New Buyer Information Helpful Questions Monthly Fees

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Questions to ask when viewing units for sale:

  1. How large is the Mutual?
  2. What is the Reserve funding level for this Mutual?
  3. What is the monthly carrying charge for this Mutual?
  4. Has this Mutual every imposed a special assessment? If yes, why?
  5. Is the Mutual planning any major projects such as roofing, repiping, painting, etc.?
  6. What permits do I need to change anything inside my unit?
  7. Does this Mutual allow patios and patio covers?
  8. Does the Mutual allow lower carport cabinets?
  9. Does the Mutual allow carport rental?
  10. Does the Mutual have fines for failure to abide by policies?
  11. Does the Mutual have parking fines?
  12. Does the Mutual allow growing fruits and vegetables?
  13. Does the Mutual allow satellite dish installation?
  14. Does the Mutual allow Jacuzzi tubs?
  15. How much does the Mutual charge for laundry?
  16. How many guest passes does the Mutual allow per apartment?
  17. How many vehicles does the Mutual allow per unit?
  18. What kind of homeowner’s insurance should I carry? What limits?