The GRF Transportation Department conducts monthly bus tours of Leisure World on the first Tuesday of each month for new and recently moved-in residents, but any resident is welcome.
Included are GRF clubhouses, Turtle Lake Golf Course, Mission Park and its activity courts and gaming rooms, the 1.8-Acre disposal and recycling area, as well as the Leisure World Library and the Main Gate bus station.
The 1.5-hour tour begins at the bus hub on the east side of the Amphitheater north of the Administration Building.
Stock Transfer can book tours when new buyers check in, or people can schedule one Click Here
For more information, contact Recreation at 562-431-6586, ext. 2707, or email
Security provides patrol services to address parking concerns and violations, document incidents in the community, conduct resident welfare checks, and assist local public safety agencies.
The Copy Center is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00am - 4:00pm in the Administration Building. Residents can request service at reception on the first floor, where they will be given a service-request form to fill out.
The Main Gate on Seal Beach Boulevard at Golden Rain Road is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. During the day, residents are flagged through a dedicated lane. Visitors must check in through a separate lane. During late evening hours, all traffic enters through a single lane. Once residents have granted access, visitors can enter through any gate.
Health Care Center
Since opening in 1962, Leisure World Seal Beach has offered on-site medical services to its residents. Optum is now the Medicare-approved healthcare provider. Its large building, in the heart of Leisure World, houses resident doctors, X-rays, laboratory services, a physical therapy clinic, optometry services, acupuncture and specialist care.
GRF’s Member Resource is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents. The office is located on the ground floor of the Administration Building adjacent to the Stock Transfer Office. On-site representatives from Orange County Adult Protective Services, Alzheimer's Orange County, and the Southern California Council on Aging are located at the Social Services Center on the ground floor of Building 5.
All provide confidential and free resources to help residents build individual coping skills and engage in social services networks for grief management, senior care, home assistance and life planning.
Leisure World Seal Beach is a gated community, with the GRF Security Services screening entry at all three community gates. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Security officers, aided by high-definition surveillance cameras and license plate recognition software, ensure only residents and authorized guests are admitted. Security also provides around-the-clock patrol services and response to community incidents and maintenance 
The GRF Service Maintenance Department provides efficient and reliable upkeep of GRF and Mutual equipment and assets. The department provides plumbing, electric, painting and carpentry, among other services.
Service calls that are considered urgent in nature are treated as same-day priorities. Lower priority calls are handled within 5-10 business days. Non-priority calls are assigned in the order received.
If immediate assistance is needed after hours, residents should contact Security Services at (562) 594-4754 and a technician will be dispatched. After-hours requests made to Security should be considered urgent in nature.  Urgent issues include water leaks, toilet, sink and shower stoppages and electrical issues.