders believe the main reason there are campaigns targeting Moorlach is because he had spearheaded the fight to rein in the exploding cost of pension increases. Many believed the increases would bring financial ruin to many cities in California. Moorlach is respected nationally as an expert on state and municipal finance and bankruptcy. 

Republican Club’s second vice president Brian Harmon said that when people are fighting for higher benefits, they do whatever is necessary.

Harmon compared this situation with what David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, complained about in his book, “The Tripumph of Politics.”

Harmon explained that as shocking as it sounds, it is human nature to fight for the pension that will support a person and their spouse in their old age, even if the amounts might be considered too high to others.

“The additional problem of pension spending,” he continued, “is that it is so attractive politically.”

 “The appeal to politicians is that they get credit and support while they are in office, and the harmful effects do not come until after they are out of office,” Harmon said.


The OC Register published a second editorial supporting Moorlach, condemning the allegations that he covered up an alleged sexual attack on a staffer. The editorial was titled “Reject the cynical smear campaign against John Moorlach” and can be read in full  at https://www.ocregister.com/2021/02/05/reject-the-cynical-smear-campaign-against-john-moorlach/


The Republican Club booth is open Wednesdays from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. in the parking lot in front of Clubhouse 6 for anyone who wants to drop off ballots, get voter information, or sign up to receive clubannouncements. To sign up to receive club announcements, email dharlow50@aol.com.

Vons switches to third-party delivery

As of Feb. 27, Vons grocery stores no longer employ their own delivery drivers and instead use third-party apps such as Instacart and DoorDash. The move was influenced partly because of the high demand for grocery delivery due to the pandemic. 

Delivery services will remain relatively the same. You can order your groceries through the Instacart app (available for download in the App Store for Iphone and the Google Play Store for Andro-ids) or by going to www.delivery.vons.com, which will take you through the form to sign up for Instacart, after which you will be able to order groceries as usual. Be aware that, due to Instacart’s policy, you must have a valid drivers liscence or other form of ID to give to the person delivering your groceries. 

There is a $3.99 delivery fee for each purchase, or you can pay a monthly fee of $9.99 or a yearly fee of $99 to get free delivery on orders over $35. 

Delivery hours will be between 8 a.m.–10 p.m., seven days a week.

Chess Club

The Chess Club publishes weekly puzzles to keep the love of the game alive since members can no longer meet to play in person.

This week’s puzzle white moves first and for any answer by black, the white’s next move is checkmate. 

Solution to this week’s puzzle: Qd4 The white Queen moves from e3 to d4.  Any answer by black, the white’s next move is check mate.

In Memoriam

Flora Irene Mata– 91


Christine Claudia Moore 1953-2020

Christine (Chris) Claudia Moore, born in St. Louis, Missouri, on May 18, 1953, to Gilbert C. Moore and Lavona nee Bokelman; died in Reno, Nevada, on June 9, 2020, while being cared for by her sons. 

In addition to living in St. Louis and Reno, she has lived in Gooding, Idaho, Des Moines, Washington, Ewa Beach, Hawaii, Eagle Rock, California, and Seal Beach, California. 

As a baby she was present at her father’s graduation from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis in June 1953. She played the organ and guitar, plus sang in the Lutheran churches she attended. As a nurse, she ministered in many positions, including pediatrics, home health and the Reno jail. 

She had been a member of the Board of Directors of Mutual 7 in Leisure World, and of Redeemer Lutheran Church.  

She is survived by her parents; sons Aaron, Peter (wife Ashley) and Geoffrey; former husband Paul Dieringer, MD; sisters Dorothy and Lisa (husband Delbert); brother Mahlon; and dog companion Baxter.


In Memoriam: 

Abel Marquez 86

Norman Lee 89

Gene Shiroma 91

David McDaniel 57

Gene Simmonds 80

Betty Willrich 87

Generall La Rowe 93

Carl Bronoeski 84

Digna Lacap 71

Annie Matusmoto 90

Virginia Shontell 76

Families assisted by 

McKenzie Mortuary, 


—Paid obituary

Religion, page 16-22

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

By Jim Greer

LW contributor

In a February church news  release, it was announced that “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is following the lead of governments and healthcare professionals around the world as it considers a measured return to normal operating procedures disrupted by COVID-19.”

President Russell M. Nelson said, “Your safety and well-being will always be our utmost concern.” Members in many locations can now or soon will be able to enjoy Church Distribution, Deseret Book and Deseret Industries retail stores. 

The process of reassigning missionaries to missions in their home countries is underway, and many have received new assignments. Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff stated, “The church has been able to send missionaries to their original assignments in some places in Europe and Asia. Missionaries strictly follow local requirements concerning self-isolation or quarantine.”

Locally, a phased reopening has begun at the Los Angeles and Newport Beach temples, which are now open for the performance of living ordinances by appointment. 

Starting Sunday, March 7, the Atherton Ward will resume in-chapel Sacrament meetings. Bishop Brimley recently announced, “All those who are healthy are invited, including non-member friends who may need some inspiration and comfort. We are not separating the Ward by age or alphabetical order. Because we are currently limited to 25 percent capacity, if we fill the chapel, we will use the Cultural Hall to seat others and broadcast the meeting and administer the Sacrament there.”

The bishop emphasized that the church has provided new broadcasting equipment for each building, so no one needs to feel obligated or compelled to worship inside the building. Those not feeling well or feeling as if they are at higher risk can stay home, watch the Sacrament meeting online, and have the Sacrament administered there. And, “those who feel more comfortable watching and administering the Sacrament from home will also have a good experience.”

With the return to chapel worship, there are additional opportunities to provide service. To safeguard those wishing to attend church services, the bishop seeks volunteers to assist as door attendants or ushers. Holders of the priesthood are needed to help with the preparation and administration of the Sacrament. Those interested may contact the bishop directly; once you have been assigned to serve, you will be trained in the proper safety measures. 

As we return to in-person worship, remain vigilant by maintaining social distancing and washing your hands with soap and water. At all times, avoid close contact with sick people. As much as you may want to, do not resume the practice of shaking hands. 

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, and cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow or a tissue. While attending church or in other public spaces, be aware of and avoid frequently touched objects and surfaces. Whenever possible, clean and disinfect those surfaces, and continue to wear a face mask. 

Congregation Sholom

Rabbi Karen Isenberg will stream services on Friday, March 5, at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 6, at 9:30 a.m.   

New members who want to watch the livestream should contact Jeff Sacks to receive a Zoom invitation. Text Jeff at (714) 642-0122, or email him at jfsacks@gmail.com. The link will have the meeting ID and password embedded. Those who want more details or need to practice beforehand can call Jeff ahead of time. The phone number to call for those who do not have Internet service is (669) 900-9128.

To join the Zoom meeting, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3752519429?pwd=UDREWTA1N21jaXVUZUhyQmY1U01JQT09. The meeting ID is 375 251 9429, and the passcode is 8ZYy69.

Congregation Sholom has silk-screened, reusable Congregation Sholom of Leisure World masks for sale for $5 each or four masks for $18, shipping included. All proceeds will go to the general fund. Email Murray Pollack at murrjet@yahoo.com or call (562) 331-3949 to place an order.

Sandy Geffner will host a game of Scattergories via Zoom on Sunday, March 7, at 4 p.m. Those who want to play should email Jeff (jfsacks@gmail.com) ahead of time so he can send a Zoom invitation. Sandy will give the game rules at the beginning of the meeting. It will be helpful to have a pencil and a piece of paper ready.

Due to COVID-19, Congregation Sholom will not have a Passover Seder. Last year’s virtual Seder is available on YouTube. There will be virtual services on Zoom for the first, seventh and eighth nights. 

If you know someone who wants to be a member so they can participate in the services that are live streamed on Zoom, have them call Ron Yaffee at (562) 430-7040.

Assembly of God

By Sheryl Franco


The pastor’s wife is a peculiar role. I was never one who said, “I want to be a pastor’s wife when I grow up.” And I didn’t take the common path of going to Bible school, meeting my future husband and obtaining my “mrs.” degree.  I was taking some piano lessons from my youth pastor’s wife. At the end of my lesson one day, she said, “Someday, you’ll make a great pastor’s wife.” It was not a great pronouncement of anointing.  She tossed it out casually and matter-of-factly. But it was as shocking to my spirit as if she had smacked me with a 10-pound Bible. In the moment, my 14-year-old spirit was not receptive. The response inside my head was, “No. I.  Won’t.” On an average Wednesday afternoon, in the course of a normal activity, with seven words, Gloria Van Steenis planted a legacy of direction and calling in a young woman’s life.  

Who did that for you? What words were spoken that changed the trajectory of your life? Was it a coach, teacher, relative or boss?  

Legacy is not strictly defined by the possessions or wealth we pass along to the next generation.  Legacy can occur when we inspire someone to be everything God has intended them to be by our words or our own example. 

Isaiah 38:19 says, “Only the living can praise you as I do today. Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next.”  Psalm 78:4 reads, “We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his might wonders.” 

How are you passing on your legacy? What words are heard, what actions are observed, by those you might not know are watching?  Words don’t come easy for everyone. Sometimes actions are more powerful than words. Christ-followers are responsible for leaving a legacy of faith to those within our influence.  

We pass on our legacy by example when we remain faithful to God through the trials we encounter.  When disease strikes us or our loved ones, we remain faithful.  When we lose our source of income or security, we remain faithful.  When our friends desert us, we remain faithful.  When we are blind-sided by situations we never thought could happen, we remain faithful. Does this mean we ignore the problems and the pain and skip merrily along, blissfully repeating Christian-ese clichés? Absolutely not. We need to be honest and transparent.  Other people are counting on us to acknowledge the struggle.  But the way we live through the hard times brings God glory and raises the hopes of future generations. 

I might be going down with the ship, almost consumed by crashing waves.  But with the one free hand I have that isn’t clinging to the mast, I’ll reach out for God’s hand to rescue me. Because I know he can, and I know he has in the past. Because I know he will.     I may be drenched, exhausted and sick from fighting to survive, but when God has come to my rescue, when I tell my story, I will  leave a legacy of victory, faith and hope.  

Pastor Chuck will be leading  a 2-week study on legacy on March 7 and 14.  

Join Assembly of God in the Amphitheater at 11 a.m. on Sundays. 

LW Baptist

By Rolland Coburn


Luke 6:17-49, known as the Sermon on the Mount, presents our king and his kingdom. This wonderful king willingly associates with flawed people, prays on the hill, selects 12  apostles, then descends to crowds of his followers from Judea and the Phoenician coast waiting for his teaching and healing. He cured diseases and people troubled by impure spirits. In heaven, he will wipe away every tear, malady and sorrow. Crowds, seeing his compassion, reached for his touch.

Only what’s done for this king lasts. Blessed are the poor; they know they need him. Likewise, blessed are those who hunger for him and his righteousness, unlike the self-satisfied. Blessed mourners grieve over what grieves Jesus; they do not rejoice in unrighteousness. Blessed people suffer for his sake, unashamed. Living for Jesus brings heaven’s blessings forever; not doing so brings eternal woe.

Jesus’ law is a law of love. He summarizes: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Don’t be like the sinners who only love and do good to those  who do good to them. Love while expecting nothing in return. Your reward will be great. Such love marks God’s children. He is kind to the ungrateful and wicked. Be merciful, as your Father is.

Our king’s religion is heart-religion, not an outward show. Don’t speak against others while being blind to your own failings. That is hypocrisy, opening yourself for judgment. The blind cannot lead the blind. You are like your teachers. The fruit proves the tree. No good tree bears bad fruit, nor a bad tree good fruit. Figs don’t grow on thorn-bushes, nor grapes on briers. What fills your heart comes out. A good heart pours out good; evil hearts, evil.

Only our king’s word lasts forever and can save us. It must be life’s foundation. Jesus said, “Why call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ not doing what I say? Everyone coming to me, hearing my words and putting them into practice is like a builder laying the foundation on rock. A flood came, struck but could not shake the house. But hearers of my words who don’t put them into practice build without a foundation. The torrent strikes, the house collapses, destroyed.”

That is the king’s word. Do you know him? You need to. Do you seek his will? It is the only trustworthy guide. Do you live for him? If so, you will live forever; if not, you will perish. “O Jesus, Lord and savior, I give myself to thee, for thou in thy atonement didst give thyself for me. I own no other master. My heart shall be thy throne. My life I give henceforth to live, O Christ, for thee alone.”

LW Baptist Church meets Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in the Amphitheater.

Faith Christian Assembly

By Sherri Lemming


Easter Sunday on April 4 will arrive before we know it.  It’s always a good idea to prepare our hearts to appreciate the full meaning of Easter. Faith Christian Assembly’s Bible study is focusing on studying God’s grace in offering his son for the forgiveness of the word’s sins. We all must decide how the crucifixion, death and resurrection influences our life and our response to his sacrifice. The study meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m.  

Out of an abundance of caution, all who attend services or events at Faith Christian Assembly will have their temperature taken at the door, be required to wear a mask before and after service, and have to sit socially distant from others. Those who are ill should remain at home.  

Due to COVID-19, Faith Christian Assembly is not having all of its regular ministries at this time. Call the church office for the most updated information on midweek Bible study, which is taught by Pastor Sheri Leming on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Grief Share’s weekly meetings are Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. 

To receive a free newsletter and for more information on the church, call (562) 598-9010 or visit the website at www.FCAchurch.net. 

Holy Family

Holy Family Catholic Church, 13900 Church Place, next to the St. Andrews Gate, will observe the Third Sunday of Lent on Sunday, March 7. 

The First Reading is from Exodus 20:1-17, and the Second Reading is 1 Corinthians 1:22-25. 

The Gospel reading will be from John 2:13-25.

Day of Perpetual 


On Saturday, March 6, 8:30 a.m. Mass will conclude with a Holy Hour from 2–3 p.m.  

Stations of the Cross 

during Lent

All are invited to participate in the Stations of the Cross held every Friday during Lent immediately after 8:30 a.m. Mass.


To receive a copy of the weekly parish bulletin, sign up at https://ebulletin.jspaluch.com or https://www.jspaluch.com/Subscribe.

The church is now open to public entry and can return to its regular Mass schedule. Saturday (Vigil Mass) is at 4 p.m. and Sunday Masses are at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and noon.

Those who attend must a wear a mask or face shield, sit socially distanced and use hand sanitizer upon entry into the building. 

Beit HaLev

Due to the suspension of Beit HaLev’s livestream services on Facebook, services will be held  on Zoom and YouTube.  To Join on Zoom, go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9152434704?pwd=THJGTE1OUXI5VXFDTWtuZHF4K3VxUT09. The meeting  ID is  915 243 4704, and the passcode is RavGalit. To watch on YouTube, go to www.youtube.com and search for “Shabbat Shalom LIVE!”

Beit HaLev’s Coffee Chavurah on Zoom will celebrate the Sabbath evening on Friday, March 5, at 5:30, followed by the evening service at 6. The next service begins on Saturday, March  6,  at 10:30 a.m. followed by the Coffee Chavurah. 

Beit HaLev’s prayerbooks, “Lev L’Lev,” are shared onscreen on both Zoom and Facebook.

The Torah portion, “Kee Tisa” (When you take) from Exodus 31:18-33:11, is the account of the building of the golden calf. The people have waited for Moses to return and a false rumor has circulated through the camp that he must have died on the mountain. They demand that Aaron build them an idol, a calf made of pure gold, that they can worship, as they have lost faith in HaShem.  Aaron attempts to delay but is forced to do as they wish, telling the men to gather gold from the women’s earrings, in the vain hope that the women will not allow their jewelry to be used to create an idol.  The sin the people commit nearly brings about their annihilation, and only Moses’ plea that they be forgiven saves them.  The sin of the golden calf is the basis for  our solemn observance of Yom Kippur, the day each year that we confess our sins and plead for forgiveness.

Rabbi Shirah conducts a weekday Ma’ariv service every Thursday for Sim Shalom, the online synagogue. Sim Shalom presents livestream services Monday-Thursday, with a different rabbi each day. To say Kaddish, pray for healing and to hear a spiritual message, go to www.SimShalom.com.

Zoom classes for beginning Hebrew and Pirke Avot will begin soon. For information, contact the rabbi at (562) 715-0888 or duets@icloud.com.

Redeemer Lutheran

By Lisa Rotchford


A prayer request box has been installed by the front door of Redeemer Lutheran Church for all LW residents to use. The Leisure World Interfaith Council encourages everyone to visit Redeemer (13564 St. Andrews Drive) and use the paper and pens to write a prayer request to God.  

Like other sacred receptacles and walls found throughout the world where one can leave their prayers to God, the locked, copper-toned mailbox is a way to share your heartfelt needs, thanksgivings and blessings.  This new physical prayer place will be dedicated during the holy season as a way of staying spiritually close while remaining socially distant! with the one who loves us and knows our needs before we even ask. 

First Christian Church

By Bruce Humes


Genesis 1:31 says, “Then God saw everything that he had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.”

Verse 27 said that male and female were created on the sixth day in God’s image, meaning they were spiritual beings. This was a period of innocence. Adam and Eve walked in the garden and had great fellowship with God. We  know from reading Genesis 2:15-17 that man was put in the garden of Eden to enjoy all God had provided except for “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day you eat of it, you shall surely die.” One command was given, and the consequence for disobeying it was death.

In Genesis 3:6-7, we read that the command was broken, and the eyes of both  were opened, for they knew they were naked. In other words, they became consciously aware of right and wrong, good and evil. It had now been written on their conscience. A time of innocence was gone, and a time of conscience awareness of good and evil, knowing right from wrong, was entered.

In Genesis 6:5, we read about the condition of mankind after living in this period of conscious awareness of knowing good and evil, right from wrong, for about 1,700 years.The key here is that the “intent of the thoughts of his heart was evil continually. Only evil thoughts were on the mind and conscience of man.” If we read on we would see that God was grieved in his heart and sorry he created them, and with the exception of eight souls, he destroyed mankind. 

 In Exodus 20:3-17, we are introduced to the 10 commandments God gave Moses. They were a new set of laws to govern by, but these too were given to bring us a knowledge of sin, not to save us. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). 

So what did God do for us? He brings a period of grace, a time of unmerited favor toward mankind which extends from the death, burial and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ, to the return of his son, Jesus Christ. John 3: 16 tells us that “God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The question we must ask ourselves when he comes the second time is: Will I be found in belief? Or unbelief?

If you want to speak to someone at the church or have a need, call the church office at (562) 431-8810. 

Community Church

Johan Dodge


As of this week, almost half of the Leisure World community has been vaccinated, and we are on track for full vaccination of residents in the coming weeks. I am not a resident of Leisure World nor are many of our caregivers or support staff.  Community Church’s Dynamic Music Team members are also not residents of Leisure World and many live in Los Angeles and work with LA Opera and other amazing vocal programs that require frequent travel around the country.  So in the coming weeks, we will reopen with a hybrid opportunity that virtually brings in our outstanding worship experience to our facility until we can fully reopen safely.

Until then, you are welcome to join on Zoom or Facebook for live worship every Sunday at 9: 50 a.m. or on Facebook any time after the service has concluded. This week, we will be looking at John 2:13-22.

Call the church office or email leisurewccsue@yahoo.com to receive the Zoom links. Those who don’t have a computer or Facebook can call (562) 431-2503 and listen to the weekly message beginning Sunday evening. 

Easter is on Sunday, April 4, and we hope to be open for those who can show they have been vaccinated.  

Lenten resources are available in the church office with daily Scripture and weekly prayers. Contact the church office to have one sent to you or to pick up a copy.  

As always, if you are in need without another way to address it, call the church office to leave me a direct message  at (562) 431-2503.



Lenora Browning, LW Resident. Phone 562-493-5457. Seal Beach Business License #BRN000. 07/01/21



Delivered to your door. 

LW daughter 

Sandy Vander Woudefikse.

(562) 618-8731. 03/04/21


We’re an established Creative Writer’s Workshop. Focus on: Novels, Short-Story and/or Poetry collections – though we may consider other Fiction genres. If:  you have a passion for writing, would welcome feedback/suggestions from other group members regarding your work, and have a reasonably agreeable personality (even if your axis is not placed centrally) please call to inquire.  Currently meeting outdoors at a private residence in Leisure World. Serious writers welcome!

If interested, please call Shoal at 714-747-2146 to apply. 



Additions & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Windows, Tile & Stonework. State Contractor’s License #393071. 


(562) 596-7757. 03/31/22


JR HOME REPAIRS.  Quality work. Perfectionist, honest & reliable. Call JR 562-519-2764. SB Business License #JRH0001. 07/08/2021



General Contractor

Specializing  in  remodeling, Additions, Reconstruction, Window replacement and more! Call for a free estimate. 


License #954725. 04/22/21




Install doors, new windows, recessed lights, fans, light fixtures. Cabinet refacing & refinishing, paint exterior window frames, ceilings made smooth, closets redone, misc. repairs. Kitchen/bathroom remodeling. 

40+ yrs in LW.


562-596-0559. 02/25/21



Complete maintenance and landscape. Serving Leisure World since 1978. Planting, clean-ups, fertilization. New lawns, etc. Offering my services to all Mutual’s. Honest and reliable. State Contractor’s License #779462. Call 562-863-7739, 562-743-3832 or 714-527-1172.


We refinish your TUB/SHOWER to look brand new.

Convert to a WALK-IN SHOWER and/or raise seat.

Nu Kote 562-833-3911  

License #699080 

Serving LW since 1999. 05/27/21


Painting – Free estimates. 1 room or entire house & refinish kitchen cabinets. Call Jerry (714) 826-8636.

CA State License #675336. 04/22


Affordable – Professional, 

Licensed and Insured. 

Interior – exterior drywall repair, texturing, pressure washing, 

cabinets. Senior discounts. 

Cory Gee Painting 714-308-9931. 

License #1049257. 04/01





Lic 723262. 40+ yrs in LW. Interiors, cabinets, exterior window frames, kitchen, bath, doors, trim, primered only premium paints. Ceilings made smooth, crown moulding & baseboards installed. 

LW Decor Inc.

562-596-0559. 02/25/21




40+ yrs in LW. Vinyl plank, laminate, tile indoor and outdoor patio carpet. License 723262. 

562-596-0559. 02/25/21



All Year Carpet Cleaning since 1988.

Call Tito (562) 658 – 9841.

State Contractors Lic. #578194.04/15




Licensed and insured.

Dan (562) 841-3787.

Seal Beach License #BRA0002. 03/11



I Clean Inside & Outside Or…

Clean Outside Only and Save $$$.

(562) 600-0014. LW Resident,

Rich Livitsky. Seal Beach

Business License #LIV0004. 03/04




Shutters, blinds, roll-up shades, custom drapes. 

562-596-0559. 02/25/21

Leisure World 

Helping Leisure World

Y’s Service Club of the YMCA will assist residents with small non-professional jobs. We change light bulbs, clean air conditioner filters, hang a small picture or mirror, remove or place items on a high shelf, air bicycle tires, etc. Donations gladly accepted. Call weekdays between 9 am-5 pm, (562) 596-9906.


Does your walker need new tennis balls? Delivery and installation provided. Please give your name and phone number. Free of charge.

Diane Hart 714-955-2885. 




Offers FREE advice on buying and selling of your golf cart. 

Also batteries. 562-431-6859.




Experienced, knowledgeable caregivers, honest, assertive, fluent English. Hourly/full-time, doctor’s appointments, errands. Bernadine 562-310-0280. Seal Beach Business License #BCS0002. Bonded/insured. 06/10/21


MOST AFFORDABLE RATE affordable rates with optimum service, 23 years experience LW, reliable, honest caregivers. Licensed, 24 hour, part time, doctors, appointments, references, fluent English. Ann 714-624-1911, Heidi 562-277-3650. Seal Beach License #HYC0001. 07/01


Maria’s experienced caregivers, run errands, Dr’s appointments, cleaning, cooking, part-time, full-time, live-in. (562) 230-4648. Seal Beach Business License #CAM0006. 03/25



Over 20 years in Leisure World with Excellent References.  Hourly or Live-in. Please Call Pampet: 562-371-4895. Seal Beach License PAN0003 03/25


Elderly care. Live-in, live-out. 30 years of experience. Cooking, cleaning, medications, companions, doctors. Experience with dementia. Liensed by the state. 

Gloria 949-371-7425. 04/15


Blue Horizon Private Home Care and Assisted Living. A trusted team of experienced homecare providers. Here at Blue Horizon we provide COVID Care, which includes picking up prescriptions, dropping clothes off at the cleaners, housekeeping and grocery shopping. Also we help with special needs, disability injury, assistance medication management and escorting to appointments. We have an affordable hourly rate, or flat fee rate for 24-Hour care.  Contact us today at 323-548-0708 to provide the personal care that’s needed to fit your needs. License #BU22020391. 03/18


Tammy Nguyen Phenix Salon – Service in private suite. One customer, one hairstylist. Sanitized & professional. Haircut for men & women, shampoo, set, color, highlights, perm, nails & toenails. In-house service available. Tammy Nguyen. 13944 Seal Beach Blvd,  #116. (714) 425-4198. 05/20


In home hair care, serving the men and women of Leisure World for 36 years. Mel, cell: 562-480-9341. License #KC75538. 03/18


Yvonne from Phenix Salon is coming to your home for perms, color & cut. 714-855-8465. License K336138. 03/18







Over 30 years Experience!

Seal Beach Business

License #AB0001. 03/04



Windows 10% off first cleaning

General housecleaning

Excellent referrals in LW

(562) 307-3861. 

20 years experience.

Seal Beach Business License gra0006. 03/11


Patricia House Cleaning, weekly or monthly. Excellent referrals in Leisure World. 562-397-4659 Seal Beach License LUC0001. 04/15



We make your home sparkle! 7 days-call anytime! Complete cleaning. Seal Beach Business License #M0001A. Call 562-505-1613. 04/22


General housekeeping, 30 years of experience. Bi-weekly or monthly. Seal Beach License RAZ0002. Call Gloria 949-371-7425. 04/15


Maria House Cleaning

We’ll make your house look as

nice as possible! 15 years of

experience, We can work with your

schedule. Bi-weekly or monthly.

Deep cleaning.

Call or text 714-496-2885.

Bus. Lic #HER0008. 04/15



We do the work – you relax & take it easy. You get the best job in town at rates you can afford. 20 years of experience working in Leisure World. 714-476-2100. 04/29




Everything for your computer (PC or Mac), cell phone, TV, stereo, any electronic device. 

Tina Schaffer. Seal Beach Bus.   

License #CIP0001 05/20/21


John’s Computer Services


Virus removal, Repair, Training,

Software, Wireless, Internet

Security. LW Resident

 SB License FUH0001. 04/15



Cars, motorcycle, truck – running or not. We are local – call anytime! We pay cash and remove promptly!We do DMV and Release of liability for you! Bonded/Licensed, since 1985! Call us so we can come out and give you a quote. 562-684-0901. 06/03


We Bring You

$1,500 to $6,500 Cash

Cars Trucks Vans. SUVs

Text or Call


Polite Safe Local Since 1975. 04/01

Electric CarTs/ Scooters/Mobile Chairs for sale

Golf Cars BUY SELL TRADE and REPAIRS. Call: 714-292-9124. 05/13/21


Golden Literider power chair. New $2095. Now $695. 

Phone 562-596-8273 Leave Message. 03/11


Quality electric folding WHEELCHAIR, Forcemech Voyager. Immaculate. Paid $2,500. Selling for $1,495. 661-222-9200. 03/04


GoGo Sport 3 Wheeler ‘Pride’ Scooter. Owned less than one year! 

Red or Blue body attachments and front and back baskets. Safety flag attached. In great condition. Perfect for Leisure World outings. $1650. (Original purchase price $1,941). Contact Cyndee (562) 533-8313 ccyndeemarie@aol.com. 03/04



Charger & 2 storage baskets, swivel

seat for easy access. $600 or offers

714-553-7104. 03/11


Pride Pursuit Scooter excellent condition, fairly new batteries, lots of juice left in them. Cover, 2 mirrors.

Too strong for little old lady driver.

$750. Call 562-208-3359. 03/04


Need a lift? Pam Miller. 

LW Resident. 310-227-1258. 03/18


Rides by Russ with a personal touch.

Airports, doctors, shopping and errands. 714-655-1544. 03/18


Trailers FOR SALE


Installed at your residence. Call Frank 562-743-3832. State Contractor’s License #779462.




No job too small, fast, reliable, great prices. Seal Beach Business License

BRA0002. Dan: 562-841-3787 03/11



Your moving service, any size job. Call 310-387-2618. Business License RO263644. 03/11


Furniture sale – Friday, March 5th @10 a.m. Mutual 5, 126A. Items include New La Z Boy sofa, La Z Boy Recliner, Oak Dining table and 4 newer chairs, Curio cabinets, complete day bed and more. 03/04


FOR SALE – White Daybed with Trundle- $150, Wood Dresser with 8 Drawers – $100,  Smokless Indoor Grill – $60.    

562-708-5775. Mutual 6. 03/04


Leslie’s Vintage Store

Looking to buy all kind of vintage items. Furniture, lamps, art, jewelry, vintage clothing, etc. Call Leslie 562-243-7229. 03/25


Looking to buy individual sports cards or entire collection. Please call 714-875-9495. 03/04 & 03/18


Wanted: Used working electronic organ or used piano. 

Call Joan 562-799-2048. 03/04


Westminster Memorial Park cemetery, 1 plot, in Moses Garden. $3,800. 

310-479-3628. 03/04


Stationery recombinent bike. Hardly used. 562-241-4175.


Hospital bed, needs mattress. LW Resident. 562-240-5684