Golden Rain Foundation:     (562) 431-6586

Jessica Sedgwick
Executive Director
ext. 312
Dave Potter
Executive Manager of Mutual Services
ext. 337
Sora Lee
Finance Manager
ext. 334
Ruth Osborn
Communications Director
Ext. 388
LeAnn Dillman
Sr. Director of HR
ext. 318
Marcelo Mario
IT Director
ext. 341
Taylor Greene
Library Manager
ext. 430
Jodi Hopkins
Sr. Director of Mutual Administration
ext. 315
Mutual Admin Manager
ext. 374
Grant Winford
Fleet Manager
ext. 372
Mark Weaver
Sr. Director of Facilities
ext. 301
Kevin Black
Physical Property Manager
ext. 365
Jesse Cripps
Recreation Director
ext. 350
Kathy Thayer
Recreation Manager
ext. 324
Ruben Gonzalez
Service Maintenance Director
ext. 366
Aaron Hensley
Service Maintenance Manager
ext. 295
Ruben Sandoval
Purchaser Manager
ext. 307
Victor Rocha
Security Services Director
ext. 371
Larry Norlander
Security Services Manager
ext. 105
Acacia Young
Sr. Director Internal Operations
ext. 477