About LWSB

Leisure World was the first major planned retirement community in the nation. The first residents moved in on June 6th, 1962. Today there are more than 9,000 shareholders and residents who represent over a third of a population of the City of Seal Beach.

The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF), a non-profit Davis-Stirling HOA, administers the shared Trust property and facilities owned by the 16 Mutual Corporations. The Mutual Corporations are the managers of the 16 residents communities within Leisure World. Mutual 17 is the only condominium association. Mutuals 1-16 are cooperative entities.

Each of the Mutuals has an elected, volunteer Board of Directors that manage the residential property. It also elects volunteer representation of the Golden Rain Board of Directors.

The Golden Rain Foundation Board makes policy and administers the Trust property for the Mutuals. They also oversee the functions of the approximately 250 persons who are employed by the GRF. There is a full-time Executive Director who oversees the departments serving the community. These departments are: Administration, Community Facilities, Finance, Golden Rain News, Human Resources, IT Services, Mutual Administration, Recreation, and Security.

The GRF Board operates through the GRF Admin Committee and eight standing committees: Architectural Design Review, Communications & IT, Finance, Governing Documents, Mutual Administration, Physical Property, Recreation, and Security, Bus and Traffic. The Committees work to facilitate cooperative community living within Leisure World.