WiFi Hotspots

Free wifi hotspots are available at each of the community Clubhouses and LW Library.  No password is required and residents are welcomed to look for the wifi signals called “GRF Guest”. After connecting, the user will be prompted to accept a terms & service agreement at the bottom of the webpage and then the user will be free to use the internet. Users attempting to connect to these wifi hotspots will have the strongest connections if they are within the building, but ranges can extend up to 50 feet of the building perimeter.

Location Wireless Network Name Physical Address
Clubhouse 1 CH1 1880 Golden Rain Road
Clubhouse 2 CH2 13681 El Dorado Road
Clubhouse 3 CH3East 1421 Northwood Drive
Clubhouse 3 CH3West 1421 Northwood Drive
Clubhouse 4 CH4 1419 Northwood Drive
Clubhouse 4 CH4_BOARD_DIAS 1419 Northwood Drive
Clubhouse 4 CH4_BACKROOM 1419 Northwood Drive
Building 5 Building 5 1661 “C” Golden Rain Road
Clubhouse 6 CH6 1661 “E” Golden Rain Road
LW Library LW Library 2300 North Gate Road
Administration Administration Conference Room 13531 St. Andrews Drive

* Notice: Please be cautious when connecting to any public wireless network. To keep your information safe, refrain from browsing sensitive data or performing financial transactions.