Golden Age Foundation Donor Wall Project

The Golden Age Foundation is sponsoring a new fund raising project to support the construction of a picnic area adjacent to the Multi-Use Courts that will be constructed in 2017 near Clubhouse 2. Personalized wall tiles and walkway bricks that will be mounted and or installed behind the Amphitheater are now available for sale. There are a limited number of tiles and bricks available. For more information, visit our website at or contact Lynn Baidack ( – 562-296-5342). The tiles and bricks make wonderful gifts and a unique way to leave a legacy in the community.

GRF 2016 Annual Report

Annual Report

“The governing year, 2015-2016, has been a very good year for the Golden Rain Foundation (GRF)! It was a pleasure and a privilege to serve as the Foundation President and to work, listen, discuss issues and laugh with my fellow board members as we worked together to make Leisure World an even better place to live and play for our nine thousand residents. It is humbling to realize how many hours were put into planning and implementing the many projects and day to day operation of our community from this group of Board members. Without these dedicated volunteers and their hundreds of hours of work, our monthly assessments would increase tens of dollars. A heartfelt thank you goes to ever one for their devotion and dedication.”

– Ronde Winkler, GRF President

Click here to read the 2016 Annual Report.