LWW Trans/Vie 08-19-21

Breakthrough Cases—What You Need to Know

by Carson Blomquist


There have been a number of vaccinated people getting COVID-19. What does that mean, and what do you need to do to stay safe?

What’s a breakthrough infection? 

A breakthrough infection is when someone gets COVID-19 after they have been fully vaccinated. 

Why is this happening? 

A vaccine doesn’t mean you’re 100 percent protected against a virus. But it is a powerful line of defense. Some people, especially those who have chronic health conditions or are older, can still catch a virus after being vaccinated. 

How many cases have been reported? 

As of Aug. 2, the CDC has reported 7,525 cases in which a person was hospitalized with COVID-19 after being vaccinated. Of those cases, nearly three-quarters were adults aged 65 and older. Keep in mind: more than 164 million people have been fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Are the vaccines really effective? 

Yes. A CDC study from April found the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were 96 percent effective in preventing hospitalizations for adults age 65-74. For adults age 75 and older, the Moderna vaccine was 96 percent effective and the Pfizer vaccine was 91 percent. The long and short of it: vaccines work (for more information, visit https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7032e3.htm).

I’m not vaccinated. What should I do? 

Talk to your primary doctor and see if the vaccine is right for you. There are very few people who should not get vaccinated because of serious health conditions, so the odds are your doctor will encourage you to get it. 

Keep following safety guidelines: wear a mask in public, keep your distance from others, and wash your hands.

I am vaccinated. Do I need to keep following protocols? 

Don’t let your guard down! Even though breakthrough infections are very rare, it’s not worth taking a risk. And you can still carry the virus, if you don’t show any symptoms. 

This virus likes to hitch a ride where it can, and while it may not be able to infect you, it can use you to get to others. Wear your face mask in public, maintain social distance and keep washing your hands.

Am I going to need a booster shot? 

The CDC now recommends that people whose immune systems are compromised moderately to severely should receive an additional dose of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine after the initial 2 doses. Widespread vaccination is a critical tool to help stop the pandemic. Check with your doctor for more information.

Is this ever going to end? 

It has been an exhausting 19 months. We all want things to go back to normal. But the virus doesn’t care about what we want. As we all get vaccinated or develop natural immunity, we’ll develop what is called herd immunity. 

Getting through this pandemic means we all have to do our part and keep our loved ones, communities and selves safe.  

Power outage set for Mutual 15

Southern California Edison has scheduled a power outage from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 25, in Mutual 15. A crew will replace a transformer structure in front of Building 22, 1900 McKinney Way, which will necessitate turning the power off. 

Affected buildings include: 7, 8, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, and 27.   

SCE has notified residents who will be impacted by mail. SCE plans to replace several transformers in LW by mid-October and will provide notice to all affected residents as work is scheduled.

Library Closed Friday

The LW Library will be closed Friday, Aug. 20, for necessary maintenance. It will re-open Saturday, Aug. 21, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Sandy Geffner: His COVID Story and a Message

Sandy Geffner of Mutual 3 is a LW fixture. He’s someone with a quick smile and a helping hand. For a dozen years, he’s made a lot of friends on stage, in clubs and in volunteer service to LWers. He was treasurer for the Golden Age Foundation for two-and-a-half years. He’s served on his Mutual board as CFO for three years and is now a GRF director, volunteering hours to make LW a better place to live. On the fun side, he was a member of the Producers Club and enjoys a hand of poker with pals every once in awhile.

In March 2020, the world shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like everyone else, Sandy hunkered down at home, ordered his groceries for pick-up, kept his distance and wore a mask. He’s more vulnerable than some, given several underlying conditions and his age, so he followed all the rules.

When the COVID-19 vaccine arrived in LW in January 2021, he was in the first group to get it, and it felt like a gift of great magnitude and the beginning of a new day.

And then he got COVID-19.

He was fully vaccinated, still prudently following CDC guidelines and gathering only with other fully vaccinated friends—and he still got the virus.

He was miserable for weeks and his recovery is slow, but he knows it could have been much, much worse. He has message for his fellow LW residents: “Wear a mask. Stay away from crowds. Don’t let your guard down. It’s not worth it.”

Sandy’s COVID story is a cautionary one, especially for people who are ambivalent about masks, social distancing, vaccines and other tools for fighting the virus.

On July 15, he got a call from a friend who was hospitalized with the virus. He had seen the man on July 4 at a small party of old friends. All were fully vaccinated. Eleven days later, the friend was hospitalized with COVID and pneumonia. And Sandy got a cough. He got a COVID test at the Health Care Center, and it came back negative.

“I have 20 million GRF meetings every month, and I wanted to make sure everyone was safe,” he said with a smile. That weekend, his symptoms worsened—bad cough, raging headache, congestion. But none of the more typical symptoms, like loss of taste and smell, difficulty breathing or fever.

“I just felt miserable,” he said. “At one point, my thinking was affected. I had to really focus to do things that I do every day.

Spurred by the brain fog, he called the HCC, which called an ambulance to transport him to the Los Alamitos Emergency Room, where he tested positive for COVID.

His breakthrough case led to pneumonia but fortunately, he did not have to be hospitalized. He was sent home with antibiotics and got an infustion of Regeneron, an antibody cocktail given emergency authorization by the Food and Drug Administration for high-risk people who have COVID-19 but are not hospitalized.

For 21 days, Sandy shut himself inside his unit, under quarantine and in misery as the virus ran its course.

“I gotta tell you, I felt so bad. I surely wouldn’t want to give this to anyone else,” he said. But there are some lessons he learned that he does want to pass on:

• A negative test doesn’t mean you are safe. It is possible for COVID tests to give a negative result that is incorrect (false negative) if the sample was collected early in the infection.

• If someone is asymptomatic or their symptoms go away, it’s possible to remain contagious for at least 10 days after the onset of significant symptoms. People who are hospitalized with severe disease and people with weakened immune systems can be contagious for 14 days.

• Wear a mask to protect yourself and others. The N95 or KN95 masks are the best. Both types are rated to capture 95 percent of tiny particles. At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, N95 masks were in high demand but are now much more available for purchase online or in home improvement stores such as Home Depot.

• At first Sandy thought he had a bad cold because of a greater exposure to people as routines resumed. Enhanced public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID did lead to diminished cases of other viruses, which are making a come-back as people mingle more. But COVID-19 often causes symptoms similar to a bad cold or the flu. And like the flu, the symptoms can become life-threatening. So people with “flu-like” symptoms should not rule out COVID. That means isolating and contacting your doctor to arrange for testing as soon as you start to feel sick. Some pharmacies will test you for free.

• Make sure to quarantine once symptoms occur. Last month, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended that anyone who is fully vaccinated and comes into contact with someone who has, or is suspected of having, COVID-19 should get tested three to five days after exposure. In addition, you should wear a mask in public indoor settings for 14 days or until you receive a negative test result.

As for Sandy, he survived COVID, but symptoms persist: “I still have no stamina. I gear up and do one thing, and then go home and take a nap.” He has a lingering cough and sometimes, breathing deep hurts. But thankfully the brain fog has dissipated, and his headaches are gone.  He never had a fever and did not have a problem with oxygen levels or breathing.

“So this was a ‘mild’ case,” he said, adding that if he can prevent one person from contracting COVID with his story, it’s worth it. “It never dawned on me that I would get COVID. I’d been vaccinated for months. People think that it’s no big deal, but it is.”

Amenity Status Report

It has come to the attention of GRF that COVID-19 cases are on the rise in LW. Several clubs have reported infections among their members and have voluntarily canceled or postponed their reservations.

The Recreation Department is receiving daily reports of COVID cases in LW, mostly among the vaccinated, with some residents hospitalized.

The GRF has reached out to Orange County for guidance, and although the county has not yet imposed new restrictions, it recognizes LW as a private community with an at-risk population, and so  the GRF is free to impose its own restrictions.

The GRF Board has asked staff to restrict some activities and has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of  the Amphitheater show season and all weekend dances through August, as the situation remains fluid.  

Recreation is also asking each club to consider voluntarily suspending reservations for a period of time. To do so, email kathyt@lwsb.com as soon as possible and include when and where the club meets in the email.

As of press time, about 60 clubs have consented to temporarily suspending their reservations. In addition, LW Baptist, Redeemer and St. Theodore, LW Community Church and First Christian churches, and Congregation Sholom and Beit Ha’lev have all suspended in person services for the time being. The Hospitality Center in Clubhouse 6, and the Friends of the Library Bookstore, both of whom rely on volunteers, have decided to close in the interim in an abundance of caution. Friends Bookstore volunteers ask people to hold onto donations until the bookstore reopens.

Several of the dance and exercise groups that meet in Clubhouse 6 have relocated to Veterans Plaza while the threat continues (see the schedule below).

Residents who attend multiple clubhouse functions may have a greater risk of being exposed. 

The GRF cannot release the names of people or clubs who have reported cases, but club leadership has agreed to contact their members. In the meantime, groups who do not cancel are urged to require masks of their members, and limit or prohibit guests. 

The Recreation Department is working with ICS, the janitorial contractor, to increase disinfection of all trust property venues in an effort to mitigate the spread, as well to protect the LW community, which is the GRF’s first concern. 

Residents who have made reservations for private events at a clubhouse may also want to cancel or postpone reservations.  To do so, email Recreation at kathyt@lwsb.com. 

Watch for updates on LW Live should it become necessary for the GRF Board to impose restrictions if cases escalate.

For more information, email kathyt@lwsb.com.

List of club and group schedule/location adjustments:

Veterans Plaza Calendar


• Fitness Fusion: Mon., Aug. 16, 10 a.m.- noon

• Dance Fitness, 5-7 p.m.


• Dance Fitness, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

• LW Yoga, 10-11:30 a.m.

• Ballet Fitness, 1-3 p.m.


• Joyful Line Dance, 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

• Zumba Dance Club, 4:30-6 p.m. 


Fitness Fusion, 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Hui O Hula, 1:30-3:30 p.m.


•Zumba Club, 8:30-9:30 a.m.  

This schedule will continue until further notice and is subject to change.

Anonymously Report COVID Cases

The GRF has set up an anonymous phone line for residents to report confirmed cases of COVID-19 in an effort to track the spread of the virus in LW. If you or a member of your household tests positive, call (562) 296-4161 and state the number of confirmed cases and your Mutual number. No other identifying information should be given.

Learn how to use your smartphone

Let the expert trainers at California Phones help you make the most of your smartphone. 

Android and iPhone webinar trainings are offered free from the comfort of your own home. Space is limited. 

Learn how to operate basic functions, send text messages, make text larger, connect Bluetooth devices, make smartphones louder and easier to hear, and more.

This is a two-part online training. To participate, you will need a computer, Internet service and a valid email address.

For more information or to sign up, call 1-866-271-1540 or email smartphonetraining@ddtp.org.

Did You Know? Downtown Cafe is open

The Downtown Cafe, located on the ground floor of Clubhouse 5, offers muffins, entrees, fruit, coffee and snacks in vending machines. 

The cafe has indoor tables and chairs, a patio and WiFi. It is open daily from 7 a.m.-9 p.m., unless otherwise noted. 

Decal Office open 

The GRF Security Decal Office in Building 5 is open Monday-Saturday from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. Bring proof of insurance, DMV registration, a driver’s license and GRF ID card. No appointment is required. Decals are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

LW Weekly Holiday Deadlines

The deadline for editorial submissions for the Sept. 9 edition of the LW Weekly will be Tuesday, Aug. 31, because of the Labor Day holiday. The classified advertising deadline will be Thursday, Sept. 2, at 2:30 p.m. for the Sept. 9 edition. For more information, call (562) 430-0534.

Pool Progress Report

Work on the pool continues at a rapid pace. The HVAC system for the golf starter shack will be completed this week.

Plumbing installation at the pool facility has begun, and roof replacement is nearly complete.

This week, the goal is to complete underground plumbing and check the pressure, with steel installation to begin next week.

Crews will install a network of steel bars, known as rebar. Carefully placed at specific intervals, these metal rods will form a cage-like frame for the pool and spa. 

The cage is suspended several inches in the air, so it does not touch the soil beneath it. This way, plenty of space remains to be filled in by gunite material.

The application of gunite is expected to start once the rebar is installed.

Crews spray the concrete blend at high velocity onto the steel across the entire pool, creating the dense pool floor and walls. Pool gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement and water that’s applied through a high-pressure hose. Once it cures (dries), gunite becomes rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure.

The gunite phase should be completed by the end of the month.

The pool has been closed since November 2019, when potentially catastrophic defects were uncovered in the 1960s-era facility. 

The project that started as a simple remodel soon morphed into a full-blown reconstruction. The project coincided with the coronavirus epidemic, which has delayed construction, parts procurement, and other facets of the job.

The facility will have a pool with five swimming lanes, a 30-by-30-foot activity area with a volleyball net, a 9-by-25-foot spa, new locker rooms and a lounge area.

Perspectives, page 4

Member Column

by Jim Greer

LW contributor

As I approach retirement, I reflect on the years I spent in marketing and sales with a sense of déjà vu. During the early years of my career, one of the tactics that businesses and news outlets used to effectively influence customers and news audiences was FUD—Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. 

Spreading FUD is a commonly used tactic to build anxiety. For business, it’s a way to drive customers to make quick buying decisions. For news outlets, it’s a way to drive the populous to keep listening, watching or reading, exposing the growing audience to more advertising messages.

In the current climate, FUD is being used to drive a variety of narratives. One narrative is that COVID-19 vaccines are invasive and dangerous. Another narrative is that the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is infecting the vaccinated as “breakthrough” cases. 

According to the CDC, a “breakthrough” case is when a person tests positive for COVID-19 at least two weeks after becoming fully vaccinated. As older adults we have understandable fear, uncertainty and doubt regarding our susceptibility to this pandemic. But, if we look deeper into the numbers, we realize that we have very little to worry about.

In a July 28 article from the Cleveland Clinic, it was stated that “while the COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective at delivering immunity, no vaccine is 100 percent effective. But another goal of vaccination is preventing serious illness. And in that regard, the COVID-19 vaccines are successful.”

The article went on to explain that the incidents of breakthrough cases are so rare and so few that, according to infectious disease expert Dr. Steven Gordon, “The numbers are so low that the CDC is now primarily focusing on those breakthrough cases that result in hospitalization or death,” says Dr. Gordon. “And that number is incredibly small.”

According to the CDC fewer than 0.005 percent of fully vaccinated Americans have experienced a breakthrough case resulting in hospitalization or death. So, while it is highly unlikely to experience a breakthrough case or symptoms, the odds of serious illness for the fully vaccinated are minuscule.

 The delta variant’s rapid spread among the unvaccinated only emphasizes the importance of getting fully vaccinated against COVID-19 immediately. “The vaccines that are available here in the United States are effective against all variants of concern to date, including the delta variant,” says Dr. Gordon. 

Robert Louis Stevenson suggested, “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.” Throughout the pandemic, we have seen our neighbor’s cast aside FUD and show courage through action, blessing the lives of the most vulnerable through acts of service and compassion. We all can reject the purveyors of FUD and expose it for what it is—a propaganda tactic used to control the hearts and minds of the fearful. 

If you have been vaccinated but still don’t still feel safe, the Golden Rain Foundation and Dr. Gordon suggest you keep wearing masks. “You can cut down on those risk factors by wearing masks, especially indoors with other people around,” he says. “But the bottom line is still to make sure, first and foremost, you get fully vaccinated.”

Letter to Editor


We wanted to thank the Korean American Association and Harry Yoon, the film’s prestigious editor, for sharing this poignant film. 

We saw some of our own grandparents internationally the same. It was captivating. It is our hope that story will be shown again for more of our community to enjoy . The Korean American Association must be very proud of this fine work . 

Russell and Lori Gray

Mutual 9

Setting It Straight

The phone number in the pickleball article in last week’s LW Weekly was incorrect. The phone number should have been (562) 794-9346. 

 Scam Alert

Companies use QR codes to point consumers to their apps, track packages, or view menus. But because these codes can’t be read by the human eye, they have become a way for scammers to disguise malicious links. 

As QR codes get more popular, the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker is seeing more reports of con artists using them to mislead consumers. 

The Better Business Bureau serving the Pacific Southwest provides the following tips to avoid these potential scams. 

How the Scam Works

You receive an email, direct message on social media, text message, flyer or a piece of mail that includes a QR code. 

You are supposed to scan the code with your phone’s camera, and it will open a link. 

In some scams, the QR code takes you to a phishing website, where you are prompted to enter your personal information or login credentials for scammers to steal. 

Other times, con artists use QR codes to automatically launch payment apps or follow a malicious social media account. 

These scams differ greatly, but they all have one thing in common. 

Scammers hope you will scan the code right away, without taking a closer look. QR codes often appear to come from legitimate sources, so make sure any correspondence is legitimate before you scan the code.

How to Avoid QR Scams

If someone you know sends you a QR code, also confirm before scanning it. 

Whether you receive a text message from a friend or a message on social media from your workmate, contact that person directly before you scan the QR code to make sure they haven’t been hacked. 

Don’t open links from strangers. If you receive an unsolicited message from a stranger, don’t scan the QR code.

Verify the source. If a QR code appears to come from a reputable source, it’s wise to double check.

Be wary of short links. If a URL-shortened link appears when you scan a QR code, understand that you can’t know where the code is directing you.

Watch out for advertising materials that have been tampered with. 

Some scammers attempt to mislead consumers by altering legitimate business ads by placing stickers or the QR code.

Install a QR scanner with added security. Some antivirus companies have QR scanner apps that check the safety of a scanned link before you open it.

—from the Better Business Bureau 

CAP Food Distribution 

 Free food is available in Leisure World to eligible residents who are 60 years or older through Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAPOC), which has a monthly distribution site by Clubhouse 4. The next food distribution will be today, Aug. 19.

Every third Thursday from 9-11 a.m., qualified people receive 40 pounds of food, including  canned fruit, vegetables, meat, rice, juice, cereal and more.  

Eligible seniors must live in Leisure World, be at least 60 years of age and meet income guidelines as follows: up to $1,354 a month for one person; $1,832 for a two-person household; and $2,311 for a three-person household. 

To sign up, bring a photo ID and proof of income (Social Security/SSI statement, letter or bank statement or paycheck stub). 

People who are unable to apply themselves or pick up the food may send a proxy to act on their behalf with appropriate ID. 

For more information, contact Robann Arshat in GRF Member Resources at (562) 431-6586, ext. 317, or robertaa@lwsb.com. 

OC ballot box is open

For the upcoming California Gubernatorial Recall Election, the official ballot drop box in Leisure World is now open, according to the OC Registrar’s Office.

It is located at the Amphitheater bus hub next to the U.S. Post Box near the Admininstration Building on Golden Rain Road. 

It will be open 24/7 during the voting period, from Aug. 16-Sept. 14. Ballots will be picked up daily

On Election Day, Tuesday, Sept. 14, two county employees will be assigned to the boxin the afternoon and evening to assist with traffic flow and lock the ballot mail slots at 8 p.m. or after the last voter.

To view a map or list of all Ballot Drop Box locations in Orange County, visit www.ocvote.com/locate. 

Pages 5, 8-9, 14-15  08-19-21

GRF BOD Monthly Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, Aug. 24, 10 a.m.

Clubhouse 4 and via Livestream 

To view the live GRF Board meeting, go to www.lwsb.com. The tab will be active at 9:45 a.m. on the day of the meeting. The live-streaming uses YouTube live and terminates at the close of the meeting.

1. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance

2. Roll Call

3. President’s Announcements

4. Seal Beach City Council Member’s Update 

5. Shareholder/Member Comments

Note: Foundation Shareholders/Members are permitted to make comments before the meeting business of the Board begins. The Open Meeting Act allows boards of directors to establish reasonable time limits for the open forum and for speakers to address the board. (Civ. Code §4925(b).) Each speaker is limited to: four minutes when there are no more than 15 speakers; three minutes for 16-25; and two minutes for more than 26.

6. Consent Calendar

a. Committee/Board meetings for the Month of July 

i. Minutes from Recreation Committee Board Meeting, July 1

ii. Minutes from Physical Property Committee Board Meeting, July 7

iii. Minutes of the Communication/IT Committee Board Meeting, July 8

iv. Minutes of the Executive Committee Board Meeting, July 9

v. Mutual Administration Committee Board Meeting, July 12

vi. Finance Committee Board Meeting, July 19

b. GRF Board of Directors Minutes, July 27 

c. Special GRF Board of Directors Minutes

i. Minutes from Aug. 10

d. GRF Board Report, dated Aug. 5 

e. Accept Financial Statements, July, for Audit

f. Approve Capital Funds Investment Purchase

7. Ad Hoc Reports

a. Governing Document Ad Hoc Committee

b. Strategic Planning Ad Hoc Committee

c. Website Ad Hoc Committee

d. Management Services and Contract Ad Hoc Committee

8. New Business

a. General

b. Recreation Committee

i. War Veterans Memorial Statue

ii. American flag drop box

c. Physical Property Committee

i. Slurry and restriping of the Parking Lots at the Administration Building, Building 5 and Clubhouse 6 

ii. Replacement of the Golden Rain Clubhouse 1 Parking Lot, Reserves and Capital

d. Executive Committee

i. Name Change for Executive Committee

ii. Amend 30-5093-1, Member Rules of Conduct

iii. Amend 30-5093-2, Member Rules of Conduct, Noncompliance with Rules of Conduct—Fines and Penalties

iv. Amend 30-5093-3, Procedure for Notification of Violation and Right of Hearing

v. Amend 30-5026-3 GRF Election of Officers

e. Mutual Administration

i. Amend 50-1650-4, Insurance Disclosure 

ii. Amend 50-1670-4, Leisure World Buying and Selling

iii. Amend 50-1671-4, “Paws” for Thought 

f. Security, Bus and Traffic Committee

i. Amend 80-5145-3, Security Committee Charter

g. Finance Committee

i. SRO Labor Rate Increase

9. Board Member Comments

10. Next Meeting/Adjournment

The next regular GRF Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Sept. 28 in Clubhouse 4 and on Zoom.

Carport Cleaning

Since most of the holidays in 2021 fall on workdays for LWSB’s cleaning contractor, all carports will be cleaned this year on the actual holiday, with the exception of Thanksgiving (Nov. 25). 

The following carports will be cleaned the morning of Nov. 30:

Mutual 11: Carports 130-131

Mutual 15: Carports 7-8, 10 and 13

Mutual 16: Carport 9

The following carports will be cleaned that afternoon:

Mutual 15: Carports 3, 6, 11-12

Street Sweeping

GRF trust streets are swept on the fourth Thursday of the month. Parked vehicles must be removed from trust streets before midnight the night before. 

Contact Mutual directors to find out when your carports are scheduled for sweeping.

GRF Meetings 

Golden Rain Foundation committee and board meetings are open to Leisure World residents. The following is a tentative schedule.  

Tues., Aug. 24 GRF Board Monthly Meeting

Clubhouse 4/virtual 10 a.m.

Mon., Aug. 30 Recreation Committee

Clubhouse 4/virtual 1 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 1 Physical Property Committee

Clubhouse 4/virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., Sept. 2 GRF Executive Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Fri., Sept. 3 GRF Board Executive Session

Admin Conf Rm/virtual 1 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 8 Security, Bus & Traffic Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., Sept. 9 Communications/IT Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Fri., Sept. 10 Architechtural Design & Review Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Mon., Sept. 13 Mutual Administration Committee

Clubhouse 4/virtual 1 p.m.

Mon., Sept. 20 Finance Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 10 a.m.

Tues., Sept. 21 Website Ad Hoc Committee

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., Sept. 23 Architechtural Design & Review Committee

Clubhouse 4/virtual 1 p.m.

Tues., Sept. 28 GRF Board Monthly Meeting

Clubhouse 4/virtual 10 a.m.

Presidents’ Council Recap, Aug. 5

The regular monthly meeting of the Presidents’ Council of Seal Beach Leisure World was convened at 9 a.m. by President Jackie Dunagan on Aug. 5 in Clubhouse 4 and via Zoom video-telephone conference. The following is a recap of that meeting:

• The regular monthly Council meeting minutes of July 1 were approved by the Council, as printed.

• Alicia Nelson presented the Medical Center Services available for OptumCare at Leisure World, Seal Beach.

• Facilities Director Mark Weaver provided an update on the water report.

• Jodi Hopkins provided an update for Mutual Administration monthly reports and Stock Transfer monthly reports. She also presented the new Member Resources and Assistance Liaison, Robann Arshat.

• Executive Director Randy Ankeny provided an update on the renewal of the insurance policy.

• Ankeny also provided an update on the Emergency Contact Information Form that has been sent to all Mutuals.

• The Presidents’ Council discussed the topic of the nominating committee.

• Victor Rocha presented the Security Procedures processes and provided updates.

• Hopkins provided an update on the status of staff in both Mutual Administration and Stock Transfer.

• Jackie Dunagan presented the Mutual 15 form on special requests orders.

• The Mutual presidents offered comments during the proceedings of the meeting.

The next Presidents’ Council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 2 at 9 a.m. in Clubhouse 4 and via Zoom.

Mutual Meetings 

Mutual residents are invited to attend the open meetings of their mutual boards (schedule subject to change). 

Thurs., Aug. 19 Mutual 2

Conference Rm A 9 a.m.

Thurs., Aug. 19 Mutual 11

Conference Rm B 1:30 p.m.

Mon., Aug. 23 Mutual 8 (open forum, 9:15 a.m.)

Conference Rm A 9:30 a.m.

Wed., Aug. 25 Mutual 10

Conference Rm A 9 a.m.

Thurs., Aug. 26 Mutual 1

Conference Rm A 9 a.m.

Fri., Aug. 27 Mutual 6

Conference Rm A 10 a.m.

Thurs., Sept. 2 Presidents’ Council

Clubhouse 4/virtual 9 a.m.

Tues., Sept. 7 Mutual 16

virtual 9:30 a.m.

Tues., Sept. 7 Mutual 17

virtual 1:30 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 8 Mutual 4 

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Thurs., Sept. 9 Mutual 12

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Fri., Sept. 10 Mutual 3

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Mon., Sept. 13 Mutual 9

virtual 9 a.m.

Wed., Sept. 15 Mutual 5

Conference Rm B/virtual 9 a.m.

Wed., Sept. 15 Mutual 7

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., Sept. 16 Mutual 2

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Thurs., Sept. 16 Mutual 11

Conference Rm B/virtual 1:30 p.m.

Mon., Sept. 20 Mutual 15

Conference Rm A/virtual 1 p.m.

Tues., Sept. 21 Mutual 14

Conference Rm B/virtual 1 p.m.

Wed., Sept. 22 Mutual 10

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Thurs., Sept. 23 Mutual 1

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Fri., Sept. 24 Mutual 6

Conference Rm A/virtual 10 a.m.

Mon., Sept. 27 Mutual 8

Conference Rm A/virtual 9 a.m.

Health, pages 8-9

Meals on Wheels, Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach Inc. delivers freshly cooked meals for $8.75 per day Monday-Friday, between 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Deliveries include an 8-ounce carton of 1 percent milk. An alternate dessert is available for those on a diabetic diet. Contact Client Manager Caron Adler at (562) 439-5000, ext. 1, or visit www.mowlb.org to complete an online application. To cancel a meal for the following day, you must contact Adler before 9 a.m. the prior business day. Menu is subject to change without notice. 

Thursday, Aug. 19: Turkey chili, cornbread, and green beans with pimentos; watermelon; roast beef and cheese sandwich, with spinach, tomato and pickle, plus cucumber, red onion and dill salad.

Friday, Aug. 20: Chicken enchilada casserole with red sauce, pinto beans, and seasoned cauliflower; sugar cookies; taco salad, with shredded chicken, diced tomato, corn, black beans, cheese, cilantro and salsa dressing, plus crackers. 

Monday, Aug. 23: Roast beef with mushroom gravy, garlic-and-chive mashed potatoes, and broccoli and cauliflower; fresh apple; tuna salad sandwich, with spinach and tomato, plus carrot-and-raisin salad.

Tuesday, Aug. 24: Chicken noodle casserole with peas and carrots, biscuit, and Brussels sprouts; chef’s special cake; spinach salad, with chicken, Mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, feta cheese and vinaigrette dressing, plus crackers.

Wednesday, Aug.  25: Oven-baked chicken breast with lemon-caper sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, and green bean almandine; mandarin orange; ham-and-cheese sandwich, with spinach, tomato and pickle, plus creamy coleslaw.

Leisure Leggers

The Leisure Leggers, a running and walking club in Leisure World for more than 20 years, meets every Monday at Clubhouse 6 at 8 a.m. this summer season for a brisk trot around the neighborhood, followed by coffee and camaraderie. Dues are 99 cents per year. 

For more information, call club president Tom Pontac at (562) 304-0880.

Do you need to see the dentist?

by Sandra Teel

Steel Medicare Insurance

We all know we should see the dentist yearly if not twice yearly, so why don’t we go? Here are some top reasons people don’t see the dentist:

“I hate going to the dentist.”

“I don’t have dental insurance.”

“I have dentures.”

“My teeth are fine.”

“I don’t have the time.”

Well, I can’t help you with your anxiety about going to the dentist, but I can give you five good reasons you need to see a dentist at least yearly, even if you have dentures.

1. Sixty-two percent of Medicare beneficiaries rate dental as the highest need. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include preventative dental, which covers things like twice yearly oral exams and cleanings, yearly dental x-rays, and fluoride treatments. If you have a Medicare Supplemental Plan or want more comprehensive coverage, you can add dental through your Medicare insurance broker.

2. Even if you have dentures, it’s important to see the dentist annually. Dentists will check the health of your gums and the fit of your dentures. If you have gained or lost weight, your dentures may not fit as they should.

3. Many diseases can be detected by dentists through x-rays and oral exams—tumors, mumps, tuberculosis, HIV, malignant melanoma, Parkinson’s, mononucleosis, pancreatic cancer, COPD, Addison’s Disease, kidney disease, Cystic Fibrosis, stroke and heart disease, to name a few. Something as simple as a cheek swab can detect cancer in your head, neck or lungs.

4. Adults with diabetes are twice as likely to develop gum disease. Inflammatory disease can increase insulin resistance, affecting blood-sugar levels, and poorly controlled type 2 diabetics are more likely to develop gum disease.

5. If you have swollen or bleeding gums, ulcers, dry mouth, bad breath (halitosis), metallic taste, burning sensation, or growths, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Bacteria can migrate from the mouth to the lungs or other organs in your body.

Sandra Teel is a licensed independent broker. She can be contacted by calling (657) 2044224 or emailing steelmedagent@gmail.com.

Happy Monday Get Strong 

Prevent age-related muscle loss with strength training. Via Zoom, certified personal trainer and Leisure World resident Eunis “WildFire!” Christensen leads simple at-home workouts with dumbbells and stretch tubing/bands every Monday at 4 p.m. This free, interactive half-hour group class is designed to help people stay strong and healthy for years to come. 

One 86-year-old student commented, “I have had two hip-replacements and two knee-replacement surgeries; the latter did not go well so I have balance issues. [Christensen’s] Monday class is the only one I can do. I am trying hard to keep my quadriceps, so the Monday class is very helpful.”

Christensen has certifications and education from National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Exercise Trainers Association, American Council on Exercise, Functional Aging Institute, Zumba®, Titleist Performance Institute, and more.

Email wildfire1@truetomybody.com or call (562) 879-1954 for registration information.

Balance & Stability Class

The Landmark Balance & Stability class is available on Tuesdays, 10 a.m. via Zoom. Go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84982522530; the meeting ID is 849 8252 2530, and the password is practice. 

Instructor Adrianne Rosenfeld teaches the free, 40-minute class that focuses on balance, shifting weight and cognizant activities. It broadcasts around 4:20-4:40 p.m. every day on the Spectrum Cable Channel 1390 and is available on youtube.com. Rosenfeld is certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Silver Sneakers, and Balance & Stability. She also has certification from the Fitness Aging Institute and an ACE Group exercise certificate. For more information, call (562) 397-1519 or email arosenfeld1@verizon.net.

Yoga Outdoors

Every Tuesday from 10:15 a.m.-11:15 a.m., Travis Ott-Conn teaches “Yoga for Mobility” in Veterans Plaza. Relax and enjoy a great change of scenery. 

Text or call Connie Adkins at (562) 506-5063 for more information regarding yoga classes in Leisure World.

SBTV Fitness

The following weekly excercise classes air on SBTV via TWC Spectrum CH3, Frontier Fios CH37 and sbtv3.org/schedule.


5:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit (1 hour)

6:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (4.5 hours)  


6:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit

8:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (4.5 hours)

Noon: Silver Age Yoga (2.5 hours)


7:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit

11 a.m.: Yoga for All Ages (half hour)


5:30 a.m.: Yoga for All Ages

6 a.m.: Feeling Fit

7:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (3.5 hours)


6:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (4.5 hours)

8:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit

Noon: Feeling Fit


6:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (4.5 hours)

8:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit 


6:30 a.m.: Silver Age Yoga (4.5 hours)

8:30 a.m.: Feeling Fit

Religion, 10-11

First Christian Church

First Christian Church of Leisure World teaches from God’s word, the Holy Bible, most often verse by verse. It is a friendly church that welcomes all visitors.  


All services, Bible studies and prayer meetings are suspended at this time due to the rise in COVID-19 and delta variant cases.   

The Message

As the body of Christ, Christians are called to worship the true and living God. The Bible gives instructions and examples of how Christians should worship. 

The book of Psalms is the greatest resource in the Bible of examples of when to worship.  King David worshiped and prayed morning and night and several times in between. He worshiped when he was hiding from his enemies, when he was celebrating victories, when he was broken in spirit and when he needed guidance from God. 

Where to worship is not as clearly stated, however it is also not restrictive to any certain place.  Yes, there was worship in the temple in Jerusalem and at the Ark of the Covenant. Jesus gave the example of spending time alone to pray and praise his father. It is apparent that Jesus wants us to worship in spirit when he told the Samarian woman in John 4:23, “But an hour is coming, and now is when the true worshipers will worship the father in spirit and truth: for such people the father seeks to be his worshipers.” Spending time seeking the truth in God’s word, the Bible, will inspire true worship of the living God. 

Scripture of the Week

“For what great nation is there that has a god so near to it as is the Lord our God whenever we call on him?” (Deuteronomy 4:7, NASB.)


Those who want to speak to someone at the church or have a need can call (562) 431-8810 and leave a message.

Beit HaLev

Beit HaLev has had to cancel the live, in-person High Holy Day services for the month of September due to the rise of COVID-19 infections in Leisure World. However, it has not canceled the once-a-month Shabbat services that will begin in October as of this date.  All services will be livestreamed. The schedule will be as follows:

First Erev Rosh Hashanah:  Monday, Sept. 6, at 6 p.m.

First Day Rosh Hashanah: Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 10:30 a.m. 

Second Erev Rosh Hashanah: Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 6 p.m.

Second Day Rosh Hashanah: Wednesday, Sept. 8, at 10:30 a.m.

Kol Nidrei: Wednesday, Sept. 16, at 6 p.m.

Yom Kippur Day: Thursday, Sept. 17, at 10:30 a.m.

Ne’ilah: Thursday, Sept. 17, at 5 p.m.

The schedule for Sukkot and Simchat Torah will be as follows:

Erev Sukkot: Monday, Sept. 20, at 6 p.m.

Sukkot Day: Tuesday, Sept. 21, at 10:30 a.m.

Sh’mini Atzeret/Simchat Torah: Sept. 28, at 10:30 a.m.

The Sim Shalom Ma’ariv livestream service with Rabbi Galit-Shirah is every Thursday at 4 p.m.; Beit HaLev/Shabbat Shalom LIVE! livestream services are every Friday at 6 p.m. and Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

The Torah reading for this week is “Kee Teitzei,” Deuteronomy 23:8-24:13 in the Triennial Cycle. Moses tells the Israelites to not “hate” the Edomites because they are kin; and to not “hate” the Egyptians because they were strangers in their land. He also presents laws pertaining to soldiers, slaves and prostitutes (both male and female).

All services use the special prayerbooks, “Lev L’Lev,” which were adapted and abridged for Beit HaLev’s online services from the Reform Machzorim, “Mishkan HaNefesh,” and the Reform Siddur, “Mishkan HaT’filah.” Printed versions of the prayerbooks will be available at the in-person Shabbat services when it is safe.

Live, in-person Shabbat services will be held once a month (to start) on the first Friday of the month, beginning on Friday, October 1 at 6 p.m.  in Clubhouse 3, Room 4.

Beit HaLev is a Jewish Universalist community. It is progressive in thought and traditional in liturgy. The services are joyous, meaningful and musical. Beit HaLev welcomes everyone who seeks a path to the divine and doesn’t believe in labels.

To request a membership form, call Rabbi Galit-Shirah at (562) 715-0888 or email duets@icloud.com.

Assembly of God

The people of the church are God’s hands and feet on this Earth. Christians are never instructed in Scripture to sit back, relax, and enjoy their own personal journey toward heaven once becoming disciples of Christ. The Bible instructs Christians to act for the benefit of others, to support, defend, supply and minister to those in the comunity. 

The third core value of Leisure World Assembly of God is “Act Compassionately.”  Pastor Chuck Franco’s message on Sunday, Aug. 22, at 10:30 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2, will focus on two commands, one in Matthew 28:19, and the other in 2 Corinthians 1:4. The message compells Christians to act with compassion toward others in two areas, sharing the gospel with those still unreached and comforting those who are in need.  Through this series titled “Defining Our Mission,” the identity of Leisure World Assembly of God going forward is being established. 

Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., Pastor Chuck continues the study “Journey Into Hope, When Life is Tough,” with Lesson 10, “Surprised by Suffering,” in I Peter 4:12-19.  Should Christians expect to suffer?  This interactive Bible study is encouraging and practical.  

The Sunday night Hymn Sing is cancelled until September until the current COVID-19 resurgence dissipates. As LW continues to negotiate the changing landscape of restrictions and precautions, LW Assembly of God encourages people to be mindful of the needs, known and unknown, of others. It asks that masks be worn and physical distancing be practiced at indoor gatherings. LW Assembly of God are doing everything possible to maintain our ability to meet while protecting each other. It encourages others to consult Philippians 2:1-4, also speaking of compassion, to determine actions in meeting the challenges the world continues to face during this global crisis.  Love always wins.

Those who choose to stay home for a few weeks and would like to receive a DVD of the Sunday morning sermon should contact Pastors Chuck and Sheryl Franco at the church office by emailing pastorchuck@lwassemblyofgod.com or calling (562) 357-4360. Leave a message with a phone number so the request can be confirmed. 

 Prayer team leader Carolyn Van Aalst can be reached at (562) 343-8424 for prayer requests and praise reports.  

 The pastors and people of Leisure World Assembly of God are praying for all residents, churches and pastors in the LWSB community.

Community Church

Jesus was an affront to the religious leaders of his day.  His teachings wereso radical that people are still trying to come to terms with what Jesus was saying. This week, Community Church will look at John 6:56-69.  Community Church is a place where everything is designed with the first time participant in mind.  Those who have not felt welcome in church or who have never participated in church before, are welcome. 

As the pandemic continues to evolve, Community Church has returned to virtual worship on Zoom and Facebook. People can watch the service on Facebook  @CommunityChurchLeisureWorld.  Those who are not on Facebook can contact the church office at (562) 431-2503 or leisurewccsue@yahoo.com to receive the Zoom link.

Community Church will sponsor another Vet Care Pet Clinic on Thursday, Aug. 26 from 9-11a.m. on the church patio. People must wear their masks at the clinic.

The low cost mobile clinic will provide veterinary services in a safe and convenient location.  Dogs must be on leash and cats in carriers.

Congregation Sholom

Congregation Sholom will have services via Zoom only on Friday, Aug. 20, at 6:30 p.m. with Rabbi Eric Dangott and Saturday, Aug. 21 at 9:30 a.m.  

New members who want to watch the livestream should contact Jeff Sacks to receive a Zoom invitation. Text Jeff at (714) 642-0122, or email him at jfsacks@gmail.com. The link will have the meeting ID and password embedded. Those who want more details or need to practice can call Jeff ahead of time. The phone number to call for those who do not have Internet service is (669) 900-9128.

The Zoom link is https://us02web.zoom.us/j/3752519429?pwd=UDREWTA1N21jaXVUZUhyQmY1U01JQT09. The meeting ID is 375 251 9429, and the passcode is 8ZYy69. If the directions are not clear, call Jeff (714) 642-0122 well in advance.

The walking group meets every Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Clubhouse 3, bus stop A

If you know of someone who needs to be added or removed from the misheberach list, let Darlene Rose know by Wednesday at (562) 347-8088.

Those  who want to participate in Congregation Sholom’s games, book club or livestream services on Zoom should call Jeff to receive an invitation. 

Anyone who wants to join Congregation Sholom should let Howard Brass know at (562) 794-9090.

Faith Christian Assembly

God reminds people in his word, the Bible, they shouldn’t neglect the care of their physical bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). Faith Christian Assembly is holding a free health class on Wednesday, Aug. 22 at 11 a.m. The class will be taught by Sherre Yurenko, who is a licensed vocation nurse. The class will focus on nutrition and the health benefits of certain foods such as berries and salmon. Yurenko brings a wealth of knowledge, as displayed in previous health classes she has taught at FCA, and always provides great resources as well.  

The Sunday morning worship service is at 10:30 a.m., the Sunday evening celebration is at 5:30 p.m., and the midweek Bible study is on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. and taught by Pastor Sheri Leming.  The pre-service prayer is each Sunday at 5 p.m.

To receive a free newsletter by mail or email, or for more information on the church, call (562) 598-9010 or email at contact@fcachurch.net.  People can also visit the website at www.FCAchurch.net.  

Holy Family Catholic Church

Holy Family Catholic Church, 13900 Church Place, next to the St. Andrews Gate, will observe the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time on Aug. 22. The first reading is from Joshua 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b, and the second reading is from Ephesians 5:21-32 or 5:2a, 25-32. The Gospel reading is from Luke John 6:60-69. 


To receive a copy of the weekly parish bulletin, sign up at https://ebulletin.jspaluch.com or https://www.jspaluch.com/Subscribe. Visit the website for more information at  www.holyfamilysb.com. 

The church is open to public entry and is continuing it run its regular Mass schedule. Father Joseph suggests parishioners to wear their mask inside the church at this time.

 Saturday (Vigil Mass) is at 5 p.m., and Sunday Masses are at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and noon. Weekday Masses are Monday-Saturday at 8:30 a.m., and confessions are on Saturdays from 4-4:45 p.m.

LW Baptist

All who attend LW Baptist Church worship and activities must wear masks indoors.

The worship service is from10-11:15 a.m. This week’s message is “Christ’s Longings for His People” from Luke 13:18-35. The text states, “and he has made us to be a kingdom, priests to his God and father—to him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever.” The call to worship begins with “There is Strength in the Name of the Lord.”

Wednesday prayer, missions and Bible fellowship is from 3-4p.m.

Call (562) 430-2920 for more information.

Redeemer Lutheran

This pandemic is hard!  Its ok to admit it.  Out of an abundance of caution and following Leisure World’s lead, Redeemer Lutheran and St.Theodore’s Episcopal churches have suspended all gatherings. The church follows the Lord’s lead to love one another and putting public health first is a priority at this time.  It hopes to gather again by Sunday, Sept. 5.  

People can feel free to stop by the church and pick up a “packet of prayers” accompanied with Holy Scripture to help guide their days outside the church.  

God has and will bless, sustain, guide  and holds his people fast as everyone faces this pandemic together, while loving and protecting one another.

Community, pages 12-13

watch your step

What to do if your email has been hacked

Scammers hack email accounts so they can send fake messages from a trusted email address in hopes of getting recipients to take immediate action. The ultimate goal could be to get email contacts to send money, turn over personal information, or click a link that installs malware, spyware, or a virus on the victim’s device.

It’s important to know the signs of  a hacked email account so the scammers can be stopped quickly. Before panicking, look for these three indicators that your email account has likely been hacked:

You can’t log into your email account: When you try to log in, you may get a message that your username or password is incorrect. This could mean the hacker changed your credentials to lock you out of your account.

Your sent messages folder looks odd: Your sent messages folder may hold scammy messages or the folder may be sitting empty when you never deleted your sent messages.

Strange messages appear on your social media accounts: If your latest Facebook post or tweet is touting some product you’ve never used, a hacker may have gained access to both your email and social media accounts. Your email can act as a gateway into other accounts. The hacker can simply click “forgot password” at login and have a password reset link sent right to your email inbox, which they now control.

A hacked email can put you and your email contacts at risk for identity theft or credit card fraud. If you think your email has been hacked, take quick action to minimize the damage by taking back control of your account and warning your contacts.  If the hacker has locked you out, you may have to contact your email service provider for help. You will probably have to provide an array of information to prove your identity and regain control of your email. 

If you do still have access to your account, make these changes right away:

Get a new username and strong password: Secure passwords 

should contain at least 12 characters, including numbers, symbols, and a mix of capital and lowercase letters. Use a unique password for every account. 

Change your security questions: The hacker may have gotten access to your account by guessing the answers to security questions. Avoid choosing questions with answers that can easily be guessed or  found online such as your or your mother’s maiden name.

Turn on two-step verification: This extra security measure typically requires you to enter a username and password along with a temporary passcode to get into an account. For example, the service 

provider may send the one-time passcode to your phone each time you try to log in. Without your phone, a hacker will be much less likely to gain entry into an account that has two-step verification turned on.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, take these steps:

Check your settings: Hackers may change settings to further compromise your email security. Check your email signature to make sure it doesn’t contain any unfamiliar links. Look to make sure your emails aren’t being auto-forwarded to someone else. 

Scan for trouble: Look for signs of a computer virus on your computer, phone or tablet. This includes strange pop-up windows, slowness, problems shutting down or restarting, and unfamiliar applications on your device.

4. Protect yourself for the future.

Make sure to put a few simple measures in place to make it less likely that your email account gets hacked again:

Update frequently: Make sure you are running the latest versions of your apps, browser, operating system and software. The newest versions often contain patches to fix security flaws hackers can exploit. You may also want to delete any apps you don’t use or that aren’t being updated regularly by their developers.

Add security software: Get security software from a reputable company and install it on all of your devices. If you already have security software, make sure you’ve got the latest version and run it to check for malware, spyware and viruses.

Now that you know what to do, you can put a plan of action in place in case you ever do get the dreaded “you’ve been hacked” message from a friend. That will allow you to regain your account and your peace of mind more quickly.

–from Norton LifeLock 360, 


Emergency Buddy System

Emergency Buddy System (EBS) was created for and organized by volunteers from Mutual 2  to assist first responders in the event of an emergency  “by having everybody accounted for.”  

The EBS wants to let the community know about its activities and encourage others to be proactive when it comes to being prepared for a catastrophe.  The EBS has 10 emergency coordinators for seven parcels of the 72 Mutual 2 shareholder buildings. The EBS will instruct any willing volunteer to become a building emergency buddy.

Many of the coordinators are CERT trained and first aid trained with and all of them participating in the weekly FRS radio disaster and injury report training. The HAM radio operators in EBS will report the depth and dimension of injuries to the first responders as well.  

The group in the past has held in cooperation with Eloy Gomez, GRF emergency safety coordinator, a fire suppression training and proper way to use a fire extinguisher.

Recently, the EBS coordinators purchased needed supplies of masks, gloves and disinfectant to protect the many volunteers inreporting such a probable catastrophe.  EBS coordinators imparts appreciation to those who uplift the importance of being prepared to the community. 

People who are interested in volunteering or want learn more information can contact Fara Quirin at (714) 625-5141; Dr. Rosa Fabian at (562) 240-5212; Teresa Turner at (714) 768-3414 or Joanna Matos at (562)-598-1849.

Note: The EBS does not have the resources such as food, water or first aid kits to supply Mutual 2 nor is it a substitute for paramedics, firefighters or police.

Sunshine Club

How to return to exercise after taking a break

People may not have been exercising the way they normally would due to the pandemic.  This can lead aches and pains, stiff muscles and injury. However, there is a way to to start moving   and exercising safely during and after the pandemic. 

Nora Oakley is a chiropractic specialist in Seal Beach who will discuss ways to get back to an active lifestyle at any level to prevent injury. She will also demonstrate easy stretches and exercises suitable for any fitness level.

All shareholders are welcome to join the Zoom meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87427954280?pwd=dExQR2dDblZSbUNkQlVoclhrajFhUT09. The meeting ID is 874 2795 4280, and the passcode is 080651.

Those who would like to get a Zoom link by email should text their name, Mutual number and with email address to (562) 301-5339  no later than today, Aug. 19, at 5 p.m.

Oakley graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College -West in 1987. Having more than 34 years of diverse experiences, Oakley has provided excellent care to improve the health and mobility of her patients. She currently sees patients at the Optum Health Care Center in Leisure World Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sunshine  Club is currently in its 10th year as a club. It is designed to help all LWers get to know people from different walks of life get to know their neighbors. 

The Sunshine Club brings LW leaders to meetings to introduce their organizations to the group. It also invites specialists from outside Leisure World to share their experiences and ideas with club members.

For more information, contact Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

Drop off old batteries behind Building 5 for recycling

The Golden Age Foundation’s (GAF) Battery collection buckets are now the behind Building 5 in the alley. Consumer batteries, including hearing aid batteries, are acceptable for recycling. 

LWers are asked to drop off small batteries behind Building 5 in the orange buckets, which are picked up by an outside contractor. LWers can drop off batteries at any time that is convenient for them. No printer cartridges will be accepted.

The GAF is an independent nonprofit, 501(c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to serving the residents of Seal Beach Leisure World. Its purpose is to make the community a better place to live. The GAF was established in 1973 and is not affiliated with the Golden Rain Foundation.

All GAF programs are provided free to Leisure World shareholders. The GAF is entirely staffed by volunteers, so all contributions go directly to meeting community needs. The generous support of shareholders, residents, clubs organizations and businesses is the main source of income. GAF’s programs and projects are made possible by the volunteer efforts of so many.

For more information, go to www.GoldenAgefdn.org or call Anna Derby at (562) 301-5339.

Humanist Association

The Board of the LW Humanists has decided to cancel its September meeting due to the spread of the Delta variant. The board hopes to meet in October if conditions improve.

Democratic Club

by Mary Larson

LW contributor

The Sept. 14 election to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom is not a typical election. When the California Patriot Coalition launched an effort to recall Newsom in February 2020, their effort looked hopeless.  Polls now show a tightening race.

Democrats have won every California statewide race since 2006. However, in a state with nearly 40 million people there are many grievances. As governor, Newsom has become a ready target for that resentment. 

From the polls, it would appear that Republicans are expressing the most interest in voting in this election. Twenty-four of the 46 candidates running to replace Newsom are Republican.  Democrats may be assuming that Newsom will beat back the challenge.  

Potential voters registered as Democrats far outnumber Republicans in California. However, if Newsom were to be recalled because too few Democrats vote in the election, the possibility exists that a new governor would be chosen by only a small fraction of the electorate.  

If there is a majority vote for recall of the Governor, the candidate with the most votes on the second question on the ballot would win the election, no majority required. Unfortunately, many Democratic voters do not realize they have the option of voting for a replacement candidate even when they vote “no” on the recall. 

If Democrats do not vote in sufficient numbers to stop the recall, California could very well be governed by a Republican until 2023.  Would it be conservative radio host Larry Elder or former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer? They are currently the two Republican frontrunners. Should Democrats choose the least objectionable Republican in case Newsom is recalled? What effect would this have on the 2022 governor’s race? These are the questions LW Democrats need to ponder as they get ready to cast their Sept. 14 recall election ballots.

The Republican Party has decided not to make any endorsement.  Party leaders reportedly admitted that they don’t want to alienate any voters who might not vote to recall Newsom if their favorite candidate was not endorsed by the party.   

LW voters will be able to deposit their ballots at a secure drop box located at 13531 St. Andrews Drive, just in front of the Amphitheater.  This drop box will be available 24 hours a day, beginning immediately after ballots are received.  Democrats and supporters who need assistance delivering their ballot to the drop box can email democraticclubsblw@gmail.com or call (562) 296-8521.


Leisure World Democrats and supporters who are interested in more in-depth and up to date reporting on the issues can subscribe to the club’s electronic newsletter. There is no charge, although readers are encouraged to join the club if they are not already members.  Email democraticclubsblw@gmail.com or call the editor Mary Larson at (562) 296-8521 to subscribe. More detailed information is also available every Tuesday from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at the Democratic Club booth located just outside Clubhouse 6.

Republican Club

by Brian Harmon

LW contributor


 The latest poll shows Larry Elder, the Republican Club’s endorsed candidate, beating John Cox by more than 3 to 1, or 23  percent to 7 pecent.

“The decline of California isn’t the fault of its people;” Elder said, “Our government is what’s ruining the Golden State.”

Elder cited schools, crime, homelessness, and government scandals as the biggest problems: “Our schools are closed to both students and their parents. Our streets aren’t safe from rising violent crime or the disaster of rising homelessness. And the scandals of Sacramento aren’t going to stop on their own. It’s time to tell the truth. We’ve got a state to save.”

For more information on Elder, go to his website at www.electelder.com. 


For more  information about the upcoming recall election, call (714) 567-7600,  or visit the website at  www.ocvote.com. The closest in-person voting center to LW is the City of Seal Beach Fire Station 48, 3131 North Gate Road, offf Seal Beach Boulevard. The voting center will be open from Sept. 11-14. Mobile Voting Units are not expected to be available for this election at LW; however, an official OC voting drop box is available near Amphitheater.

Mail-in ballots were mailed out to registered voters on Aug. 16 and should be coming soon. Election day is Sept. 14, and voting can be in-person, mail, or hand carried to a voting center.

When a ballot is received by the OC Registrar of voters office, the following will take place:

1. Envelope will be scanned

2. Ballot will be scanned

3. If any discrepancy is discovered, it will be challenged and a letter will be mailed to voter

4. Final review and ballot is officially accepted.


Club picnic has been postponed

The executive officers and some members of the Filipino Association  of Leisure World has decided to join other club organizations to adhere to the voluntary suspension of all indoor activities to safeguard the health of the community. There is still the possibility of having the picnic on a future date. The COVID-19 pandemic is a deadly enemy that should be taken seriously by all in Leisure World. 

Those who want more information can call club president Ren Villanueva at (323) 854-6209.

Woman’s Club

Seal Beach Arts Fair Sept 11-12

The Woman’s Club of Seal Beach is happy to announce its return to the  Seal Beach annual Arts and Crafts Faire on Sept. 11-12 in Eisenhower Park at the entrance to the Seal Beach Pier. The booth will provide succulents, stag horn ferns, plumerias, and a variety of indoor and outdoor plants. 

The Woman’s Club is a social club that works throughout the year to raise money to support over 20 community organizations ain Seal Beach.  New members are welcome and those interested in joining the organization can contact Judy O’Neill at (562) 598-0718.

Mutual 2 Picnic

Mutual 2’s annual picnic is Wednesday, Aug. 25, at 5 p.m.. All Mutual 2 residents are welcome. The picnic will be held on the greenbelt between buildings 65, 69 and 70. The picnic is sponsored by Gasper/Monteer Realty Group, and Koffel’s Catering is supplying the hot dogs and hamburgers. People are asked to bring their favorite potluck side dishes, appetizers, salads, plus desserts, and their favorite beverages.

Mutual 2 will supply plates, forks, knives, napkins and water. There  will be tables and chairs, but people are welcome to bring their own.

For more information or to volunteer, call Peggy Keller at (562) 446-0130.

American Legion Auxiliary

Due to the growing concerns about COVID-19,, the American Legion Auxiliary has decided to suspend their meetings and events until a later time. 

Nikkei club

The Nikkei Club members  has cancelled its picnic on Aug. 20  due to the recent COVID-19 risings in LW.  It will reschedule when it is safe.

American Legion Bingo

Due to the current COVID 19 surge, Sunday Bingo in Clubhouse 2 HAVE been suspended until further notice. It will resume as soon as it is safe.

SBTV-3 Listings

SBTV-3 airs on TWC-Spectrum Channel 3, Frontier Fios Channel 37 and online streaming at sbtv3.org/schedule. Have Roku? Go to http://roku.streamsource.tv/add/sbtv. The playback schedule is available at SBTV3.org.

Thursday, Aug. 19

4 pm Rollin’ Thunder Parade 2021

4:30 pm LW Special Olympics 2021

4:38 pm LW Sewing Brigade

5 pm LW Memorial Day 2021

5:31 pm LW Shakespeare Sonnets

5:45 pm The Street Where I Live

6 pm Life and Times in SB:

Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger

7 pm Vintage Car Cruise

8:30 pm Cerritos Center-

Lady Jazz

10 pm Shakespeare in the Park:


Friday, Aug. 20

4 pm Beginning of Leisure World

4:18 pm The Street Where I Live

4:30 pm LW Classic Car Parade 2021

5 pm Memorial Day 2021

5:50 pm Terry Otte & Abilene 2021

7:30 pm Vintage Car Crusie

8:40 pm LW Sewing Brigade

9 pm Shakespeare in the Park:


10:30 pm Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Saturday, Aug. 21

4 pm LW Memorial Day 2021

4:30 pm Rollin’ Thunder Parade 2021

5 pm LW Art/Cardboard Contest/

Sewing Brigade

5:30 pm The Street Where I Live

5:42 pm LW Shakespeare Sonnets 

6 pm LW July 4 Karaoke 

7 pm McGaugh Third Grade Show

8 pm LAUSD

11 pm Bob Cole Conservancy

Sunday, Aug. 22

4 pm Seal Beach City Council 

Replay 8/9

6 pm McGaugh Pageant of the Arts

7:15 pm Live at the Ford:

Lady Jazz

8:45 pm The Street Where I Live

9 pm Life and Times in SB:

Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger

10 pm Vintage Car Cruise 2021

11:15 pm Bob Cole Conservancy

Monday, Aug. 23

4 pm LW July 4 Karaoke 

5 pm LW Memorial Day 2021

5:30 pm LW Clasic Car Parade 2021

6 pm LW Sewing Brigade

6:22 pm LW Special Olympics 2021

6:30 pm LW Hula 2021/Sea Inside

7 pm Vintage Car Cruise 2021

8:15 pm Terry Otte & Abilene 2021

10 pm Shakespeare in the Park:

Taming of the Shrew 

Tuesday, Aug. 24

4 pm Memorial Day 2021

4:40 pm Beginning of Leisure World

5 pm The Street Where I Live/ LW Hula 2021

5:30 pm Memorial Day in Eisenhower Park 2021

6:30 pm Rollin’ Thunder Parade 2021

7 pm Vintage Car Cruise

8:15 pm Life and Times in SB:

Rich Harbour/Kurt Augsburger

8:30 pm Ford Theater:

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

10 pm Bob Cole Conservancy

Wednesday, Aug. 25

4 pm Rollin’ Thunder Parade 2021

4:30 pm LW Classic Car Parade 2021

5 pm Memoria Day 2021

5:40 pm LW Sewing Brigade

6:01 pm Memorial Day at Eisenhower Park 2021

6:40 pm Vintage Car Cruise

7:50 pm LW Shakespeare Sonnets

8 pm Terry Otte & Abilene 2021

10 pm Cerritos Center-

The Four Tenors

*All programming is subject to change.



Lenora Browning, LW Resident. Phone 562-493-5457. Seal Beach Business License #BRN000. 12/30


May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored and glorified, loved, honored, praised and preserved now and forever. Sacred heart of Jesus, pray for us. St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Please pray for TJ. Say this prayer nine times for nine days and your petition will be grated. Must promise publication.



Complete maintenance and landscape. Serving Leisure World since 1978. Planting, clean-ups, fertilization. New lawns, etc. Offering my services to all Mutuals. Honest and reliable. State Contractor’s License #779462. Call 562-863-7739, 

562-743-3832 or 714-527-1172. 10/07


Additions & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Windows, Tile & Stonework. State Contractor’s License #393071. 


(562) 596-7757.  03/31/22


JR HOME REPAIRS.  Quality work. Perfectionist, honest & reliable. Call JR 562-519-2764. SB Business License #JRH0001. 07/07/2022


562-596-0559 LW DECOR INC – LIC 723262

Install doors, new windows, recessed lights, fans, light fixtures. Cabinet refacing & refinishing, paint exterior window frames, ceilings made smooth, closets redone, misc. repairs. Kitchen/bathroom remodeling. 40+ yrs in LW.

LW DECOR INC 562-596-0559.  08/19


We refinish your TUB/SHOWER to look brand new. Convert to a WALK-IN SHOWER and/or raise seat. Nu Kote 562-833-3911  

License #699080 Serving LW since 1999. 11/11


Painting – Free estimates. 1 room or entire house & refinish kitchen cabinets. Call Jerry (714) 826-8636.

CA State License #675336. 10/07


Affordable – Professional, Licensed and Insured. Interior – exterior drywall repair, texturing, pressure washing, cabinets. Senior discounts. Cory Gee Painting 714-308-9931. License #1049257. 09/16



Lic 723262. 40+ yrs in LW. Interiors, cabinets, exterior window frames, kitchen, bath, doors, trim, primered only premium paints. Ceilings made smooth, crown moulding & baseboards installed. 

LW Decor Inc.562-596-0559.  08/19




40+ yrs in LW. Vinyl plank, laminate, tile indoor and outdoor patio carpet. License 723262. 

562-596-0559.  08/19


All Year Carpet Cleaning since 1988. Call Tito (562) 658 – 9841. State Contractors Lic. #578194. 10/07




Licensed and insured.

Dan (562) 841-3787.

Seal Beach License #BRA0002. 09/02




Shutters, blinds, roll-up shades, custom drapes. 

562-596-0559.   08/12

Leisure World Helping Leisure World

Y’s Service Club of the YMCA will assist residents with small non-professional jobs. We change light bulbs, clean air conditioner filters, hang a small picture or mirror, remove or place items on a high shelf, air bicycle tires, etc. Donations gladly accepted. Call weekdays between 9 am-5 pm. (562) 822-6655, (562) 430-9966.


Does your walker need new tennis balls? Delivery and installation provided. Please give your name and phone number. Free of charge. Diane Hart 714-955-2885. 




Offers FREE advice on buying and selling of your golf cart. Also batteries. 562-431-6859.


WANTED: Lead/Background Male Singer for “VINYL ROCK” Classic Rock & Pop Band that performs well-recognized hit songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.  Band composition is 5-musicians, 3-female singers and 1-male singer.  Weekend practices are held at facilities in either Seal Beach or Irvine, and performances are primarily in the Greater Orange County and Los Angeles areas.  Payment is typically in tips, with an occasional paying gig.  Interested candidates can contact Band Leader Bob Dabic by calling 714-609-7000 or e-mailing at: bob.dabic@vistagechair.com.


Cats/Dogs, nail cutting, bathing, COVID-19 PPE Safe. Karen Cell 562-544-9555. Seal Beach License JEN0006.


I am an experienced caregiver available to assist with daily care, doctor’s appointments and errands. Available 24/7. 

949-899-7770. Seal Beach Business License HEL0006. 10/07



Experienced, knowledgeable caregivers, honest, assertive, fluent English. Hourly/full-time, doctor’s appointments, errands. Bernadine 562-310-0280. Seal Beach Business License #BCS0002. Bonded/insured. 12/30


MOST AFFORDABLE RATES with optimum service, 23-years  LW experience, reliable, honest caregivers. Licensed, 24-hours, part-time, doctors, appointments, references, fluent English.  Ann 714-624-1911, Heidi 562-277-3650. Seal Beach License #HYC0001. 12/16



Over 20 years in Leisure World with Excellent References.  Hourly or Live-in. Please Call Pampet: 562-371-4895. Seal Beach License PAN0003 09/09


Elderly care. Live-in, live-out. 30 years of experience. Cooking, cleaning, medications, companions, doctors. Experience with dementia. Licensed by the state. Gloria 949-371-7425. 09/30


Maria’s experienced caregivers, run errands, Dr’s appointments, cleaning, cooking, part-time, full-time, live-in. (562) 230-4648. Seal Beach Business License License #CAM0006. 12/09


Tammy Nguyen Phenix Salon – Service in private suite. One customer, one hairstylist. Sanitized & professional. Haircut for men & women, shampoo, set, color, highlights, perm, nails & toenails. In-house service available. Tammy Nguyen. 13944 Seal Beach Blvd,  #116. (714) 425-4198. 8/26


In home hair care, serving the men and women of Leisure World for 36 years. Mel, cell: 562-480-9341. License #KC75538. 09/09


Experienced housekeeper. I do weekly and monthly cleaning. Call 949-899-7770. Seal Beach Business License HEL0006. 10/07


MOVE-IN, MOVE-OUT. WINDOWS, HOUSECLEANING. CALL PHIL AT 562-881-2093. Over 30 years Experience!

Seal Beach Business License #AB0001. 08/19



Windows 10% off first cleaning. General housecleaning. Excellent referrals in LW. (562) 307-3861. 20 years experience.

Seal Beach Business License gra0006. 08/26


Patricia House Cleaning, weekly or monthly. Excellent referrals in Leisure World. 562-397-4659 Seal Beach License LUC0001. 10/07


General housekeeping, 30 years of experience. Bi-weekly or monthly. Seal Beach License RAZ0002. Call Gloria 949-371-7425. 09/30


Maria House Cleaning

We’ll make your house look as nice as possible! 15 years of experience, We can work with your schedule. Bi-weekly or monthly.

Deep cleaning. Call or text 714-496-2885. Bus. Lic #HER0008. 09/30


House-Cleaning/Eco-Friendly products. Available to help with gardening, windows, declutter, errands, etc. Working in Leisure World since 2004 and can provide references. Lori Sage  949-275-8165. Seal Beach License SAG0003. 08/19


FRUSTRATED (562)755-6199

Everything for your computer (PC or Mac), cell phone, TV, stereo, any electronic device. Tina Schaffer. Seal Beach Bus. License License #CIP0001 08/26


John’s Computer Services 562-733-9193

Virus removal, Repair, Training, Software, Wireless, Internet Security. LW Resident  SB License FUH0001. 09/30


My name is Blake and I’d love to be your concierge for computer repairs! I drive to you and fix your computer on-location. I  specialize in both MAC and PC systems and can also help with/other technology related issues. 10+ years of experience! Rate is $75/hour but for all LW Residents; I am offering a $25 discount for the first hour. License COM0018.

Call (949) 228-1425  09/30 



Cars, motorcycle, truck – running or not. We are local – call anytime! We pay cash and remove promptly! We do DMV and Release of liability for you! Bonded/Licensed, since 1985! Call us so we can come out and give you a quote. 562-684-0901. 08/26


Golf Cars BUY SELL TRADE and REPAIRS. Call 714-292-9124. 12/30


2-Extra Clean Golf Carts (1-Yamaha, 1-Club Car), Both Restored! Leave message at 562-431-6859.


Need a lift? Pam Miller.

LW Residents ONLY. 310-227-1258. 09/09

autos/boats/rv’s trailers FOR SALE


Installed at your residence. Call Frank 562-743-3832. Contractor’s License #779462. 10/07


2004 Chevrolet Malibu MAX LS, v6, auto, air, moonroof. Hatchback 73,800-miles $5000 and 1983  Honda Motorcycle CB1000, 4-cylinder, 4 stroke, 12,000-miles, not ridden since 2008. Asking $1,100 phone 562-498-3532.  08/19



No job too small! Fast, reliable, great prices. Seal Beach Business License BRA0002. Dan: 562-841-3787.  09/02



Your moving service, any size job.  Business License RO263644. Call 310-387-2618  09/09


VINTAGE STORE. Looking to  buy Vintage-Clothing/Jewelry, Rocks/Crystal-Stones, Furniture, Hanging Lamps, Rugs, etc. 562-243-7229. 09/09


2-Recumbent Trikes for sale, $575 each. Call 526-252-5236 for details.


Pretty Coastal Print Manual Recliner $75 OBO. Call 619-838-2380.


Large Garden Gnomes. Howard Miller Grandfather Clock. For more details call 562-240-5535.


Estate Sale (Mutual-9). 1-Day Sale  Friday August-20th by appointment (9am-1pm). Send text message to 360-623-5752 or send e-mail to vbourdet3@gmail.com Pictures Available, Masks REQUIRED. Complete Queen Bedroom-Set, 2-Small Flat-Screen TVs, Office-Furniture, Computer-Desk with/Chair, Small Dresser, Twin-Bed with/Metal Frame, Large Couch, 2-Lounge Chairs, Stereo-Cabinet, End-Table, Large Ottoman with/Storage, 2-Display Cabinets, 3-Foot Stools, Sewing Machine in Cabinet, Wall Mirror, Outdoor Round-Table with/4-Chairs, Kitchen-Table with/3-Chairs, Floating Shelves, 2-Large Rubbermaid Drawer Units, Many Household Items!  Seal Beach Business License JCA0001.


estate sale. White wrought iron queen-bed, multiple tables, large red double-door bookcase, sleeper-sofa, leather-sofa,  recliner, dressers, Kitchen-Aid,  Custom-Jewelry, tools and many other  Treasures!  Look  for orange and black signs! Friday/Saturday, Aug/20-21 (9am-2pm). 13338 Del Monte,  Mutual-15/Unit-3N.  Laura 310-444-1111. Approved by Mutual-15 Director.


Looking for Carport-LOCKER in Carport Buildings/3-or-5. Will consider other Carport-Buildings Mutual-15 ONLY.



Seeking a Carport-SPACE near Fairfield Lane at Oakmont Road. Please call 714-863-8174.