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 Dec 03 2020

Mutual 1 director has been elected to board

A special meeting of the GRF Board of Directors was held Monday, Nov. 30, at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 4, for the purpose of starting the counting process for the election of a GRF Director representing Mutual 1. The result of the ballot count is as follows, with the winner’s name bolded:

Mutual 1: Ruben Collazo, 199; quorum only: 3; abstain: 0.

Donna J. Gambol, 169; quorum only: 3; abstain: 0.

Hanukkah, tree lighting events to be livestreamed

by Kathy Thayer

assistant recreation manager

We may not be sipping cocoa with our neighbors or sitting on Santa’s lap with our wish list this year, but that’s no reason to let the Grinch spoil our holidays. 

In that spirit, the GRF Recreation Department will livestream two holiday events that have become Leisure World traditions.

On Tuesday, Dec.  8, at 4:30 p.m. at Veterans Plaza, Rabbi Shmuel Marcus of the Chabad of Los Alamitos/Cypress and a member of the well-known 8th Day Band will share the story of Hanukkah and its meaning for Jews and gentiles alike. Musical entertainment will help celebrate the Festival of Lights prior to lighting the menorah. It is an opportunity for this community, rich in culture and customs, to learn and share in the joy of this beautiful festival.

The holiday celebrates the Jews defeating Syrian-Greek oppressors who had tried to force them to abandon their religion and adopt Greek culture. Led by Judah Maccabee, the Jews recaptured the holy temple in Jerusalem. Arriving there, they found only enough olive oil to light candles for one night, but the supply lasted for eight nights. Watch the program live with friends and family at https://www.lwsb.com/menorahlighting/.

On Thursday, Dec. 10, at 4:30 p.m., the Christmas Tree at Veterans Plaza will be lit following a special musical presentation by The Entertainers club.

The Entertainers have performed for Leisure World audiences for several years. Made up of talented singers and accomplished instrumentalists from within Leisure World and guest artists, they have presented many programs of live music in the clubhouses.

During the pandemic, with all venues closed, members Eric and Sandy Nelson have continued to offer programs of music from the Great American Songbook from their porch to their socially distanced neighbors. 

Two other members of the club, Jeanine Greb and Vickie Van Ert, will join the Nelsons for their next show, “Christmas in Quarantine.” Watch for a link to the new show on the Leisure World Facebook page later in December. A portion of the show will be aired at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony presented by the GRF. Access the Veterans Plaza show at https://www.lwsb.com/treelighting/.

These events can only be viewed online and not attended in person.  They will be recorded and uploaded to www.lwsb.com  for those who  want to see them at their leisure.

 For more information, contact kathyt@lwsb.com or call (562) 431-6586, ext. 398.

Pearl Harbor event will be livestreamed

President Franklin Roosevelt called Dec. 7, 1941, “a date which will live in infamy.” 

On that day, Japanese planes attacked the United States Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. 

The bombing killed more than 2,300 Americans and decimated the U.S. Pacific Fleet. It destroyed the American battleship USS Arizona and capsized the USS Oklahoma. 

The attack sank or beached a total of 12 ships and damaged nine others; 160 aircraft were destroyed and 150 others damaged. The country was taken by surprise, especially the ill-prepared Pearl Harbor base. 

When Germany and Italy declared war on the United States days later, America found itself in a global war. 

The annual Remembrance Day ceremony commemorating the attack on Pearl Harbor will be closed to the public this year and streamed online as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

 The ceremony will begin at 7:50 a.m. on Dec. 7 at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s Contemplation Circle in Hawaii.

A small number of veterans will be in attendance on-site, according to Hawaii News Now.

A moment of silence will be observed at 7:55 a.m., the time when the Japanese attack on the American naval base began in 1941.

The entire event will be live-streamed on Pearl Harbor National Memorial’s Facebook page and at www.pearlharborevents.com in partnership with Defense Media Activity.  

“America’s obligation to honor its veterans has been a sacrosanct pillar of our society, and we encourage everyone to join us virtually for this important ceremony,” said Scott Burch, acting superintendent of Pearl Harbor National Memorial.


On Nov. 26, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Navy ordered an armada that included 414 planes aboard six aircraft carriers to set to sea, according to nationalWWIImuseum.org. Following a plan devised by Adm.Yamamoto Isoroku, who had earlier studied at Harvard and served as Japan’s naval attaché in Washington, D.C., the flotilla aimed to destroy the U.S. Pacific Fleet base at Pearl Harbor. 

To catch the Americans by surprise, the ships maintained radio silence throughout their 3,500-mile trek from Hitokappu Bay to a predetermined launch sector 230 miles north of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. 

At 6 a.m. on Sunday, Dec. 7, a first wave of Japanese planes lifted off from the carriers, followed by a second wave an hour later. Led by Capt. Mitsuo Fuchida, the pilots spotted land and assumed their attack positions around 7:30 a.m. Twenty-three minutes later, Fuchida broke radio silence to shout, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!)—the coded message informing the Japanese fleet that they had caught the Americans by surprise.

The unsuspecting American ships were moored in pairs along Pearl Harbor’s “Battleship Row.” For nearly two hours, Japanese firepower rained down upon American ships and servicemen. 

While the attack inflicted significant destruction, the fact that Japan failed to destroy American repair shops and fuel-oil tanks mitigated the damage. 

Even more significantly, no American aircraft carriers were at Pearl Harbor that day. The Japanese, however, immediately followed its Pearl Harbor assault with attacks against U.S. and British bases in the Philippines, Guam, Midway Island, Wake Island, Malaya and Hong Kong. Within days, the Japanese dominated the Pacific. 

In Washington, a decrypted message had alerted officials that an attack was imminent moments before Fuchida’s planes took to the skies. 

But a communications delay prevented a warning from reaching Pearl Harbor in time. The Americans missed another opportunity when an officer discounted a report from an Oahu-based radar operator that a large number of planes were headed their way. 

According to history, Roosevelt learned of the attack as he was finishing lunch at the White House. 

He spent the remainder of the afternoon receiving updates and writing the address he intended to deliver to Congress the following day asking for a declaration of war against Japan. As he drafted and redrafted the speech, Roosevelt focused on rallying the nation behind a war many had hoped to avoid.

GRF votes to shut down amenities

by Kathy Thayer

assistant recreation manager

After opening most outdoor amenities over the last few months, a surge in COVID-19 cases has forced GRF to temporarily shut down GRF facilities. GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny shared the following statistics that entered into the difficult decision taken by the GRF Board of Directors at the Nov. 24 meeting:

• Number of COVID-19 cases in OC continue to surge. 

• Number of COVID-19 cases in nearby LA County have reached historic highs 

• Number of reported cases in Seal Beach have escalated in the last week alone by 17, a 5-percent increase) 

• Based on the above, there is now a 1 in 72 chance of being infected (363 reported cases as of Monday)  

If you are infected with COVID-19 in Seal Beach, there is a 1 in 9 chance of death, according to statistics from the OC Health Care Agency.

Keep some activities open requires personal responsibility to protect the community from the spread. Simply stated, public health and safety guidelines must be followed. People who are infected with COVID-19 must comply with public orders, including quarantine requirements.

The GRF Board will revisit the closures after Dec. 21 and determine if it is safe to reopen the Golf Course, Mission Park, Veterans Plaza and the Amphitheater and under what phase of the Emergency Operational Procedures set forth by the COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee.

During this hiatus, the RV Lot will conduct business by appointment by contacting Tommy Fileto at 431-6586, ext. 324. 

The Fitness Center pre-registration has also been suspended until further notice. Amenity status updates will be published in the LW Weekly as well as via LW Live.

For more information, contact kathyt@lwsb.com. 

COVID cases are surging in OC

The Orange County COVID-19 numbers are sobering, doubling over the holiday weekend even as GRF venues have been shut down. Security reported more than 2,000 guest cars were admitted on Thanksgiving Day. That is fewer than in previous years, but still too many considering the dire risk to older people. 

Leisure World residents have been vigilant in wearing masks and adhering to other protection protocols. The community has fared well, with only a handful of cases reported. But as case numbers surge, it’s important to stay the course until a vaccine is available.

The Orange County Health Care Agency reported 1,666 new coronavirus cases on Saturday and 1,058 new cases on Monday and no additional deaths due to COVID-19. The disease caused by the virus has killed 1,577 people countywide. 

Since the start of the pandemic, the county has recorded 77,819 cases as of Nov. 30.  Hospitalizations because of the virus stand at 597, with 148 of those patients are receiving treatment in intensive care units.

These are sobering statistics, especially for the LW population, which is vulnerable to the most serious outcomes of the disease. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, people in their 50s are at higher risk for severe illness than people in their 40s. Similarly, people in their 60s or 70s are at higher risk for severe illness than people in their 50s. The greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19 is among those aged 85 or older. Eight out of 10 deaths in the U.S. have been adults 65 years or older. People 85-plus are 13 times more likely to require hospitalization if they contract the disease.

Severe illness means that a person with COVID-19 may require intensive care and/or a ventilator to help them breathe.

Protect yourself by wearing masks (see page 12 for complete information on mask safety). The best way to protect yourself and to help reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 is to:

Other protections:

• Limit your in-person interactions with other people as much as possible, particularly when indoors.

• Keep space between yourself and others (stay 6 feet away, which is about 2 arm lengths).

• Wash your hands often. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

• Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Then wash your hands.

• Clean and disinfect surfaces and things you touch often.

Learn additional information for adults with disabilities.

How to Protect Yourself

If you start feeling sick and think you may have COVID-19, get in touch with your healthcare provider within 24 hours.which is vulnerable to the most serious outcomes of the disease. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control, people in their 50s are at higher risk for severe illness than people in their 40s. Similarly, people in their 60s or 70s are at higher risk for severe illness than people in their 50s. The greatest risk for severe illness from COVID-19 is among those aged 85 or older. Eight out of 10 deaths in the U.S. have been adults 65 years or older. People 85-plus are 13 times more likely to require hospitalization if they contract the disease.

Severe illness means that a person with COVID-19 may require intensive care and/or a ventilator to help them breathe.

Protect yourself by wearing masks (see page 12 for complete information on mask safety). The best way to protect yourself and to help reduce the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19 is to:

Other protections:

• Limit your in-person interactions with other people as much as possible, particularly when indoors.

• Keep space between yourself and others (stay 6 feet away, which is about 2 arm lengths).

• Wash your hands often. If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

• Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or the inside of your elbow. Then wash your hands.

• Clean and disinfect surfaces and things you touch often.

Learn additional information for adults with disabilities.

How to Protect Yourself

If you start feeling sick and think you may have COVID-19, get in touch with your healthcare provider within 24 hours.

GRF Construction Update

GRF projects are underway around the community despite slowdowns attributed to the COVID-19 repercussions. This column will update residents on the progress of various construction projects. The information is provided by GRF Facilities Director Mark Weaver and Physical Property Manager David Rudge.


GRF Facilities Director Mark Weaver received plans from the pool architect that need more coordination to preclude costly change orders mid-construction. Once the plans are ready, GRF will submit them to the City of Seal Beach and Orange County Health Care Agency for approvals. When the agencies having jurisdiction approve the plans and issue permits, construction will begin. The date for the pool to be open is April 5.

The work by the gas company started Nov. 18 and the underground is complete. Over the next couple weeks, the Meter assembly will be installed ready for pool equipment.

The COVID-19 crisis has heavily impacted response times by major utilities. 

The Electrical Contractor has a GRF permit and submitted plans to the City of Seal Beach for the Mini Farms electrical and working on the relocation of the golf course pump located in the pool equipment room. The City of Seal Beach has sent the plans to a third party for review and comments, and due back to the City soon.

The Pool wall on the Golf Course side is under construction and will have an opening to view the Golf Course.


Work at the Learning Center Kitchen will be complete when we receive and install the cooktop.

Toys for Tots Campaign

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there will be no Toys for Tots show this year; however barrels have been put out to collect toys for needy area children. Leisure World is consistently in the top two contributors to this program sponsored by the U.S. Marine Force Reserve.

Residents can give unwrapped toys (no stuffed animals) to Security at the Main Gate, St. Andrews Gate or the Building 5 Decal Office. The Marines will distribute the toys to the children.

Fire safety during the holidays

by Eloy Gomez

safety/emergency coordinator

The holidays should be enjoyable, so it’s important to be careful when decorating your homes.

Holiday decorations are responsible for more than $11 million in home fire damages each year. To ensure your holiday celebrations are fire-safe and injury-free, follow these safety tips.


• Consider using flameless candles and flame-resistant candleholders to reduce fire risk. Flameless candles are highly recommended by the Orange County Fire Authority. 

• Keep candles at least 12 inches from flammable materials. 

• Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets and on stable surfaces. 

• Extinguish candles before leaving a room or going to sleep.

Lighting and Decorations 

• Check lights for broken or cracked sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections before using. 

• Replace burned-out bulbs promptly with the same wattage bulb. 

• Do not overload electrical outlets with too many lights or decorations, and make sure all extension cords are marked for proper use. 

• Plug outdoor electric lights and decorations into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). 

• Turn off all indoor and outdoor holiday lighting before leaving the house or going to bed.

Christmas Trees 

• Artificial Christmas trees labeled as fire-resistant are three times safer than real trees. 

• If decorating with a fresh tree, ensure it is watered as soon as installed and frequently thereafter.

• Place your tree away from fireplaces, radiators, heater vents, air ducts and other heat sources.

• Make sure the tree is out of the way of day-to-day traffic. 

• Ornaments and other holiday decorations should be non-combustible or flame-resistant. 

• Remove your tree promptly from your home after the holidays. An ignited tree can be totally consumed by fire in 3-5 seconds and generate over 2,000 degrees of radiant heat.

SeniorCityzen is resource to help LWers stay connected

The City of Seal Beach is sponsoring SeniorCityzen, a resource to support and check in with older people who are socially isolated as a result of the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

Seal Beach seniors can connect with city staff (volunteers) by scheduling regular check-ins via telephone to chat and/or to receive referrals to community resources during this difficult time. A few of the staff volunteers speak Vietnamese and Mandarin.  

Seniors who are interested in participating may email SeniorCityzen@sealbeachca.gov or call (562) 431-2527, ext. 1600. 

Seniors are asked to leave their names and phone numbers, and staff will return their email/call to set up a chat and/or answer any resource-related questions. 

SeniorCityzen is geared toward people 60 and above who are facing social isolation and are looking for someone to talk to, along with getting referrals to other senior-centric organizations.

For more information, contact Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegos at pgallegos@sealbeachca.gov or (562) 431-2527, ext. 1308.

—from the City of Seal Beach

Perspectives, pg 4

Letters to the Editor


Thirty-seven years ago, I looked at apartments in Leisure World and said to my wife, “I will never live in this place.”

Twenty-seven years ago, I moved into the best place ever, Leisure World, because of all the forward-thinking board members. They made possible pet ownership, apartment expansion, patios and all the clubs that help us feel included. We experience friendship; we talk, walk and have dinner, as well as play golf, swim, dance and exercise.

So thank you Mutual Board members, GRF Board Members and all the volunteers who make Leisure World a special place: The Friends of the Library, the Y Club, CERT Team, Emergency Information Council, entertainment groups, Rollin’ Thunder, bike group, Drone Club, Beaks, Paws & Claws, Radio Club and many others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Phillip Mandeville

Mutual 11


Before the pandemic hit, residents could take calendars to the News Office, where I would collect them and distribute them to veterans at the VA hospital in Long Beach. When the pandemic began, the hospital stopped accepting donations, and our LW Weekly had to close its doors to the public, so I stopped collecting calendars.

The VA hospital has resumed receiving donations, but until the LW Weekly opens its office space, I had no collection point. I have now received permission to hang a shopping bag from my flagpole with a sign: “CALENDARS FOR VETERANS.” I live in Mutual 5, Building 117, Unit E, which is across the alley from Clubhouse 6 and faces Golden Rain Road. (I love flamingos.) Thanks to everyone who brightens the holidays for our hospitalized heroes. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who previously donated their calendars. Happy holidays, and stay healthy.

Garnet Vyduna

Mutual 5

Happy Holidays Neighbor! is new program

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the Orange County Board of Supervisors is calling on residents to safely connect with their elderly neighbors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Happy Holidays Neighbor! is a public-awareness micro-campaign targeted at raising awareness of the dangers related to senior isolation and suggesting ways everyday citizens can reach out and make a difference.

“No one should be alone during the holidays,” said Chairwoman Michelle Steel, Second District supervisor. “The Happy Holidays Neighbor! micro-campaign connects seniors with local neighbors who can provide help and support.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, there are many public health risks linked to social isolation and loneliness. 

With one-fourth of adults aged 65 and older considered to be socially isolated, this makes seniors more susceptible to serious medical conditions, such as dementia and heart disease. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic threatens to further cut off seniors from regular social engagement as well as limit their ability to access needed food, supplies and medication. During the holiday period, seniors face additional challenges related to gift buying, mailing packages and decorating their home exteriors.

“Seniors are among the most at-risk for contracting COVID-19, which is why many have chosen to isolate themselves for the past nine months,” said Vice Chairman Andrew Do, First District Supervisor. “Because of this, seniors have never felt more isolated than they do now. Reaching out to a senior neighbor, in a safe way, can help reduce their loneliness and anxiety. The County’s Office on Aging provides many handouts and other resources to help you get started.”

“It’s all about taking action,” indicated Supervisor Donald Wagner, Third District. “One call, one errand, or one holiday connection can be the difference in making this holiday season special to a senior.”

The Happy Holidays Neighbor! public awareness micro-campaign suggests ways to connect and support seniors this holiday season in a COVID-safe manner that focuses on physical distancing but still maintain a social connection. 

It features a printable postcard that neighbors can fill out and send to local seniors, asking what assistance they need and providing the neighbor’s contact information. Additionally, the micro-campaign provides information about county and local senior resources that are important during the holiday season.

“Connecting people during the holidays can make all the difference,” said Supervisor Doug Chaffee, Fourth District. “Seniors who are homebound or physical distancing during COVID-19 may look forward to a cheerful greeting or holiday helping hand.”

 “The physical health of our seniors is critical, but we can’t overlook the importance of mental health,” stated Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District. “The holidays are a time to come together to show how much we care for the health and well-being of our seniors.”

For more information on how residents can support neighbors in their community, visit the County’s Office on Aging website at officeonaging.ocgov.com.

Perspectives Policy

Submissions in each of the following categories may be published at the discretion of the Communications and Technical Director. 

Letters to the Editor: Maximum number of words: 250. Letters should be typed and delivered to LW Weekly by email (preferred), regular mail or hand-delivered. 

Letters must be of general interest to the community and may contain opinions, suggestions, compliments and complaints without being scurrilous, libelous, defamatory, repetitive or otherwise inappropriate. 

The names of individual employees, titles and/or departments will not be permitted in letters that could adversely impact any Foundation employee directly or indirectly.

Member Column: At a maximum 500 words, columns may present an argument, opinion or information about pending issues of concern to the community. 

Priority goes to first-time or less frequent writers. Some names will be left out to protect privacy.

Contributor: Restaurant review, theater review or travel journal submissions welcome.

Senior Transportation Services

In response to the public’s request for extended operating hours, the City of Seal Beach Senior Transportation Services operating hours were extended starting Nov. 16.

The new hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m., instead of closing at 2:30 p.m.

All other Senior Transportation Services program guidelines remain the same.

For more information on the Senior Transportation Services, visit the City’s website at https://www.sealbeachca.gov/Departments/Public-Works/Traffic-Transportation

For more information about the City’s Senior Transportation Services program, contact Iris Lee, (562) 431-2527, ext. 1322, or ilee@sealbeachca.gov.

City of Seal Beach Senior Services

The City of Seal Beach offers a host of senior services, including Meals on Wheels, discounts  on utility bills, parking and pet licenses and senior tax assistance.  

Seal Beach/

OC Meals on Wheels 

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seal Beach Meals on Wheels program has become the lifeline to many seniors by being the sole source of free meal delivery in Seal Beach. 

The City of Seal Beach Meals on Wheels is offered in partnership with OC Meals on Wheels.

Both homebound meals and congregate meals are available. The homebound program is for seniors who are unable to pick up meals and need assistance with meal delivery, and the congregate lunch program is now available for seniors who are able or prefer to pick up meals (five frozen meals). 

If seniors are interested in participating in either program, they must register first by calling the City’s Recreation Department at (562) 431-2527, ext. 1344.

For homebound individuals 60-plus years of age who are unable to shop and/or prepare meals for themselves, the City of Seal Beach delivers three meals directly to their home: breakfast items, a cold lunch, and a frozen dinner. 

These meals, which provide 100 percent of the U.S Nutritional Recommended Dietary Allowance, are available five days per week at no cost to the community.

“This program is a testament to the incredible commitment of our staff team which provide the highest level of essential and vital services to our community in need during a major crisis,” said Seal Beach City Manager Jill Ingram. For more information about this program, contact the city’s Recreation Department at (562) 431-2527, ext. 1344. 

Discounts for Seniors 

on Utility Bills, 

Parking and Pet Licenses 

 There are discounts available for seniors on utility bills, parking and pet licenses. 

Pet licenses have a 50 percent discount. 

Most utility bills have a 15 percent discount, and there is a discount for parking.

When you pay or sign up for these services make sure to reach out to the city to see what discounts are available.

• Parking Contact: Call (562) 431-2527, ext. 1310, or email at parkingpermits@sealbeachca.gov; new parking permits and renewals can be processed online through the following link: https://www.citationprocessingcenter.com/citizens/sealbeach/permits.

• Pet License Contact: Call (562) 570-7387; pet licenses are processed through Long Beach Animal Care Services at www.longbeach.gov/acs/pet-laws-and-licensing/licensing/

Utility Bills Contact: Call (562) 431-2527, ext. 1309, or email at payments@sesalbeachca.gov. 

Senior Tax Assistance 

Seal Beach offers free assistance for low-income seniors in preparing state and federal income tax returns. Tax assistance is offered at Fire Station 48, Community Room, 3131 North Gate Road, Seal Beach, 90740

At tax time, appointments are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. 

They are scheduled for Monday mornings ONLY from February-April. 

For more information, call (562) 431-2527, ext. 1344.


Special GRF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Clubhouse 4/Live Stream

Monday, Nov. 30, 10 a.m.

To view the live meeting:

• Go to www.lwsb.com

• Click on the Watch BOD Meeting Live tab.

• The live streaming uses YouTube live and terminates at the close of the meeting

1) Call to Order

2) Roll Call

3) Pledge of Allegiance

4) Announcements

5) Shareholder/Member Comments 

Note: Foundation Shareholders/Members are permitted to make comments before the business of the Board begins. Requests myst be registered in advance of the meeting, and comments are limited to four minutes.

6)   Commence Counting Process

7) GRF Board Meeting Recess 

8) GRF Board Meeting Call to Order 

9) Announcement of Results of Mutual 1 GRF Representative Election Process


Second Special GRF Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

Clubhouse 4/Live Stream

Monday, Nov. 30, immediately following adjournment of 10 a.m. meeting


To view the live meeting:

• Go to www.lwsb.com

• Click on the Watch BOD Meeting Live tab.

• The live streaming uses YouTube live and terminates at the close of the meeting

1) Call to Order

2) Roll Call

3) Pledge of Allegiance

4) Announcements

5) Shareholder/Member Comments 

Note: Foundation Shareholders/Members are permitted to make comments before the business of the Board begins. Requests myst be registered in advance of the meeting, and comments are limited to four minutes.

6) New Business

a. General

i. Installation of the Newly Elected GRF Director

ii. Ratify Committee Assignments, Ad Hoc Committee Assignments

7) Adjournment

Recap of GRF Board Activity, Nov. 24

Approved Consent Agenda: MOVED and duly approved the Committee/Board meeting minutes for the month of October 2020; the minutes of the Oct. 5 Recreation Committee Board meeting; the minutes of the Oct. 19 Finance Committee Board meeting; the minutes of the GRF Board of Directors Minutes, dated Oct. 27; the October GRF Board Report, dated Nov. 24; acceptance of the Financial Statements, October 2020, for Audit; and the Reserve Funds Investment Purchase.

General—Emergency Action—Public Safety/Purple Tier: MOVED and duly approved to close all outdoor activities due to public health and safety concerns, effective Nov. 25, including Veterans Plaza, the Golf Course, Mission Park and the Amphitheater, for a period of three weeks.

28-Day Notifications to the Membership—FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1412.2-1, Smoking Prohibition: MOVED and duly approved to amend 70-1412.02-1, Smoking Prohibition, expanding the smoking prohibition to all GRF amenities and including “vaping” to products prohibited at all GRF amenities, as presented.

28-Day Notifications to the Membership—FINAL VOTE: Amend 70-1447-1, Use of Community Facilities, Mini Farm—Rules: MOVED and duly approved to amend 70-1447-1, Use of Community Facilities, Mini Farm—Rules, establishing that Mini Farm plot holders must be GRF Members in good standing; adding a prohibition against alcoholic beverages, animals (excepting Qualified Service Animals), firearms and radios; and establishing rules for the length of leases and plot abandonment. Further, amended are lessee responsibilities of the plots, 

RECAP, page 23

Carport Cleaning Schedule 2020

The remainder of the holiday carport cleaning schedule for 2020 is as follows:

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 26

Mutual 11, Carports 130-131; Mutual 15, Carports 3, 6-8, 10-13; and Mutual 16, Carport 9, will be cleaned Monday, Nov. 30. 

Christmas Day, Friday, Dec. 25

Mutual 14, Carports 150-157; Mutual 15, Carports 1-2, will be cleaned Thursday, Dec. 31.

Street Sweeping

GRF trust streets are swept on the fourth Thursday of the month. Parked vehicles must be removed from trust streets before midnight the night before. 

Contact Mutual directors to find out when your carports are scheduled for sweeping.


In the “Presidents’ Council Recap From Nov. 1,” printed Nov. 12, the correct time for the next meeting is 9 a.m. on Dec. 3.

Mutual Meetings 

Mutual residents are invited to attend the open meetings of their mutual boards (schedule subject to change). 

Tues., Dec. 1 Mutual 16

virtual 9:30 a.m.

Tues., Dec. 1 Mutual 17

virtual 1:30 p.m.

Wed., Dec. 9 Mutual 4 (open forum, 9:15 a.m.)

virtual 9:30 a.m.

Thurs., Dec. 10 Mutual 12

virtual 9 a.m.

Fri., Dec. 11 Mutual 3

virtual 9 a.m.

GRF Meetings 

Golden Rain Foundation committee and board meetings are open to Leisure World residents. The following is a tentative schedule. Public health and safety measures will be in place to protect membership and staff, with limited in-person seating at Clubhouse 4. Physical distancing and wearing a face mask are required.

Mon., Nov. 30 Special GRF Board Meeting

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m. & after

Mon., Dec. 1 COVID-19 Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse 4 10 a.m.

Fri., Dec. 4 GRF Board Executive Session

virtual 1 p.m.

Thurs., Dec. 10 Communications/IT Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Friday, Dec. 11 GRF Executive Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Mon., Dec. 14 Mutual Administration Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

Tues., Dec. 15 Website Ad Hoc Committee

Clubhouse 4 1 p.m.

GRF Policy Review


Per the action of the GRF Board on Nov. 24, 2020, in accordance with Civil Code §4360, Notice of Approval of Amendment of the Board hereby provides general notice t of 40-3182-1, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Rules to all Shareholders/Members:

1. Purpose

To establish rules for the use of Trust Property by Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L). This policy only covers Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) requirements. The Mutuals will have their separate requirements addressed in the Mutuals’ individual rules and policies.

2. General Information

Member/Owners per the occupancy Agreements for Mutuals 1-12, 14-16 and Mutual 17’s CCR(s): All Shareholder/Members are solely responsible for the actions of their R/L’s; therefore they are solely responsible for the fines/fees and penalties incurred by their R/L’s. Fines/Fees not paid by the R/L’s and their guests will be assessed on the M/O account with the (GRF).

3. M/O’S in Mutual 17

3.1 All current Mutual 17 M/O’s will remain under their old agreements as long as the current R/L remains in the Residential unit. When they move out, the M/O will then be subject to this rule. 

3.2 All M/O’s who rent/lease their Residential unit on or after Jan. 1, 2021, must adhere to this new rule. 

4. R/L’S in Mutual 17

4.1 All current Mutual 17 R/L’s will remain under their old agreements until they move out of their Residential unit.

4.2 All new R/L’s in Mutual 17 on or after Jan. 1, 2021, must follow the rules laid out in Section 7.

5. Lessor—M/O for ALL mutuals 

5.1 Any M/O who rents their unit in Leisure World must give up their use of all amenities during the time their unit is rented. When moving back into the Community, their privileges will be reinstated except for the following:

5.1.1 All RV leases and 1.8 acres (Mini farms) leases will be terminated the date the rental agreement takes effect. M/O’s can be added to the waiting list(s) the day they move back into the Community, but no spaces will be guaranteed.


6. The M/O’S in All Mutuals Must Do the Following Before the Rental Can Be Completed: 

6.1 Each M/O must pay a non-refundable STO Processing Fee. See 40-3182-2.

6.2 ID CARDS: Return all GRF-issued ID Cards for the unit to the Stock Transfer Office (STO). Failure to return the card(s) will result in a fine. See 40-3182-2, for amount.

6.3 Have vehicle(s) (R/V/car/truck/golf cart/scooter/bicycle/motorcycle) decals removed by the Security Department (SD). Security will give the M/O a form with all vehicles listed at their unit, signed off by SD as confirming decals have been removed. If any of the vehicles listed have been transferred, proof of such transfer will be needed. The form is to be given to the STO. All M/O vehicles listed must be removed from the Community. Any vehicles owned by the M/O that are not removed from Trust Property will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

6.3.1 M/O RV Lot lease will expire the day the Residential unit lease commences, and the M/O must remove any RV’s from the RV Lot within thirty (30) days of effective day of lease. Failure to remove vehicle will result in towing at owner’s expense. 

6.4 ENTRY PASSES: All GRF-issued entry passes (4) assigned to this Residential unit must be returned to the STO. Failure to return will result in a fine. See 40-3182-2.

6.5 CAREGIVER PASSESS: All GRF-issued caregiver passes must be returned to the STO. Failure to return will result in a fine. See 40-3182-2.

7. The R/L in All Mutuals Must Do the Following Before the Rental Can Be Completed:

7.1 Satisfy all rules, regulations and policies for meeting the age qualifications for residing in the community.

 7.2 Pay a five (5) year prorated GRF Trust Property Use Fee (TPUF). See 40-3182-2. All R/L moving into the community must pay the TPUF. The TPUF for 2021 is $4,127.

7.3 Pay a refundable deposit per GRF ID Card. See 40-3182-2. All R/L living in the unit must have a GRF ID Card. When moving out, the deposit(s) will be returned within sixty (60) days after relinquishing the card(s).

7.4 Pay a refundable deposit per vehicle (R/V/car/truck/golf cart/scooter/bicycle/motorcycle) decal affixed by the Security Department (SD). All vehicles on GRF Trust Property must have a decal. Deposit(s) will be returned within sixty (60) days after decals have been removed by the SD and a signed form by the SD has been turned into the STO. See 40-3182-2 for amount.

7.5 The following fees must be paid prior to moving in: See 40-3182-2.

7.5.1 Pet registration (if allowed by Mutual), an annual non-refundable fee per animal is required. See 40-3182-2. This includes emotional support, comfort or service animals. See 50-1023-1 for paperwork requirements.

8. Access to Community By M/O 

If the M/O requires access to the Community as a member of the Health Care Center (HCC) and wishes to continue as such, or to manage the M/O’s affairs with his/her Residential unit (i.e., maintenance, attending to their R/L, etc.), they will need to do the following:

8.1 Contact the HCC to arrange access to the Community for their appointments.

8.2 Contact the SD to arrange temporary access to the Community for the limited purpose to attend to their Residential unit and/or R/L. 

9. Annual Assessment Package

When the annual packet containing next year’s assessment amounts, disclosures and current year property tax amounts are mailed to M/O, there will be no entry passes included.

10. Fines

Fines can be appealed by the M/O only, by petitioning the Finance Committee (FC). If FC does not approve removing the fine and it is not paid by the M/O, the fine will be assessed on the M/O’s account with GRF. Appealing the FC’s decision can be made to the Community Violation Panel. (See 30-5093-3). 

11. Renter/Lessee (R/L) in All Mutuals

The R/L will be required to follow the same GRF rules as anyone owning or living in the Community. See lwsb.com, for all GRF rules, and the M/O is ultimately responsible for the actions and conduct of their R/L’s. 

12. Additional Information

12.1 To lease a space in the RV Lot, see 70-1487-1. If the R/L moves out of the Community, this vehicle will need to be removed immediately. Any monies for the months remaining on the R/L’s lease will be returned to the R/L within sixty (60) days.

12.2 To lease a space in the 1.8 acres (Mini farms), see 70-1447-1 for leasing a space. If the R/L moves out of the Community, this lease will be terminated immediately. Any monies for the months remaining on the R/L’s lease will be returned to the R/L within sixty (60) days.

12.3 No entry passes will be given to the R/L. All guests will need to be called in at the main gate.

All Shareholders wishing to comment on the proposed changes may submit comments by either:

• Emailing comments to the attention of the GRF Board at deannab@lwsb.com; please include in the subject line “40-3182-1, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Rules”

• Mailing comments to: Golden Rain Foundation, P. O. Box 2069, Seal Beal, CA 90740, Attn.: Proposed Document Revisions. Please reference 40-3182-1, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Rules on any correspondence you submit. 

All comments will be copied to the board for review and consideration. The board will take final action relative to 40-3182-1, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Rules at its Dec. 23 meeting.


Per the action of the GRF Board on Nov. 24, in accordance with Civil Code §4360, Notice of Approval of Amendment of  the Board hereby provides general notice t of 40-3182-2, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Fines, Fees and Deposits to all Shareholders/Members:

The following schedule of fines, fees and deposits is established by the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) for M/O’s and R/L’s. Any unpaid fines, fees or charges incurred by an R/L are the ultimate responsibility of the Member/Owner (M/O).

1. M/O Fees 

Five Hundred ($500) dollar Stock Transfer Office (STO) Rental Processing fee.

2. M/O Fines 

2.1 Five Hundred ($500) dollar fine for failure to surrender each GRF ID card.

2.2 One Hundred ($100) dollar fine for failure to surrender each GRF issued vehicle decal.

2.3 One Hundred ($100) dollar fine for failure to surrender each GRF Entry pass.

2.4 One Hundred ($100) dollar fine for failure to surrender each GRF issued caregiver pass.

3. R/L Fees

3.1 GRF Trust Property Use Fee (TPUF).

3.1.1 TPUF is calculated as twenty-five (25) times the monthly GRF assessment and rounded up to the nearest dollar. 

3.1.2 The TPUF fee starting in January 2021 is $4,127 per person. No financing permitted. 

3.1.3 Any TPUF refund will be prorated over a five (5) year period based on lease date. If R/L moves out before five (5) years is up, the excess will be refunded within sixty (60) days after R/L moves out of the Community. No partial years will be refunded.

3.1.4 If R/L moves to another rented/leased Residential unit within thirty (30) days, the TPUF will be transferred to the new Residential unit.

3.1.5 If R/L purchases a Residential unit in LW within thirty (30) days after their lease expires, the TRUF will be transferred to the purchased Residential unit.

3.2 One Hundred ($100) dollar annual non-refundable fee per animal registration.

3.2.1 Mutual Board has the final say so on pets being allowed in the Mutual.

4. Deposits

4.1 A refundable deposit of five hundred ($500) dollars will be charged for each GRF renter ID card.

4.2 A refundable deposit of one hundred ($100) dollars will be charged for each GRF renter-issued vehicle decal.

4.3 A refundable deposit of one hundred ($100) dollars will be charged for each GRF renter issued caregiver pass.

All Shareholders wishing to comment on the proposed changes may submit your comments by either:

• Emailing comments to the attention of the GRF Board at deannab@lwsb.com; please include in the subject line “40-3182-2, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Fines, Fees and Deposit”  

• Mailing comments to: Golden Rain Foundation, P. O. Box 2069, Seal Beal, CA 90740, Attn.: Proposed Document Revisions.Please reference 40-3182-2, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Fines, Fees and Deposits on any  correspondence you submit.  

All comments will be copied to the Board for review and consideration.  The Board will take final action relative to 40-3182-2, Member/Owner (M/O) and Renter/Lessee (R/L) Fines, Fees and Deposits at its Dec. 23 meeting.


Nov. 30, 2020, Special GRF Board of Directors Meeting

Submit your request to the GRF Board Office, P.O. Box 2069, Seal Beach, CA 90740, Mrs. Deanna Bennett, Executive Coordinator, no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 27. You may also drop off your question/comment at the Stock Transfer Office, Attention Deanna Bennett or email your question/comment to grfboardaction@lwsb.com.

Today’s Date: ______________________

Your Name (please print): ________________________________ Mu #_____ Apt. #______

My Subject is: _________________________________________________________________


The Open Meeting Act allows boards of directors to establish reasonable time limits for the open forum and for speakers to address the board (Civ. Code §4925(b)). Time limits per speaker are limited to: four minutes when there are no more than 15 speakers;  three minutes, 16-25 speakers; and  two minutes, more than 26 speakers. 

Arts & Entertainment

Local Theater

The show goes on, virtually

When Hal Landon Jr. hung up his Ebenezer Scrooge hat and scarf last December, saying farewell to the character he played for 40 years on the South Coast Repertory stage, it was the end of an era. The theater announced the show would go on in 2020, though with a different actor portaying the famous curmudgeon.

But no one could have predicted a global pandemic that would force theaters across the country to close their doors for eight months—and counting. 

Traditions find a way to survive, however, and the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol” refuses to cower in the face of the Ghost of Christmas Present. 

Starting Nov. 28, two local theaters will stream the world premiere live-capture performance of Jefferson Mays’ one-man “A Christmas Carol” as part of a joint project between producer Hunter Arnold’s TBD Pictures, La Jolla Playhouse and On the Stage. A portion of ticket sales will benefit South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa and International City Theatre in Long Beach, as well as La Jolla Playhouse, LA’s Geffen Playhouse and others across the country that have lost revune during the pandemic. 

In the Michael Arden-directed production, Mays plays more than 50 roles, from Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Past to Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim. “‘A Christmas Carol’ was my first experience of living theater,” Mays says. “My mother and father would read it out loud every year. My father would tell the story with clarity and humanity, while my mother, eyes ablaze, would transform into the characters. . . . Both, in their ways, created magic. And now here we are, aspiring to bring this magic to people across the country during this challenging time.”  

The online edition conceived by Arden and scenic designer Dane Laffrey is based on the work adapted by Arden, Mays and Mays’ wife, Susan Lyons, that premiered at the Geffen Playhouse in 2018. 

“In a time when theaters and arts workers across the country are in great need, bringing a story that celebrates the power of creativity, community and our shared humanity is humbling,” says Arden, who began his theater career as a 10-year-old, playing Tiny Tim in a community production of “A Christmas Carol.”

Virtual tickets for the performance filmed at New York’s United Palace cost $50 (plus fees) and include unlimited viewings through Video on Demand until Jan. 3, 2021.

To benefit South Coast Repertory, visit https://www.scr.org. And to support International City Theatre, go to https://www.InternationalCityTheatre.org.

Where-We-Live Club

Learn about the concept of feng shui in 2021! “Let’s Put Our Affairs in Order and Organize!” will concentrate on the art of placement and how it may change lives. New and previous members, as well as all curious shareholders, are welcome to join. Simply email wherewelive@yahoo.com to be placed on a mailing list for future workshops, as well as updates to the club’s calendar of activities, Zoom meetings and HomeWorks. 

Men’s Golf Leagues Results

A beautiful, sunny but cool morning greeted seven members of the Men’s Monday Golf League on Nov. 16 the at the Willowick Golf Course in Santa Ana, a par-70, 6,000-yard, 18-hole course. Good scores were anticipated but did not occur. There were four birdies, but only one score was under par.

All scores are net (actual score minus handicap). A Flight handicaps range from 0-20, and B flight higher than 20.

A Flight Winners: First place: Sam Choi, 2 over 73, plus 2 birdies; second: Gene Vesely, 5 over; third: tie between Fujio Norihiro and Dave LaCascia; fourth: Bill McKusky. LaCascia was closest to the pin on the 140-yard, par-3 12th hole, and McKusky had fewest putts.

B Flight Winners: First place: John Meyer, 9 under 62, with two birdies and fewest putts; second: Bob Munn, 4 over 75.

The Men’s Friday Golf League played at Meadowlark Golf Course in Huntington Beach on Nov. 20. Nine men and one woman teed off into a beautiful but cool morning on the picturesque, nearly 5,600-yard course. The sun was out early, and conditions were excellent at tee time. Because the course was misty and damp and pin placements were challenging, low scores did not happen. It was surprising, though, that there were six birdies. Additionally, Jim Goltra and Larry Hillhouse, both of whom were welcomed back after long absences, fared well.

A Flight Winners: First place: Hillhouse, 1 over 72, plus a birdie; second: tie between LaCascia and Choi, 2 over 73. Choi had a birdie and tied with LaCascia for fewest putts. LaCascia also had two birdies; third: Fujio Norihiro, 5 over 76; fourth: Goltra, plus a birdie; fifth: McKusky, plus closest to the pin on the 140-yard, over-water, par-3 seventh hole; sixth: Vesely.

B Flight Winners: First place: John Petersen, 1 over 72; second: Munn, 3 over 74, plus a birdie and fewest putts; third: Keiko Sekino.

Both the Monday and Friday Golf Leagues play at four local courses, all within 15 minutes of Leisure World, starting between 7 and 7:30 a.m., except holidays. The courses are David L. Baker in Fountain Valley, Meadowlark in Huntington Beach, Riverview in Santa Ana, and Willowick in Garden Grove. LW Men’s Club membership is not required, and friends, ladies, spouses and family are all welcome to play and/or join. There is a prize pool for each round that players are not obligated to enter. If interested, contact Bill McKusky (562) 430-8618 or Dave LaCascia (801) 674-5975.

The league is looking for golfers (men and women) to join during the reduced playing time at he LW course. Handicaps can be determined using local course handicap numbers and adjusted for the longer, more difficult courses outside Leisure World. Contact LaCascia for more info.

—Dave LaCascia

LW Poetry

This feature showcases original poems by members of the Creative Writers Club of Leisure World and other GRF members.  

At Thanksgiving 

our lives are rich with promises

that open to us each day

cool breezes and bright sunshine

bless our path along the way

richly colored flowers

charm our senses too.

friends with warm greetings

join all we plan to do.

nature’s gift of food,

choices never cease,

nourish and sustain us

always sure to please. 

as we gather at Thanksgiving

fervently we pray

with gratitude overflowing

on this very special day.

—Phyllis Poper, Mutual 14

Technology Classes by Miryam

Miryam Fernandez’s technology classes are taught on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. Topics change each week. For an invitation, email Fernandez at mzzmimm@gmail.com. If you need help setting up a microphone and/or video or have other connectivity issues, call Bonnie Cooper at (562) 822-6358 before class begins.

Dec. 8: Shopping Online

Important Reminder

Apple, Microsoft, IRS, Social Security, etc., will never contact you by phone, text or email. If there’s a problem with your account, they will shut you down until you contact them.

Hui O Hula 

On this Thanksgiving, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, Hui O Hula is grateful to be safe and healthy. Dancers appreciate GRF Executive Director Randy Ankeny and Kathy Thayer from the Recreation Department for their continuous support in advocating health and fitness, as well as keeping a keen eye on clubs’ activities at Veterans Plaza. The LW hula club is looking forward to the opening of Clubhouse 6’s new cutting-edge fitness center. 

Dancers are also thankful to the staff of LW weekly for keeping the community well-informed with current affairs and uplifting stories even in these difficult times. 

Hui O Hula had been meeting for practice at Veterans Plaza on Thursday afternoons at 1:30. With the recently announced guidelines, classes are now on hold. Once activities resume, anyone who wants to give the Hawaiian dance a try may learn free of charge. Contact Yo Kishi at (562) 431-5110 to reserve a space, or call Kaye Huff at (562) 431-2242 for more information.

Capture the holiday spirit, starting this weekend

The holidays look different this year. With COVID-19 disrupting everyone’s lives, there are no parties, no potlucks, no gathering with friends in the glow of festive lights. But thanks to spins on traditional events and new offerings, there are plenty of ways to capture the spirit safely.

Hikari–A Festival of Lights: Drive through Tanaka Farms’ 30 acres of twinkling lights. Reportedly everything has been given the hikari (“shine” in Japanese) treatment, from the sugarcane to the trees and from the tractors to the scarecrows. And on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Santa makes an appearance. The lights turn on Friday, Nov. 27, with the first car entering the fun at 5:30 p.m. Register for a date and time via https://www.tanakafarms.com/hikari. Monday through Thursday, it costs $49 per car, but the price goes up $10 Fridays through Sundays. Hikari runs through Dec. 10.

Christmas Train: Take a train ride through Irvine Regional Park, passing by Santa’s Village on the way to the North Pole, where Santa and Mrs. Claus will greet passengers from a safe distance. The annual event starts Friday, Nov. 27, and tickets are available through https://www.irvineparkrailroad.com/events/christmas-train/ for $17-$20 per person. (Activities within Santa’s Village carry an additional cost.) Space sells out fast for this event, which ends Dec. 23.

Night of Lights OC: Pivoting from Winter Fest OC, the OC Fair & Event Center offers Night of Lights OC, starting Dec. 10. The 1-mile drive-through spectacular features more than 1 million lights and animation set to music that can be accessed via smart phone or car radio. Spectators can preorder food (from tamales to sweet treats) and drink online before 10 a.m. when they buy tickets at https://nightoflightsoc.com. Sessions start at 5 p.m., running through 9:30 p.m. Early-bird pricing starts ay $39.99 for vehicles with five guests or less, but costs will increase once those tickets run out. The magic ends Jan. 10 (though it will also be closed on Dec. 24).

Taste of Merry Farm: Knott’s Berry Farm has also been pivoting this year, focusing on its dining and shopping choices. The Taste of Merry Farm event, which started Nov. 20, includes such holiday treats as Ode to Santa eggnog with candy cane cookies, Blitzen’s Christmas Tree bundt cake, Comet’s Cinnamon Bun with a maple glaze and candied pecans, and Scrooge’s Spicy Wings. Amid the picturesque settings, ticket holders can get some holiday shopping done at stores and craft booths, including the park’s famous glassblower and chainsaw carver. Tickets for the daily, nine-hour event are available via https://www.knotts.com/play/events/taste-of-merry-farm for $40.

Holidays at the Harbor: Dana Point Harbor Partners continues its tradition of themed light displays throughout the harbor area. Travel through the light tunnel to get to the Merry Kiss Me arch, then visit Candy Cane Lane. On the first and second weekends in December, the harbor also offers a view of the 46th Annual Parade of Lights, for which boats are decorated like a “Fiesta Holiday.”  The #happyharbordays continue through Jan. 3. A map of attractions is available at https://danapointharbor.com/holidays-at-the-harbor/.

Family Radio
Service Users

Calling all Family Radio Service Users in Leisure World: The Radio Club provides an opportunity for a Family Radio Service (FRS) practice drill every Wednesday morning. Anyone who has an FRS radio is invited to participate. 

The call-in time is 9:30-9:45 a.m. on Channel 13/0. Be sure to wait until the radio is clear, then call in stating your first name, last name initial and mutual number. Remember to press the side button to speak, then release when finished.

For more instruction on the use of the FRS radio, contact Leisure World Radio Club President Rich Erickson at rjerxn@yahoo.com, or call (562) 431-6586, ext. 409, to leave a message.

Video Producers Zoom Meetings

The Video Producers Club offers free, weekly Zoom classes, as well as a Zoom Party Social on Saturdays.

Classes are as follows:

• Monday, 10 a.m.: Intermediate Zoom class for Windows and Android users with host Joe Osuna. For an invite to his class, email joosuna29a@gmail.com.

• Monday, 2 p.m.: Zoom class for iPad and Mac users hosted by Fred Carpenter. For an invite to his class, email sail1942@gmail.com.

• Wednesday, 10 a.m.: Beginners’ Zoom class for Windows and Android users with Osuna. For an invite to this class, email joosuna29a@gmail.com.

  Thursday, 10 a.m.: Beginners’ Zoom class for Windows and Android users and for beginning Video Producers with host Joseph Valentinetti. For an invite to his class, email 0501042@gmail.com.

• Friday, 10 a.m.: Guest lecturer Bob Cohen hosts Friday Morning Tech Talk on a variety of topics. Email bob@bobology.com for an invite.

  Saturday, 5 p.m.: The one-hour Zoom Party Social, hosted by Joseph Valentinetti, is open to all residents. For an invite, email 0501042@gmail.com.

—Joe Osuna

Tech Talk

Join Bob Cohen in a free, one-hour live Zoom class on technology every Friday at 10 a.m. Topics are different each week and include iPhones and apps, websites, home-office technology, and Internet marketing. A question-and-answer session is held during each class, and all you need to know in advance is how to join using Zoom. Registration information with optional reading material is sent out every Wednesday morning for the Friday Tech Talk. To register for the weekly newsletter, sign up at https://bit.ly/bobologynewsletter or contact bob@bobology.com. 

Grab ’n’ Go Meals

Nov. 25-Dec. 2 

Clubhouse 6 Parking Lot

• Thursday: No service today—Happy Thanksgiving!

• Friday: Katella Deli—Special holiday menu for preorder pickup only, 3:30-5:30 p.m., cash/cards. Call (562) 594-8611, then choose option 2, or order online at www.katellabakery.com. 

• Saturday and Wednesday: Berg Catering—freshly prepared meals with a healthy, gourmet touch, 3:30-5:30 p.m., PayPal/checks/cash/cards. Preorder at (562)  663-2038 or www.bergcatering.com (click the special LW menu). 

• Sunday: Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que—barbecue, salads, sandwiches, 4-6 p.m., no preorders.

 • Monday: Kabobaholic Food Truck—chicken or meat kabobs, gyros, falafel, loaded fries, 4-6 p.m., cash/cards. To preorder, go to www.kabobaholicft.com or text (949) 400-4696; mention LWSB.

• Tuesday: Taco Tuesday—Mexican favorites, plus hot dogs, burgers and fries, 5-7 p.m., cash/cards, no preorders.  


 All Grab ’n’ Go events take place rain or shine. If it rains or is too hot, people line up inside Clubhouse 6. Everyone should maintain a 6-foot distance, and masks are required. For information, call (562) 431-6586, ext. 398.

On-call bus service is available weekdays from 4:30 p.m., when regular service ends; weekends are on-call at any time. Call (562) 431-6586, ext. 379. For more information or to make a suggestion, call (562) 431-6586, ext. 379.

Watch for LW Live! alerts for daily menus. Sign up for LW Live at https://www.lwsb.com/lw-live-sign-up/. Vendors are subject to change.

Cool Cardboard Creations Contest

Reuse and repurpose cardboard boxes and scraps for a chance to win fabulous prizes in the Cool Cardboard Creations Contest. Submissions must be 95 percent cardboard. Acceptable materials include cardboard of all types, fasteners, glue, tape, as well as any nontoxic paint and recyclable decorations. The maximum size allowable for tabletop displays is 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep and 36 inches high. For floor displays, it’s 36 inches wide, 36 inches deep and 72 inches high. And for hanging displays, it’s 36 inches by 36 inches.

Excess cardboard can be dropped off in the designated area on the east side of Clubhouse 6. Anyone needing more building materials is welcome to take from this area.

Individual entries, as well as collaborative efforts made by GRF clubs or departments, should be brought to the LW Library by Dec. 16 between 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Projects will be judged based on originality and the use of cardboard. The first-place winner will receive $1,000, second place gets $500, and third place $250. Special category winners will be awarded prizes valued between $50-$100.

Creations will be featured in a drive-through display on Dec. 18 near Clubhouses 3 and 4 and Veterans Plaza. For more information, contact Kathy Thayer at kathyt@lwsb.com, or call (562) 431-6586, ext. 398.

The Leisure Bicyclists get healthy exercise and fresh air every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The group  meets at 9 a.m. at the North Gate, then rides to Long Beach Shoreline Village, Bolsa Chica, Huntington Beach and, on Sunday, Long Beach Municipal Golf Course for breakfast. Everyone rides at their own safe speed and wears a helmet, safe shoes and a mask. Call Mary Romero at (562) 810-4266 for further information.

Make each day count with a routine

By CJ Blomquist


When days run into each other and time feels like one long stretch, it may be time to come up with a healthy routine. This is particularly true as we enter the holiday season during a strange and lonely year. 

What goes into a routine? Routines are all about structure and accomplishment. It’s not just getting up or going to bed at the same time every day—although those are important. Routines help you check off mental boxes of the things you should do. It may not seem exciting to do your laundry every Wednesday, for example, but getting it done can help you feel as if you’ve achieved something.

Make time for health. This doesn’t mean physical health, though that’s an important part, too. Set some time each day to focus on your mental health. Meditate for 30 minutes after lunch. Go for a walk every morning. Practice simple stretches or yoga before going to bed. These exercises not only help your physical health, but they also help your mind rest. 

Why develop a routine now? Many of us won’t be seeing family or friends over the holidays. Whether that’s the norm for you or entirely new, it means the next month or so is going to be a bit less cheerful. A routine may not make up for lost time with family, but it can give you a sense of purpose each day.

Your routine doesn’t have to be solo. Bring others into your routine—safely! Make a point to call a neighbor each day, just to check in. And for you introverts out there (like this writer), a daily call doesn’t need to be long. A few minutes can make a big difference in your neighbor’s day—and yours, too! If daily is too much, set up a virtual coffee date with your neighbors once a week to catch up.

Is this going to take long? Yes. Routines can be tricky to establish. It is pretty common to mess up. That’s just part of the process. Rather than feeling defeated because you didn’t get your morning walk in, make a point of going tomorrow. Routines can take weeks to become habit, so be diligent in keeping at them. But remember to be kind to yourself if you mess up here and there.

Let’s be honest: It hasn’t been an easy year. And the upcoming year is probably going to be just as challenging. This is why coming up with simple routines can make a difference; rather than letting the day control you, you are controlling the day.

Cooking Class with Chef Pablo

Many LW residents won’t be traveling or entertaining visitors this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean a special occasion meal has to be boring. Join Chef Pablo at 1 p.m. on Dec. 3 for a special virtual cooking class, sponsored by Alignment Health Plan, a Medicare Advantage plan. Go to http:// www.zoom.us/join; the meeting ID is 939 5565 4103, and the passcode is monarch. It is recommended that you sign in a few minutes early.

Zumba and Dance Fitness Clubs

Get off the couch! There are two low-impact dance clubs you can join, both of which meet at Veterans Park. Zumba Club meets on Mondays at 4 p.m., and the Dance Fitness Club comes together on Thursdays at 8:30 a.m. Both are free during the pandemic. 

For more information, contact Jim Blanchard at (714) 487-2446.

Connecting with the LW Weekly

The Leisure World Weekly office is closed to the public in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. Editors can be reached by phone and email. See page 4 of any edition for editors’ addresses or send emails to rutho_news@lwsb.com. 

People may drop articles and classified ads into the letter slot at the front of the News Building. 

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Balance & Stability Class

A Landmark Balance & Stability class is offered on Saturdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., on Zoom. Instructor Adrianne Rosenfeld teaches the free, 40-minute class that focuses on balance, shifting weight and cognizant activities. It broadcasts at around 4:20-4:40 p.m. every day on the Spectrum Cable Channel 1390 and is available on youtube.com.

Rosenfeld is certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Silver Sneakers, and Balance & Stability. Join the Zoom meeting by visiting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84982522530; the Meeting ID is 849 8252 2530. 

For more information, email arosenfeld1@verizon.net.

Meals on Wheels, Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach Inc. delivers freshly cooked meals Monday-Friday, between 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Deliveries include a hot dinner, cold lunch, dessert and an 8 ounce carton of 1 percent milk. The cold lunch may be an entrée salad or a sandwich with a small side salad. An alternate dessert is available for those on a diabetic diet. Contact Caron Adler at (562) 439-5000, ext. 2, or visit www.mowlb.org to complete an online application. To cancel a meal for the following day, you must contact Adler before 9 a.m. the prior business day. Menu is subject to change without notice. 

Thursday-Friday, Nov. 26-27: No delivery because of Thanksgiving. 

Monday, Nov. 30: Beef teriyaki, brown and wild rice, and Oriental vegetables; tropical fruit cup; chicken-salad sandwich, with spinach and tomato, plus homemade potato salad.

Tuesday, Dec. 1: Chicken breast with mushroom sauce, mashed sweet potatoes and seasoned broccoli; vanilla pudding; entrée turkey-and-ham cobb salad, with egg, tomato, bacon and blue cheese dressing, plus crackers.

Wednesday, Dec. 2: Stuffed bell pepper, garlic-and-chive mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables; apple sauce; turkey-and-cheese sandwich, with lettuce, tomato and pickle, plus creamy coleslaw.

Hot Meals Drive Through Program

The Hot Meals Drive Through program is available for residents of Orange County’s District 2, which includes Leisure World Seal Beach. Participants must be aged 60 and older, single parents or unemployed individuals or have disabilities. There are three sites open one day per week at which people may pick up two dinner meals. Qualified applicants must register in advance at www.ocmeals.com. Anyone requiring assistance in completing any step of the application process should email info@ocmeals.com or call (949) 335-7702.

Develop a grateful mindset

No matter how different this Thanksgiving is, mental health experts say maintaining a positive attitude improves not only mood, but also a person’s overall health. A 2016 study from the Harvard School of Public Health assessed more than 70,000 women at an average age of about 70 and found that those who were more optimistic had a lower risk of death.

One way to increase overall positivity is to develop an attitude of gratitude. And what better time to start cultivating such a mindset than Thanksgiving!

Here are some ways to count your blessings:

Start a gratitude journal: Turn a small notebook into a convenient way to remind yourself of all the good things in life. Each day, write down one thing that you’re grateful for. It could be as big as having a home or as small as a wave from a passing neighbor. On a day that you might be struggling, pull out the journal and read previous entries.

Send notes of appreciation: Write thank-you notes to friends, family, neighbors, etc. Maybe your neighbor helped you move a heavy bag, or maybe there’s a LW member who assisted you with a smile. The recipient may never realize those small gestures are worthy of praise. And reminding yourself of that moment is sure to lead to a smile.

Say “thank you” for ordinary tasks: It could be to the neighbor who helped you move a heavy bag, or maybe the receptionist at your dentist’s office or the cashier at the grocery store. You’re recognizing that someone simply doing their job makes your life better.

Create a collage: Put together photos of people you appreciate. If you don’t have photos, maybe use items that make you think of them. Whenever you encounter the collage or grouping, you’ll be reminded of all the wonderful people in your life and why you are thankful for them.

Give compliments: Find something nice to say to everyone you encounter, whether over the phone or in person. Once you start, it will become a habit, and soon, you’ll notice your spirit lifts when you lift up others.

Pray or send positive vibes: If you are religious, pray for your friends and loved ones. If you aren’t, meditate on those close to you. Whichever way you choose to focus on the people for whom you are grateful, that positive energy is sure to give you a boost, too.

Don’t forget to grant yourself grace and gratitude. At the end of the day, think about three things you did well. Whether you helped someone else or completed a household talk, be grateful for all the good you can do.



Lenora Browning, LW Resident. Phone 562-493-5457. Seal Beach Business License #BRN000. 12/31/20



By Helen

LW Resident. (562) 419-3557


Cosmetics, fragrances.

Shop for holiday now.

Business License #WEL0015. 12/17



Delivered to your door. 

LW daughter 

Sandy Vander Woudefikse.

(562) 618-8731. 12/10


CBD Joint Relief Body Cream

By Restoor Skin Essentials.

Gina, LW Resident.562-281-7103. Business License #MCQ0015. 12/31


P.T. Summer Job 2021, LW Live In ok, no job too small, good cook & company, Refs, 4th Gr T.A. St Hedwig’s, Miami Res, Son in Fullerton. 


Óscar Núñez, CPA, FL RE Broker

305-924-6733. 12/31


Mother and daughter team selling scentsy home and personal fragrance products.  Wickless candles, diffusers, essential scentsy oils, laundry care, cleaning care, fragrance for car, pets, kids and so much more!  Make great gifts for Christmas, housewarming, birthdays or any occasion.  Licensed collections such as Disney, NHL, NFL, Star Wars and more!  Check out our website:  miaandmommy@miaandmommyscents.us or call 

562-712-9632 or email miaandmommy@miaandmommyscents.org



Complete maintenance and landscape. Serving Leisure World since 1978. Planting, clean-ups, fertilization. New lawns, etc. Offering my services to all Mutual’s. Honest and reliable. State Contractor’s License #779462. Call 562-863-7739, 562-743-3832 or 714-527-1172.


Additions & Remodeling, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Windows, Tile & Stonework. State Contractor’s License #393071. 


(562) 596-7757. 03/31/22


JR HOME REPAIRS.  Quality work. Perfectionist, honest & reliable. Call JR 562-519-2764. SB Business License #JRH0001. 07/08/2021



General Contractor

Specializing  in  remodeling, Additions, Reconstruction, Window replacement and more! Call for a free estimate. 


License #954725. 04/22/21


We refinish your TUB/SHOWER to look brand new.

Convert to a WALK-IN SHOWER and/or raise seat.

Nu Kote 562-833-3911  

License #699080 

Serving LW since 1999. 12/10


Painting – Free estimates. 1 room or entire house & refinish kitchen cabinets. Call Jerry (714) 826-8636.

CA State License #675336. 01/21


Affordable – Professional, 

Licensed and Insured. 

Interior – exterior drywall repair, texturing, pressure washing, 

cabinets. Senior discounts. 

Cory Gee Painting 714-308-9931. 

License #1049257. 01/07/21



Interior Flooring Solutions

Hardwood floors, carpet, 

laminate, vinyl planks. 

25 years experience. 

Contractor License 1043763. 12/24




All Year Carpet Cleaning since 1988.

Call Tito (562) 658 – 9841.

State Contractors Lic. #578194.01/21




Licensed and insured.

Dan (562) 841-3787.

Seal Beach License #BRA0002. 12/17



I Clean Inside & Outside Or…

Clean Outside Only and Save $$$.

(562) 600-0014. LW Resident,

Rich Livitsky. Seal Beach 

Business License #LIV0004. 12/03

Leisure World 

Helping Leisure World

Y’s Service Club of the YMCA will assist residents with small non-professional jobs. We change light bulbs, clean air conditioner filters, hang a small picture or mirror, remove or place items on a high shelf, air bicycle tires, etc. Donations gladly accepted. Call weekdays between 9 am-5 pm, (562) 596-9906.




Offers FREE advice on buying and selling of your golf cart. 




Maria’s experienced caregivers, run errands, Dr’s appointments, cleaning, cooking, part-time, full-time, live-in. (562) 230-4648. Seal Beach Business License #CAM0006. 12/31/20


I am an experienced caregiver available to assist with daily care, doctor’s appointments, and errands. Available 24/7. 949-899-7770. 12/31



Referral Agency. Experienced, knowledgeable caregivers, honest, assertive, fluent English. Hourly/full-time, doctor’s appointments, errands. Bernadine 562-310-0280. Seal Beach Business License #BCS0002. Bonded/insured. 12/10/20


MOST AFFORDABLE RATE affordable rates with optimum service, 23 years experience LW, reliable, honest caregivers. Licensed, 24 hour, part time, doctors, appointments, references, fluent English. Ann 714-624-1911, Heidi 562-277-3650. Seal Beach License #HYC0001. 12/31/20



Over 20 years in Leisure World with Excellent References.  Hourly or Live-in. Please Call Pampet: 562-371-4895. Seal Beach License PAN0003 12/31


Do you need help getting things done? Call “your personal concierge.” Home organization, running errands, house/pet sitting, personal shopper, post ofice services and more! Reasonable rates. 

Call or text Lisa (949) 432-1877. 11/26


Elderly care. Live-in, live-out. 30 years of experience. Cooking, cleaning, medications, companions, doctors. Experience with dementia. Liensed by the state. 

Gloria 949-371-7425. 01/14/21


Tammy Nguyen Phenix Salon – Service in private suite. One customer, one hairstylist. Sanitized & professional. Haircut for men & women, shampoo, set, color, highlights, perm, nails & toenails. In-house service available. Tammy Nguyen. 13944 Seal Beach Blvd,  #116. (714) 425-4198. 11/26


In home hair care, serving the men and women of Leisure World for 36 years. Mel, cell: 562-480-9341. License #KC75538. 12/03


Stylish haircut at home. Countless clients w/referrals.  

Gabriel 562-708-3170. License #B50551. 12/24


Licensed Barber in your home. Sheer/clipper cuts, ears, nose, eyebrows, trim. $15. 562-565-3683. 11/26







Over 30 years Experience!

Seal Beach Business

License #AB0001. 12/10


Experienced housekeeper. I do weekly and monthly cleaning. 

Call 949-899-7770. 12/31


Patricia House Cleaning, weekly or monthly. Excellent referrals in Leisure World. 562-397-4659 Seal

Beach License LUC0001.12/31



Windows 10% off first cleaning

General housecleaning

Excellent referrals in LW

(562) 307-3861. 

20 years experience.

Seal Beach Business License gra0006. 12/17



We make your home sparkle! 7 days-call anytime! Complete cleaning. Seal Beach Business License #M0001A. Call 562-505-1613. 01/28


General housekeeping, 30 years of experience. Bi-weekly or monthly. Seal Beach License RAZ0002. Call Gloria 949-371-7425. 01/14/21


Maria House Cleaning

We’ll make your house look as

nice as possible! 15 years of

experience, We can work with your

schedule. Bi-weekly or monthly.

Deep cleaning.

Call or text 714-496-2885.

Bus. Lic #HER0008. 01/21




Everything for your computer (PC or Mac), cell phone, TV, stereo, any electronic device. 

Tina Schaffer. Seal Beach Bus.   

License #CIP0001 11/19


John’s Computer Services


Virus removal, Repair, Training,

Software, Wireless, Internet

Security. LW Resident

 SB License FUH0001. 01/21/21



Cars, motorcycle, truck – running or not. We are local – call anytime! We pay cash and remove promptly!We do DMV and Release of liability for you! Bonded/Licensed, since 1985! Call us so we can come out and give you a quote. 562-684-0901. 01/14/21

Electric CarTs/ Scooters/Mobile Chairs for sale

Golf Cars BUY SELL TRADE and REPAIRS. Call: 714-292-9124. 05/13/21


Need a lift? Pam Miller. 

LW Resident. 310-227-1258. 12/17


Rides by Russ

For over 5 years I have been 

giving all types of rides to 

Leisure World residents. 

Airports, doctors, shopping and errands. 714-655-1544. 12/17


Trailers FOR SALE


Installed at your residence. Call Frank 562-743-3832. State Contractor’s License #779462.




No job too small, fast, reliable, great prices. Seal Beach Business License

BRA0002. Dan: 562-841-3787 12/17



Your moving service, any size job. Call 310-387-2618. Business License RO263644. 12/17


Gem Quality UNCUT RAW TOURMALINE collection, all colors, for sale. Call for an appointment to see. 562-598-6121, feel free to leave a message for a return call. Mutual 15 resident. 11/26


Christmas boutique, Mutual 15, 1860 McKinney Way, 21A. You need it? We have it! Candles and more candles! Gifts for family and friends. Lights, ornaments, pictures & frames. Small Christmas trees, King size headboard, black with silver trim, rice cooker, Lane cabinets, yarn, Tiffany style light fixture and much much more. Masks and virus protocol required. 562-843-6963. 11/26


Two large sofas, one mirror & four chairs. 707-606-9577. 11/26


Like new portable Whirlpool dishwasher, full size. $300 OBO. 562-760-0181. 11/26


Christmas gifts sale – Friday & Saturday, 9 am – 3 pm. Call for appointment. My phone number was wrong in last week’s paper. Correct phone number is (562) 446-0303. Mask required. Doll collection from 3’ to 5” (like new), new bedding, new clothes. Great for gifts. Things that are not sold on Friday will be 1/2 price on Saturday. 11/26


Extra large medical bed, air mattress, Quicky wheelchair, hoyer lift, cough machine. By single piece or all. 

562-341-8470. 11/26


Wanted carport for rent to park a Sea-Doo. 425-647-1220. 

grossrick@msn.com. 12/03


Would like to rent a carport in Mutual 1. Carport space 7, 11 or 13. 

562-296-5339. 12/03


Coffee table 50” x 30” x 19”. Table for plants 28” x 28” x 17”. Tom Mutual 2-67G. 714-585-0464.


California King mattress. Three months old. 562-400-1553.