LW Chorale

The Chorale meets for rehearsals in Clubhouse 3, in either room 1 or 2, every Monday and Wednesday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 amthroughout the year.

Committee and Board Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis by the President.


The Leisure World Chorale Club is a cheerful group of singers, both women and men, who love music and love to perform. They rehearse under the leadership of Director Rhonda Sandberg. The Chorale presents five themed concerts in Leisure World per year including fund raising.  The Chorale is self-supporting through membership dues and individual donations. The specific goal of the Chorale is to make music from the heart that reaches the hearts of its audiences, performing all styles of music from every genre. The Chorale aims to entertain and to be entertaining while still maintaining the highest quality of excellence possible.

Concert Dates for the Chorale are:
Spring Concert – 3rd Saturday  in April
Fund Raiser/Ice Cream Social – 2nd Saturday in July
Showcase Concert – To Be Announced
Fall Concert – 3rd Saturday in October
Winter Holiday Concert – 3rd Saturday in December


The Chorale is gratefully supported by a volunteer Auxiliary Guild to help with ancillary tasks. This group, also consisting of both women and men who reside in LW, helps to plan and execute pre and post concert requirements. Their duties involve:

  • Ushering at the time of the concert.
  • Decorating and setting up stage hands.
  • Being the internal and external liaison for the Chorale.
  • Buying and serving refreshments.
  • Assisting with the design/layout of the concert to conform to the specific theme.
  • Performing other incidentals and tasks as they may arise.

Interested residents who would like to get involved with the Chorale for singing are encouraged to contact Rhonda Sandberg via email (Sandbearg@aol.com) or to call her at (562) 243-0047. Those who are interested in the Auxiliary should contact Anita Scott via email (aragole@yahoo.com) The happy experience with the Leisure World Chorale promises to be lots of fun and to open up new avenues that may not be found elsewhere, so don’t hesitate to call or email and get involved!