COVID19 Vaccine Pre-registration

COVID19 Vaccine Pre-registration Information

In an effort to continue distributing the Covid-19 vaccine in a fair and orderly manner to all Leisure World residents at upcoming clinics, the following procedures are being implemented:

  • GRF members, co-occupants, and renter/lessees may complete the form below if they have an email address. A family member, friend, or neighbor may submit this registration for a resident who is unable to do so.
  • Anyone who registered previously before February 5 and has not had their first shot must reregister now.
  • Your name will be added to a database of those who want the vaccination. If you are under 65, you will be entered into a separate database for when the vaccine is made available to you. If one person in a couple is under 65, it is preferable to register together for the later date, or to register separately if the older person needs to be vaccinated sooner.
  • If you had your first shot, do not re-register.
  • Each time we are advised that we will receive vaccine and another clinic can be held, names will be taken from the list at random by the system and the names chosen will be contacted for an appointment.
  • We will notify you by email if you registered by email of your appointment date and time. The email will come from Calendly. You do not need to sign up with Calendly; it is simply the appointment software we use.
  • When you are notified of your appointment, you must arrive for your vaccination on the date and time specified. There are no choices of times or dates.

 Please note:

  • Multiple submissions will be automatically removed from registration.
  • You must be available to take the second dose 3 weeks after the first dose.
  • Couples will be scheduled together by completing the one form with both names.
  • If you are unable to complete registration by email or telephone, contact Cindy Tostado at 562-431-6586 ext. 317 for a copy of the form

This pre-registration is for your name to be placed on a registration list only.    You will be contacted when you have an appointment date and time. You have not been given an appointment at this time.

COVID19 Vaccine Pre-registration Form