Old Town SB

Exploring Old Town Seal Beach
Old Town Seal Beach is a picturesque seaside community nestled between Pacific Coast Highway and 1.5 miles of sandy shoreline. Mayberry by the Sea, as its affectionately known, features a classic Main Street with charming boutiques, and bustling restaurants, coffee shops and pubs that ends at Southern California’s second longest wooden pier.
Incorporated in 1915, the city has grown from a seaside vacation destination for inlanders to a friendly, relaxed mecca for surfers, shoppers and everyone in between. 
Swim, sun, surf and play: Come relax on sunny beaches with gentle waves and soft sand. Or take a leisurely stroll on the 1865-foot-long pier, which has been rebuilt three times since the original 1906 boardwalk was destroyed by winter storms. 
Eat, drink and be merry: There is something to everyone’s taste: bakeries, coffee shops, a deli, fine dining, ice cream, fudge, saloons and pubs. 
Shop the boutiques: Kites, garden supplies, antiques, seashells, home décor, even surfboards—you’ll find it all on Main Street, Seal Beach.
Jane’s Corndogs on Ocean Avenue features crispy dogs-and-cheese on a stick, and has outdoor seating.
Visit the Red Car Museum: The Red Car Museum, also known as the Pacific Electric Museum, is housed in Pacific Electric car No. 1734, a retired 1925 electric trolley service car used until 1950. It is located at the corner of Main Street and Electric Avenue. The museum is currently closed for repairs but for the latest scheduling information, contact sbhrf1915@gmail.com.
River’s End Park features a paved pedestrian/biking trail connecting the San Gabriel River Bike Trail to the First Street/Ocean Avenue intersection at the First Street Beach Parking Lot entrance.
The Electric Avenue Greenbelt is a few blocks from the ocean, with meandering sidewalks and benches for peaceful repose.