GRF Project Updates


General – April 21st

The pool/locker room project contract was signed February 28, 2020. 16 days later March 15, 2020 the Governor of California closed the State. It is true the construction industry has worked through Covid-19 and has not stopped and is busier than ever. What is missing is the acknowledgement and empathy that people are being exposed to Covid-19 to realize lost workdays to quarantining, away from work and family, becoming ill with Covid – 19, that in some cases result in hospitalization, alone without family, with the worst outcome, not surviving. I hope consideration and empathy can be given to the reality that Covid- 19 has had a real impact on the Community and construction industry, and it is not business as usual.

Our team of staff and consultants has worked diligently from the beginning to keep all pieces moving forward to get what work that can be started, started. Work like demolition of pool, pool hole backfills and soil stabilization, 6” sewer line installed for Pool backwash, relocation of Gas Meter, working with SCE to get power to the pool equipment room, corroded electrical conduit replaced, and many other things.

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Golf Course

Weed Treatment – April 22nd

This is a message from Lawnscape today:

  • On the Golf Course today Lawnscape will be using the following broadleaf weed herbicides:
  • SpeedZone Southern & Vista. These materials are the exact same ones used for the turf in Mutual’s 3, 4, 7 & 11 for a number of years now.
  • They are specifically designed for use on both warm season and cool season turfgrass without any kind of browning.
  • There will be no browning of anything on the golf course except for the broadleaf weeds dying (There are a lot of them). No grass will be affected.
  • The Tee’s had the browning effect because we were killing a grass inside of a grass. The Tee’s were 90% – 95% pure Poa Annua and that’s the invading grass we went after to kill.
  • The entire Golf Course should have a Pre-emergent Herbicide application put down this September and again in November to help control Poa Annua coming up next year.

Tee Conditions – April 19th

  • Turf on Tees is a warm season Turf that goes dormant in the Winter.
  • Trees have been trimmed to increase the sun exposure on the Tees
  • Organic fertilizer with Micro nutrients were applied in anticipation of
    warm weather
  • Soil temperature needs to reach 55 55°at 4” below the surface to
    start growth.
  • The temperatures are warming up and we are seeing the
    results with new growth on the Tees

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General – April 14th

  • Tees and Greens priority to improve conditions as turf begins to grow.
  • Include Turf Management detail on Total Quality Checklist
  • Publish annual Calendar with Maintenance Activities
  • Track Tee soil temperature, moisture, and Ph
  • Add sprinkler where sprinkler is blocked by tree trunk
  • Close the course at 2PM on Thursday April 22, 2021 to spray weeds on the
    entire course.

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