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Road safety

New speed cushions slow vehicles’ pace

by Nick Massetti

GRF Director

The first set of speed cushions has been installed on northbound Del Monte Drive near Sunningdale Road. They immediately set about their job of slowing traffic flow to improve pedestrian and driver safety. These devices are designed as small, raised traffic-calming devices similar to a speed bump but with channels spaced so that a fire engine can straddle them. By straddling the cushion, the fire engine is minimally impacted by the cushion and can maintain speed while traveling to an emergency. Normal vehicles have less space between their wheels and so they cannot avoid going over the bumps, and the word cushion does not describe the resulting experience. 

Getting this first speed cushion actually onto the pavement was a long road in itself. The proposal first came up at the September 2021 GRF Security Bus and Transportation Committee. 

Then in January 2022, the GRF Board of Directors approved an expenditure to have a traffic engineering firm study the feasibility and do the design work. 

The GRF Security Department had decided on the initial locations for the devices. At its September 2022 meeting, the GRF Board approved a bid to install five speed cushions meeting the design specifications. However, after a long series of delays by the contractor, they disclosed they had mistakenly underestimated the device cost and would only be able to provide a single speed cushion for the approved amount. 

Eager to see at least one of the devices in action, the GRF Board approved a change order in September 2023—that now has resulted in the first of these traffic calming devices actually being put to work in the community. 

This addition to Leisure World comes closely on the heels of the installation of three radar speed signs. Together, they will hopefully encourage drivers to observe the community-wide 25  mph speed limit. 

Pedestrian safety, as well as driver safety while entering and exiting vehicles parked along the roads, will be the primary benefit provided. 

Expect more to be added until observing the community speed limit becomes the norm and not the exception.


Election Canvassing Allowed

In this election year, concerned LW residents are reporting that representatives of both political parties are knocking on doors to get out the vote. Some people mistakenly believe this practice is banned in LW. But the GRF cannot legally keep citizens from entering the community and going door-to-door.

In 2002, the Supreme Court struck down a law that banned canvassing without a permit, even in gated communities. The ruling superseded any state or local law or the rules of any HOA community—gated or not.

Political canvassers need to advise Security in advance before they are allowed gate access. And there is a difference between soliciting and canvassing. Citizens canvassing for political reasons are not selling an item or asking for donations. It is likely that canvassers will be active through Election Day on Nov. 5. The Presidential Primary Election is March 5.


Monthly Bus Tour for New Residents

The GRF Transportation Department will conduct monthly 1.5-hour bus tours of Leisure World amenities and clubhouses on Tuesdays for new and recently moved-in residents. 

Stock Transfer can book tours when new buyers check in, or people can schedule one at https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/NewMemberBusTours@lwsb.com/bookings/.

For more information, contact Melissa Gomez at melissag@lwsb.com or 562-431-6586, ext. 326, or Kathy Thayer at kathyt@lwsb.com or 562-431-6586, ext. 398



GAF seeks LW centenarians for annual milestone celebration

The Golden Age Foundation (GAF) will host its fourth Leisure World Centenarian Celebration on Tuesday, April 23. GAF’s goal is to include every shareholder in LW who reaches this extraordinary point in life to be recognized and celebrated. 

People who know a LW shareholder who is or will be turning 99.5 years young in 2024 should call or text one of the numbers below. People should provide their long-lived friend, neighbor or family member’s name, mutual and unit number, and contact information to include them in the celebration. The GAF hopes to feature some LW centenarians’ stories in the LW Weekly.

People can provide information on centenarians to any of the following: Carl Kennedy at 661-810-9410;  Beth Greeley at 714-329-3621;  Cheryl Falconer at 714-904-1984;  Fara McCartney at 714-625-5141 or Anna Derby at 562-301-5339. 



The LW Library’s temporary location in Clubhouse 3, Room 8, has successfully opened with limited offerings and library services and materials.

Soon, Penn Corporate Relocation Services will begin to pack the library’s collection and shelves. The collection will be stored in Clubhouse 2 while renovations are underway.

In the two weeks after the library is packed, crews will begin painting and floor installation.

The library is expected to reopen in early February. New, extended library hours will be introduced at that time. The library will also be equipped with new computers for both patrons and staff. 

For more information about what materials are available at the temporary location, see page 12.



Police issue 11 citations, make two arrests at DUI checkpoint

The Seal Beach Police Department (SBPD) arrested two people and issued 11 citations to people for driving with suspended/revoked licenses or without a license at a DUI  checkpoint on Dec. 22.

The DUI checkpoint was held at northbound Pacific Coast Highway, north of the intersection with Balboa Drive, from 7 p.m.-3 a.m.

Police made contact with 327 vehicles and 1,001 vehicles passed through the checkpoint. Police performed seven field sobriety tests. Two people were arrested: one for an outstanding arrest and another for suspicion of public intoxication (Civil Code 647(f)).

DUI checkpoint locations are determined based on reported incidents of impaired driving-related crashes. The primary purpose of DUI checkpoints is to promote public safety by taking suspected impaired drivers off roads.

SBPD organized the DUI checkpoint with assistance from California Highway Patrol, Cypress Police Department, West County Community Emergency Response Team and SBPD Volunteers in Police Services personnel.

Funding for this checkpoint was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The next DUI checkpoint is scheduled for Feb. 3.



Learn about crisis intervention and more

A free New Year, New Connections event featuring a panel of experts, a community resource exhibit and information on crisis intervention techniques will be held Wednesday, Jan. 10, from 10 a.m.-noon in Clubhouse 4. Registration opens at 9:30 a.m. No reservations are needed.

The event was organized by The Council on Aging Southern California’s ReConnect Early Intervention Services for Older Adults (EISOA) program in partnership with the LWSB Member Resource Liason Office. 

For more information, contact Robann Arshat at 562-431-6586, ext. 317.



Letters to Editor


I’m sure the Republican Club did not add “America First” specifically because “it’s become the political slogan of white nationalist groups” (Letters, Dec. 21). What an unkind thing to imply.  

I believe in America first, as all Americans should. I doubt most Americans see that as a white nationalist slogan.

We have been blessed by God as the greatest nation ever, and America should always come “first.” I don’t care who says it. As long as they mean it!

Diane Stanton

Mutual 3


This is to answer Lee Hoyt’s letter (Dec. 21) with regards to the Republican Club’s recent name change. We added “America First” to emphasize our allegiance to our great country!

It has nothing to do with political slogans of white nationalist groups. There are, today, certain movements which attempt to destroy our  country and push toward a one world government.  We as a club are strongly opposed to that. We support and defend our right to exist as a sovereign nation.

We are one nation under God! Amen.

R. Gene Vesely

vice president, America First Republican Club


Setting It Straight 

The Jan. 11 meeting of the Emergency Information Council was moved to 1 p.m. due to a scheduling conflict. The 10 a.m. time is incorrect. The meeting will be at 1 p.m. in Building 5, Room B, on Jan. 11. (See the Community section for more about the meeting.)


Member Column—Laments of a Failed Dog Dresser

by Pat Kruger

LW contributor

When I moved to LW in 2018, I was struck by the number of dogs dressed in cute coats and sweaters, unlike anything I had ever seen before.

I have been lucky to have had dogs most of my adult life but never saw much need to dress them. I grew up in Minnesota, and dogs there survived well in much colder climates. This is California, my home since 1964, always sunny and warm.

I moved several years ago to the San Bernardino mountains where it got quite cold in the winter. One November day we had very heavy rain, and my two dogs needed to go out. I remembered that I had raincoats for them, never used, but available when we RV’ed to avoid wet dog smells in limited space. 

So, I dug their raincoats out and put them on them, and they looked darling, little black eyes peeking out of their hoods, and I “ooh” and “aah’d” over them.

I think their return gazes were more like, “What the heck is this?” Anyway, I opened the door to let them out and they wouldn’t go.  They weren’t little dogs so I couldn’t push them, so we had a standoff, ending with my taking off their raincoats, opening the door, and out they happily went.

I was mystified by this behavior and finally concluded that they had become teenager dogs and did not want any of their dog friends to see them in “cute raincoats” that their mother loved.

On another occasion, I put a smart green turtleneck on one of them, and she went out and then returned sans sweater, which was never to be found—probably got buried in a snow bank.

Several years later, I had a little dog, about 8 pounds, and we stayed temporarily in Banning, in the high desert while waiting for all the LW paperwork to be completed. It can be very cold in the desert in the winter, so I thought for sure my dog would love a little coat. 

No such luck.  She was inclined to snap when not in agreement with plans, so coats were out. But she did reluctantly wear a knitted scarf while always giving me that “how is a girl supposed to walk with this thing around my neck?” so we abandoned that plan.

When we moved to LW, we just told the stylish dressed dogs of LW that she didn’t like sweaters, but I had a little mother’s guilt about it.

She passed away this year, 2023, and I got another rescue dog, small, and I had hopes for her. 

I ordered a red and black vest for myself for the holidays and on the same page, they had a similar coat for a dog at a bargain price. Who could resist?

The tree lighting was on the holiday agenda, so I dressed my dog and myself in matching outfits and off we went. 

She is mostly blind, so she was a little overwhelmed with all the people, but we quickly got a photo in Santa’s chair, grabbed a delicious cookie and headed for home. 

I removed our matching outfits, and my little dog headed for her bed and remained there all evening, wanting nothing to do with me. 

Now this is a dog that has a built-in homing device and can find a vacant lap anywhere, so this was very unusual.

With due consideration the next day, I was forced to conclude that my ill-fated career as a dog-dresser was over. 

So please, don’t give me “that look” when you see her with just her fur on in cold weather.

I tried and I failed.



Mutual Meetings Schedule

Mutual residents are invited to attend the open meetings of their Mutual boards. The following is a tentative schedule. 

Thurs., Jan. 4 Mutual 17

Clubhouse 4/Zoom…………….1:30 p.m.

Mon., Jan. 8 Mutual 9 

Conference Room B/Zoom…….9 a.m.

Tues., Jan. 9 Mutual 16

Conference Room B/Zoom……..1 p.m.

Wed., Jan. 10 Mutual 4 (open forum 8:30 a.m.)

Conference Room B/Zoom…..8:45 a.m.

Thurs., Jan. 11 Mutual 12

Conference Room B/Zoom……..9 a.m.

Fri., Jan. 12 Mutual 3

Conference Room B/Zoom……..9 a.m.

Tues., Jan. 16 Mutual 14

Conference Room B/Zoom…….1 p.m.

Fri., Jan. 19 Mutual 15

Conference Room B/Zoom……..9 a.m.


GRF Meetings 

Golden Rain Foundation committee and board meetings are open to LW residents. The following is a tentative schedule. 

Thurs., Jan. 4 Operation Committee Meeting 

Conference Room A……………10 a.m.

Tues., Jan. 9 Member Services Committee Meeting

Conference Room A……………10 a.m.

Thurs., Jan. 11 Administration Committee Meeting 

Conference Room A……………10 a.m.

Tues., Jan. 16 Special GRF Executive Session

Conference Room A……………1 p.m.

Tues., Jan. 23 GRF Board Meeting

Clubhouse 4……………………10 a.m.

Thurs., Jan. 25 GRF Board Executive Session 

Conference Room A…………….1 p.m.

Tues., Feb. 6 Facilities Committee Meeting 

Conference Room A…………….10 a.m.

Thurs., Feb. 8 Operation Committee Meeting 

Conference Room A…………….10 a.m.

A quorum or more of the directors may be present, only to listen and observe, and no formal board action will be taken at committee meetings. Members will be provided an opportunity to address the committee.



Parking Advisory Ad Hoc is Feb. 1

The Seal Beach Citizen-Council Parking Advisory Ad Hoc Committee meeting will be held Thursday, Feb. 1, at 5:30 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at 211 Eighth St., Seal Beach, 90740. 

The meeting is open to the public and will be available online. For more information, visit www.sealbeachca.gov/Government/Agendas-Notices-Meeting-Videos.  

Public Comments at GRF Meetings

California law requires the Board to establish reasonable time limits for members to speak at meetings. (Civ. Code Sec. 4925(b).) 

Time limits are four minutes per speaker for 15 or fewer speakers; three minutes per speaker for 16-25 speakers; and two minutes per speaker for more than 26 speakers. 

California law also places significant limitations on how the Board responds to questions or concerns; most often the Board is unable to respond. (Civ. Code Sec. 4930.) 

To address the Board, submit a comment card at the meeting prior to it being called to order. Members may email correspondence to the executive coordinator at grfboardaction@lwsb.com.



Shuffleboard Club 

New year begins with open play leader help

The first general club meeting of the year is on Thursday, Jan. 11 at 9:45 a.m. in Clubhouse 1. There is a full agenda, with lots of items to catch up on. 

Twelve seasoned players have offered to assist new members to improve their skills on the courts. They will take turns by week to offer tips and strategies as new members practice playing games on Monday
and Wednesday mornings from 9-11 a.m. beginning Jan. 4.

These committed veteran members will be on hand to meet and greet the newcomers and do some fast-track training. In the past, new members or interested guests just practiced. However, it was felt new members could benefit more by actually playing and scoring games. It’s a great chance for new members to improve their skills by taking advantage of these tried and true coaches. 

For more information, contact Membership Coordinator Patty Peterson at 562-714-7072.

—Barbara Gardner


Next Men’s Golf Club general meeting is Jan. 9

Men’s Golf Club dues are now due. See Dave LaCascia at club tournaments or the next general meeting on Jan. 9 in Clubhouse 3, Room 1 or 2. 

The second Leisure World Men’s Golf Club tournament of the month was held on Dec. 27 at the Turtle Lake Golf Course. 

A total of 46 golfers teed off and played 18 holes on a very damp morning. With poor conditions only 19 of the 46 rounds were net at or under par, with just seven circle hole winners, but there were 43 birdies. 

The low gross competition was won by Bob Barnum at 4 under 50, followed by Bill Lyons, and Don Newhall. Best net score was Scott Tuchfarber at 6 under 48, then Barnum and Dale Williamson, at net 5 under 49. Lowest gross score was Barnum at 4 under 50. Closest to the pin on the second hole was Newhall at 1 foot 2 inches, and Jae. H. Lee at 3 feet 6 inches on the 11th hole.

All scores below are net (gross score minus handicap).

A flight winners (handicaps of 0-5): Barnum, 5 under 49, first place; Newhall, 4 under 50, second; Mike Mayfield, 3 under 51, third; Bob Turner, 1 under 53, fourth; tie between John Kolthoff, Thomas Kim and Bill Lyons, even par 54, fifth.

B flight winners (handicaps of 6-13): Williamson, 5 under 49, first place; Richard Yokomi, 2 under 52, second; tie between Bruce Bowles and Manny Miranda, 1 under 53, third; tie between Dennis McMonigle, Won Song and Hyon Shin, even par 54, fourth; Steve Walker, 1 over 55, fifth.

C flight winners (handicaps of 14-18): Tuchfarber, 6 under 48, first place; tie between Marv Jones and Jack Haskins, 2 under 52, second; Mark Tal, 1 under 53, third; Darry Holtzen, even par 54, fourth; tie between Kevin Lindstedt and Ryan Hong, 1 over 55, fifth.

The next men’s tournament will be on Jan. 10 and every second and fourth Wednesday of each month. The Guys and Gals Tournaments will be on Jan. 17 and 31. Those who had planned to play and cannot should contact Alan Sewell at 541-324-8558 or Dave LaCascia at 801-674-5975 as soon as possible. Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled tee time and be ready to play.

—Dave LaCascia


Men’s Golf League

On Dec. 22, 10 golfers from the Leisure World Men’s Golf League braved the extremely wet Riverview Golf Course in Santa Ana. 

There were rain showers for the last three holes, but the golfers’ enthusiasm wasn’t dampened. Even with the weather, six of the 10 scores were net at or below par, and there were six birdies—two each by Fujio Norihiro and Clay Fischer, and one each by Sam Choi and Bill McKusky. Norihiro also had fewest putts in the A flight, and McKusky
in the B. Norihiro was closest to the pin on the 140-yard second hole, and McKusky was closest on the 100-yard ninth hole. 

A flight winners (handicaps 0-19): Norihiro, 3 under 61, first place; tie between Gary Stivers and Fischer, 2 under 62, second; tie between Choi, Chris Lankford, and Jim Goltra, even par 64, third.

B flight winners (handicaps 20 and over): McKusky, 5 under 59, first place; tie between Lowell Goltra and Bob Munn, 1 over 65, second; Steve Tierney, third.

The Monday and Friday golf leagues play at four local courses, all within 15-20 minutes of Leisure World. The courses the group plays are always quite full, so advance league reservations are required with a sign-up sheet available at each round.

There is a prize pool for each round that players are not obligated to enter. Rewards are given for low net in each flight, birdies, closest to the pin on
two par threes, and for the lowest number of putts in each flight. Holes-in-one and
eagles (two under par), although infrequent, are generously rewarded.

Those interested in playing can contact Gary Stivers at 714-313-3697 or Dave LaCascia at 801-674-5975.

—Dave LaCascia


LW Women’s Golf Club

The LW Women’s Golf Club’s weekly tournament had 25 golfers participating. The women played for low gross, low net and chip-ins, which means the player gets the ball in the hole from off the green.

A flight winners: Low gross: Zoe Pickell, 28; low net: Susie Kim, 25. MaryAnn Moore had a chip-in on hole No. 3.

B flight winners: Low gross: Marilyn Hewitt, 31; low net: Sang An, 27.

C flight winners: Low gross: Keiko Sekino, 34; low net: Patty Littrell, 29. Sun Lee had a chip-in on hole No. 2.

D flight winners: Low gross: Kay Hong, 32; low net: Elizabeth Butterfield, 24. Liz Meripol had a chip-in on hole No. 7.

 Anyone interested in joining the Women’s Golf Club
can obtain an application from the golf course starter or
contact Margie Thompson at 562-493-0484 for more information. 

—Liz Meripol


Duplicate Bridge Club

The Leisure World Duplicate Bridge Club meets on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays in Clubhouse 1 at 12:30 p.m. Reservations can be made at any game using the sign-up sheets. Players can call Linda Nye at 562-453-6678 or email her at yuelingnye@yahoo.com no later than 10 a.m. on game day. Arrive by 12:15 to confirm reservations.

Dec. 1 winners (eight and a half tables): Alan Olschwang and Linda Nye, and Howard Smith and Glenn Berry, north/south; Kar-Yee Nelson and Sue Fardette, and Thad Mikols and Shmuel Fisher, east/west.

Dec. 22 winners (five and a half tables): Larry Topper and Lynn Danielson, and Carol Murakoshi and LaVonne McQuilkin, north/south; Kar-Yee Nelson and Aarlyn Glenn, and John Hagman and Sue Boswell, east/west.

For complete results go to www.acblunit557.org and click on Leisure World Results. 

For more information contact Howard Small at 516-659-3314 or howard.small@outlook.com. 

—Sue Fardette


Cribbage Club

Irene Perkins earns perfect score

The Leisure World Cribbage Club meets each Tuesday in Clubhouse 1. Membership dues for 2024 are $5. An additional dollar is collected from each week at the table before play begins. Members are encouraged to come by 12:15 p.m. Announcements are shared at 12:25, with games beginning soon after.

Irene Perkins earned her first star by winning all seven games played and achieving a perfect score of 847. Don Kramer came close to a perfect day with a score of 845; Julie Milburn, 837, third; Potsy Frank, 828, fourth. Three members won six of seven games —Hoppy Hopkins, Candy Meyers and Joan Berg.

Cake and ice cream were served by Midge Bash and Carrie Kistner. Refreshments were provided by Gene Smith in celebration of his birthday later in the week. Melinda Cowan provided huge bowls of mixed nuts and candy. 

The club thanks all the members for making 2023 a great year. New members are always welcome. For more information, contact Marilyn Chelsvig at 562-279-5665. 

—Marilyn Chelsvig


Pickleball Club to meet Jan. 7

The Pickleball Players Club will hold its monthly meeting Jan. 7 in Clubhouse 2 at 6:30 p.m. Free beginner lessons are every fourth Tuesday of the month at 10:30 a.m. with Jim Thomason at the Clubhouse 2 courts.


Pinochle Club

The Pinochle Club meets on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays in Clubhouse 1 from noon-4 p.m.

Dec. 4 winners: Don Walton, 12,620, first place; Jim Campbell, 10,720, second; Suzanne Parkes, 10,660, third; Donna Gorman, 10,480, fourth.

Dec. 7 winners: Kathie How, 13,270, first place; Angelique Perkins, 11,710, second; Gene Smith, 9,910, third; Alma Zamzow, 9,640, fourth.

Dec. 9 winners: Nancy Wheeler, 11,980, first place; Joan Taylor, 11,150, second; Gayle Colden, 10,310, third; Irene Perkins, 10,300, fourth.

Dec. 11 winners: Marge Dodero, 12,770, first place; Dan Habel, 11,990, second; Peggy Kaspar, 11,330, third; Gene Smith, 11,340, fourth.

Dec. 14 winners: Marge Dodero, 12,100, first place; Lynne Sorum, 11,890, second; Curt Rogers, 11,010, third; Gene Smith, 10,670, fourth.

Dec. 18 winners: Mary Messersmith, 11,060, first place; Don Kramer, 10,250, second; Julia Troise, 9,500, third; Dan Hbel, 9,415, fourth.

Dec. 21 winners: Nita Dixon, 11,790, first place; Peggy Kaspar, 11,200, second; Melinda Cowan, 11,010, third; Antonia Zupancich, 11,000, fourth.

For more information, contact Antonia Zupancich at 760-427-2731.



Hui O HULa

Club will hold beginners class twice a week in January

Hui O Hula, the LW Hawaiian dance club, offers hula lessons twice a week upstairs in Clubhouse 6 on Tuesdays, and at Veterans Plaza on Thursdays.  Both classes start at 1 p.m.  

Having fun dancing together is key.  All—including men—are welcome to take learn or to audit the class. Senior dancers/hula sisters are happy to share their hula skills and knowledge with the malihini/newcomers. 

Dancing hula barefoot is a requirement; one may bring a pair socks or soft “booties” for hula practices. Dancing in chairs, called hula noho in Hawaiian, is acceptable.

The aloha spirit surely prevailed with the hula during the holiday season. The club gives a big mahalo/thanks to the dancers who took time to spread Christmas cheer to others, as well as the Recreation Department for the opportunity to enter GRF’s Christmas tree decorating contest.  Under Libby Bond, Lori Chamberlin, and Yo kishi’s leadership, 10 dancers signed up to help.  The club was thrilled when its tree received first prize. Last week, at the mahalo lunch, each decorator received a “gold metal.”

In January, a class for beginners will be offered on both Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  The approximately hour-long classes start at 1 p.m. and will cover basic steps and simple to follow hula dances. A new hula will also be taught to the rest, after the class for beginners. For more  information, call 562-252-9676.

—Jojo Weingart


Grab ‘n’ Go Food: Jan. 4-10

Thursday: Domino’s Pizza at Clubhouse 6—Call ahead at 562-493-2212 for special orders, wings and salads. The truck is onsite from 3:30-7 p.m. Cash and cards are accepted. 

Monday: Lucille’s Smokehouse BBQ at Clubhouse 6—No preorders are accepted. The truck will be onsite from 3-6 p.m. Only cards are accepted.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday at Clubhouse 6—Enjoy Mexican favorites plus hot dogs, burgers and fries from 5-7 p.m. Cash and cards are accepted. No preorders are allowed. 

Wednesday: Italian Burger at Clubhouse 6—Enjoy burgers, stead, chicken and loaded fries with an Italian accent from 4-6 p.m. Preorders are accepted by email at info@italianburgergrill.com or by texting 424-299-6291. Cash and cards are accepted. 

On-call bus service is available from 4:30 p.m.; regular service before 4:30; and weekends on-call any time. Call a ride at 562-431-6586, ext. 379.

Vendors are subject to change. Watch LW Live for updates. Sign up for email notifications at www.lwsb.com/lw-live-sign-up/. To ask questions or give feedback, call 562-431-6586, ext. 398, or email kathyt@lwsb.com.


entertainers club 

Carefree Highway Concert

The Entertainers Club proudly presents Carefree Highway, a vocal/acoustic guitar duo featuring Mutual 6 resident Mike Simpson and Jim Nau, in concert on Friday, Jan. 5, in Clubhouse 4 from 7-8:30 p.m. as part of its ongoing “TGIF, First Fridays” concert series. 

Carefree Highway showcases soft rock hits from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and more.  

Guests are invited to bring their own refreshments.  The concert is free but tips are appreciated.



Rock and roll into the new year at this Hump Day Dance Party

The Pickleball Players Club will host its first monthly Hump Day Dance Party of 2023 on Wednesday, Jan. 10, from 5:30-8 p.m. in Clubhouse 2. The Legends of Rock (LoR) Dance Band, made up of LW musicians, will perform rock and roll dance tunes at the event. Entry is free but donations are appreciated by the band. 

The Legends of Rock Dance Band features Leisure World residents Jon Pearlstone, Laura Gardner, Tony Burris, John Sanchez, Andre Du Somme and  Ziggy Romano.  Bass player and singer Bob Groncki will be back with LoR later in January. 

LoR is a group of experienced pros who play all over LA and Orange County.  LoR  plays hit dance tunes from rock and roll history from the 1950s into the 1980s. The event is BYO-Everything.


Community Karaoke

On Dec. 27, with big smiles while rocking to the beat, Sherlene Wallis and Elizabeth Butterfield, sang “And The Beat Goes On.”

Vinny Correnti enjoys singing at Wednesday night karaoke along with his troop of good friends.

Walter and Sue Piippo also did a peppy duet, “Stuck in the Middle With You.” Some smooth sounding ballads were sung by Ren Villaneauva, Donald Horning ,Tony Tupas and Wayne Urban. In the theme for the new year, Mariza Joaquin sang a lovely “That’s What Friends Are For.” 

Julie Nulad, Barbie May and Erika Greenwood delivered other fine tunes depicting friendship.  The final question, “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?” was well done by Karen Morris. To close out the evening, the remaining folks belted out “Auld Lang Syne.” Audience members returned home feeling happy while humming a favorite tune.

Karaoke nights are held each Wednesday evening in Clubhouse 1 beginning at 5:30.  A small group practices a variety of selections each Monday in Clubhouse 6 from 1-3 p.m.  Everyone is welcome.

—Margie Thompson


Saturday Morning Dance Class 

There are two dance classes every Saturday morning in Clubhouse 6 (second floor). In January the classes are cha-cha at 9 a.m., followed by Foxtrot at 10. Each class is $7 per person. The class participants vote on new dance topics every month. Prior dance experience is not necessary and partners are not required.  For more information, contact Howard Small at 516-659-3314.


Leisure Time Dancers

The Leisure Time Dancers hold classes on Monday afternoons in the dance studio, upstairs in Clubhouse 6. Classes will resume Jan. 8. The Hustle will be the new dance at 2 p.m., followed by a continuation of the Rumba at 3. Beginners are welcome. 

 No partner is necessary. The class will rotate so everyone dances. A review of basics is included. The cost is $8 per person for one class; $12 per person for two classes in a single day. For more information, contact Nancy Lyons at nhlyons@icloud.com.



The CD Music for Seniors Club held its holiday party in December in Clubhouse 3. It was a great time with friends, music, food, CDs and some piano music played by Vito Villamor (pictured). The club thanks the planning committee: Irma Contreras, Amy Walker, Don Miller, Mary Solomon, Susie Nadell, Betty Buldan and May Crozier. The club will meet Thursday, Jan. 18, in Clubhouse 3, Room 3, at 1 p.m. All are welcome.


Restaurant Review

Leisure World residents are welcome to submit reviews of their favorite restaurants. Reviews should include the writer’s full name, contact information and a Mutual number. Make sure the restaurant’s name, telephone number, address and operating hours are included in the review, which are subject to editing and will be run as space allows. Email them to emmad@lwsb.com.


13956 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach, CA 90740


Hours: Seven days a week, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. 

by Barry Allen

LW Contributor

Their menu consists of basic American fare and is done well. My dinner partner enjoyed liver and onions which, as she said, was quite good. I enjoy their hamburgers. They come with French fries or sweet potato fries for just a bit more. My dinner companion was surprised at how extensive the menu is and how economical the prices are. 

Frank, the owner, has owned it for 41 years. It was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a bar and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor patio dining. Frank keeps water dishes for pets and service animals in the patio. There is free parking and the restaurant is accessible by Leisure World bus. 

While this is not gourmet dining, we enjoy it for dinner during the week. The dining room is quiet. You can have a conversation without shouting. The bar is in a different room and is quite cozy. I look forward to seeing you there.



GRF will host dances every Saturday in January

People who love music and dancing can enjoy a month of music right here in Leisure World. The schedule is as follows:

Big bang swing on Jan. 7 and 21 in Clubhouse 4 

The Velvetones Ballroom Dance Orchestra is Leisure World’s own professional big band, playing big band swing and jazz standards.  The Velvetones play regularly at Clubhouse 4 on the first and third Sunday evenings, and the band will return on Sunday, Jan. 7 and the 21 from 6-9 p.m. in Clubhouse 4.

Vinyl Rock on Jan. 13

The Cabaret Entertainers will present Vinyl Rock on Saturday, Jan. 13, in Clubhouse 4 at 7 p.m. All are welcome but guests must be accompanied by the resident who invites them. 

Vinyl Rock is an Orange County-based band consisting of eight members who passionately perform classic rock, pop and Motown tunes primarily from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. The band keeps the audience engaged, inviting them to participate in sing-alongs and mingling with them on the dance floor. They’ll have everyone smiling, singing, swinging and swaying to the songs they grew up listening to. The show is free to GRF members and their guests (over 18).  Leisure suits, Fu Manchu ‘staches, mullets and big hair are welcome, but not required.

Country rock on Jan. 27

Abilene will host its monthly dance on Saturday, Jan. 27, in Clubhouse 2 at 7 p.m.

Abilene is Seal Beach Leisure World’s No. 1 country rock band going strong for  over 20 years. Terry Otte leads Abilene and shares singing duties with Tina Schaffer. Rounding out the group are guitarist Rod Anderson, drummer Jim Greer and bassist Doug Decker. Doors open at 6:30 and the music goes till 9.

GRF dance rules:

• No table saving. You may bring your own snacks.

• Attendees must be out of the clubhouse no later than 10 p.m. to permit adequate time for the custodian to tear down the setup and arrange the setup for the following day.

• No announcements are permitted from the stage, except by the bands

• Clubhouse lighting and audio-visual equipment can only be adjusted by the custodian according to the instructions they have been given

• Be sure to sign in, either as a resident or guest, in the proper spot. This is the only way GRF can judge the popularity of your favorite bands.


cabaret entertainerS

Cabaret will debut new show on Jan. 6 in CH 2

The Cabaret Entertainers are hitting the road with their new show “Destinations” on Jan. 6 in Clubhouse 2. 

Doors open at 5 p.m.; the show starts at 6. The group has a great musical lineup with favorite singers, plus Eric Nelson as emcee and the funny Adrianne Rosenfeld, formerly from the Comedy Club, as a special guest. People are encouraged to bring their favorite beverages and snacks.


Art League

The Leisure World Art League will meet Jan. 9, in Clubhouse 4 at  7 p.m.. The guest artist is John “Jim” Salchak. He last demonstrated for the club in October 2022. He is also at times can be seen attending our monthly meetings. Jim will not do a painting demonstration at this meeting but rather will do a lecture/slide presentation on the works of an American painter, John Singer Sargent.

Jim Salchak has been captivated by the medium of watercolor for over 40 years. His paintings have been shown in numerous local and national juried exhibitions, including the American Watercolor Society, National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Jim is a signature member and past president of both the National Watercolor Society and Watercolor West and has also achieved signature membership in the Nevada and San Diego Watercolor Societies. His paintings have been published in the Best of Watercolor, People in Watercolor and Watercolor Expressions. 

Here’s a brief description of the lecture as written by Jim.

“This lecture, illustrated with approximately 80 images, will overview the life and career of artist John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) and will focus on his watercolors painted between 1900 and 1922. Art historians agree that his virtuoso watercolor “snapshots” painted after 1900 are among his masterpieces and account for his reputation as one of the greatest American watercolorists.”

John Singer Sargent, the son of an American doctor, was born in Florence, Italy in 1856. He studied painting in Italy and in France where his family moved to when he was 18. In 1884, he caused a sensation/scandal at the Salon de Paris (the most prestigious annual or biannual art event in the world from 1740-1890) with his painting of Madame Gautreau. Exhibited as “Madame X,” people complained that the painting was provocatively erotic. The scandal persuaded Sargent to move to England, where he established himself as a leading portrait painter.

The highest price for a Sargent painting was sold for $23.5 million in December 2004 at Sotheby’s. The painting was called “Group with Parasols (A Siesta) (1905).”

Art League members should come early, especially if they are submitting art to the competition. All artworks must already be on display or hanged by 6:30 p.m. to be considered for judging. The popular vote theme for this meeting is “WINTER”.

The club will collect payments in cash and check for the 2024 membership dues renewals at this meeting. The dues are $20 per person, $25 for a couple. People who are 90 years old and above are honored with a “Lifetime Member” designation and no payment is required.

—Larry Sioson



Gordon Smith

The Drone Club wishes everyone a happy new year. The group is happy to answer questions and welcome new members. Drone ownership is not necessary to join. Pictured are several members out enjoying the moderate weather at the Beach House off First Street. For more information, contact Joseph Valentenetti at 0501042@gmail.com.



Thirteen members of LW Korean Community Church’s Team 5 (Faith) family—led by leader Jo-Ann Jo and assistant team leader: Jae-Hwa Choi, Ho-Yeon Lee) visited the neighboring Huntington Harbor Holiday Lights Cruise for Christmas. The beautiful Christmas boat tour offered sights of colorful lights and beautiful displays for about 50 minutes.

Photo Arts Club meeting will focus on reflections

The Photo Arts Club will meet Thursday, Jan. 11, at 1:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 9.

The assignment is photos of “reflections” with a camera or iPhone; that could be reflections on water, glass, mirrors, puddles or any shiny surfaces.

People should email three of their best photos to Ben Benjamins at benbenjamins@hotmail.com at least three days prior to the meeting. The submissions will be reviewed at the meeting. 

People can also bring photos of their choice to be displayed and to be commented on.

A Facebook page has been created for all LW residents interested in photography.  On Facebook, look for “Photographic Arts Club of Leisure World.”  This is a private page to avoid outside ads or comments. To join, hit the “Join” button, and LW residents will be approved. People are encouraged to post their favorite photos.  In the “comments” section, people can ask questions about cameras, iPhones or photography in general. A quick response will be provided.

Hooks and labels will be available for members to use to hang framed photos in the hall of Clubhouse 3.

Individuals with technical or other questions will be paired with someone who can help them for individual discussion after the meeting.

Everyone is welcome.

For information about the club, call Regine Schumacher at 562-430-7978.

—Regine Schumacher



Books, audio and visual materials available at 

temporary library

The library has re-opened in a temporary location in Clubhouse 3, Room 8, while the main library undergoes renovations. 

A selection of new and popular books, audio, and visual materials are available for checkout, and many of the library’s magazines and all of its newspapers are available for reading.

Library materials checked out prior to the closure of the main library will continue to be due at their regular due dates. Residents can either return the items in the same book drops they have always used or visit inside the temporary location in Clubhouse 3.

This temporary library location will operate Monday-Friday from 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Some of the library’s regular services such as faxing, copying and patron computers, will be unavailable at the temporary location.


seal beach guitar ensemble

Jon Ramage is a member of the Seal Beach Guitar Ensemble. He moved to Leisure World 2 years ago and found one of the club’s classic guitar classes. He was eager to join and learn. He said he is excited to come every week, as learning the guitar is both fun and challenging.




Dancing Feet Club will resume its Monday line dance lessons and practice Jan. 8, from 7-9 p.m., and fourth Sunday social (ballroom) dance Jan. 28, from 6-9:30 p.m. Both events are held in Clubhouse 2. Everyone who has the passion for dancing is invited. Come dressed to impress and bring favorite snacks and drinks. Alcohol is not allowed. There is no fee. For more information, text Ed Bolos at 551-998-4223 or email edgbolos@gmail.com.



Joyful Line Dance Club meets on Thursdays in Clubhouse 2 from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. with a special class for newbies from 10-10:30 a.m. All attendees are asked to sign in with their name, Mutual and unit number before the class. Everyone is welcome to join with the minimal membership fee. Exercise or dancing shoes are recommended. For more information about the club, call Anna Derby at 562-301-5339.



Manage falls with a Matter of Balance

The Orange County Office on Aging will present an award-winning program, a Matter of Balance, designed to manage falls and increase activity levels in older adults. Two-hour classes are held every Wednesday through Feb. 3, from 9-11 a.m., at the Fire Station 48 Community Room, 3131 North Gate Rd., Seal Beach, 90740.

Everyone who has fallen in the past or interested in improving balance, flexibility and strength is welcome to attend this free program. For more information, call Anthony Nguyen at 562-431-2527, ext. 1344 or email anguyen@sealbeachca.gov.

—City of Seal Beach


Meals on Wheels Orange County

Meals on Wheels Orange County in partnership with the city of Seal Beach is hosting The Lunch Cafe at the North Seal Beach Center, 3333 St. Cloud Dr., Seal Beach, Monday-Friday, from 11 a.m.-noon. It is open to anyone 60 or older. Suggested contribution is $3. Guests under 60 can enjoy lunch for $5. 

LW Minibus service is available for a pick up at 10:25 a.m. at the Amphitheater bus stop on St. Andrews Drive, with a drop off at the Community Center. The Minibus returns to the Amphitheater at 11:40 a.m.

Thursday, Jan. 4

Zuni corn soup with sugar-free crackers, poppy seed chicken, pasta salad, harvest salad (spring mix, cranberries and almonds), balsamic dressing, whole wheat crackers, and sugar-free fruited gelatin.

Friday, Jan. 5

Vietnamese diced chicken with lemongrass sauce, brown rice, Japanese vegetable blend, and sugar-free pudding.

Monday, Jan. 8

Mexican corn soup with sugar-free crackers, signature chicken salad, barley mushroom salad, whole wheat dinner roll with Smart Balance, and canned peaches.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Vegetarian lasagna, three-way tossed salad with balsamic dressing, broccoli and cauliflower, whole wheat crackers (two packs), and sugar-free apple crisp.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Chinese orange chicken with orange sauce, brown rice, spinach, orange juice, and sugar-free pudding.


Laughing for the Health of It

Everyone is invited for an hour-long session of fun and laughing for no reason with others on Wednesday, Jan. 10, at 1:30 p.m. in the HCC Conference Room.

Laughter draws people together, boosts mood, diminishes pain, and protects from stress. Participants will leave with smiles on their faces and a song in their hearts. Best of all, it’s fun, free and non-fattening. 

Bev Bender is a certified laugh leader who helps people improve their lives through laughter.


Meet Optum HCC pharmacy staff

Optum’s HCC pharmacy reopening is just around the corner, which means LWers get to meet their new pharmacy technicians. Pharmacist Vickie Tsay is looking forward to building relationships with residents, meeting their needs, and making their experience easy and enjoyable.

A Cal State Fullerton graduate, Tsay was motivated by many of her family members working in the medical field to become a pharmacist. She has a passion for helping people and particularly the elderly.

In her free time, Tsay enjoys family time, trying new restaurants, traveling and sports.  

For medicine transfers, call 714-557-2982, TTY 711.

—Adrienne Flores


Balance and Stability Club

The Balance and Stability Club now meets on Tuesdays in Clubhouse 3 Lobby at 10 a.m. Bring a water and a smile. 

For more information, contact Adrianne Rosenfeld at 562-397-1519.


Free Memory Screening

On Saturday, Jan. 13, Alzheimer’s OC will have a free appointment-based memory screening event for LW residents in Optum HCC from 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. 

To schedule an appointment, call 1-844-373-4400.



Living with chronic conditions workshop

Adults with an ongoing health condition are welcome to attend a six-week workshop to learn how to control pain, stress and anxiety; eat healthy and stay active; manage their health; and talk to doctors, family and friends. This free workshop is presented by the Orange County Office on Aging. 

The classes are held every Wednesday through Feb. 7, from 1:30-4 p.m., at the Fire Station 48 Community Room, 3131 North Gate Rd., Seal Beach, 90740.

For more information, call 1-800-510-2020, go to www.cahealthierliving.org/orange or contact Anthony Nguyen at 562-431-2527, ext. 1344, or email anguyen@sealbeachca.gov.

—City of Seal Beach


Meals on Wheels Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach, Inc., delivers freshly cooked meals for $10.50 per day Monday-Friday, between 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Deliveries include an 8-ounce carton of 1 percent milk. 

Contact Client Manager Caron Adler at 562-439-5000, ext. 1, or visit www.mowlb.org to complete the application or cancel a meal for the following day, before 9 a.m. the prior business day.

Thursday, Jan. 4

Roasted turkey with sage gravy, cornbread stuffing, brussels sprouts, tangerine, roast beef and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickle, and homemade macaroni salad.

Friday, Jan. 5

Spaghetti and meatballs with marinara sauce, whole grain roll, seasoned broccoli, fresh pear, turkey and ham Cobb salad with egg, tomato, bacon, blue cheese dressing, and crackers.

Monday, Jan. 8

Chicken enchilada casserole with red sauce, pinto beans, seasoned cauliflower, apple sauce with cinnamon, tuna salad sandwich with spinach and tomato, and homemade macaroni salad.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

Swedish meatballs with garlic cream sauce, egg noodles, seasoned broccoli, carrots, chocolate pudding, chicken salad with kale, shredded brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, balsamic dressing and crackers.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Hawaiian chicken with pineapple, brown and wild rice, brussels sprouts, almond cookies and fortune cookie, ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich with lettuce, tomato and pickle, and creamy cucumber salad.



The Ballet Fitness class meets on Saturdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in Clubhouse 6 Mirror Room. Everyone is welcome.



Golden Age Foundation 

GAF donates $36,000 to subsidize Meals on Wheels Long Beach food service

by Anna Derby

LW contributor

The Golden Age Foundation (GAF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization serving the community for over 50 years, recently donated $36,000 to Meals on Wheels of Long Beach (MOWLB). Its staff and volunteers expressed their gratitude for the generous grant last week. 

The funds will be used to fully subsidize meal service for low-income residents of Leisure World who are homebound and suffering from food insecurity.  

MOWLB provides home-delivered, nutritionally balanced and freshly prepared meals for those who are  unable to shop and cook for themselves. 

The MOWLB program is available to all Leisure World residents who are having difficulty cooking or shopping for meals due to an illness or recent surgery or at home due to COVID-19. 

Over the past 10 years, this service has steadily grown in Leisure World. Two freshly prepared meals—a hot dinner, complete lunch, dessert, and a beverage—are delivered every weekday with a friendly visit  and wellness check to over 100  residents. 

Deliveries are made by caring and trained community volunteers. 

Volunteers provide a valuable social connection for those residents who are isolated and alone. 

The goal for MOWLB is to help its clients remain safe, socially connected, and nourished at home for as long as possible. 

The program is always looking for new volunteers to help deliver to LWSB residents. 

For more information on  Meals on Wheels, visit www.mowlb.org or call Caron Adler at 562-439-5000, ext. 1. 

For more information on the GAF, visit www.GoldenAgeFdn.org.


LW RV Club Soup Contest

The RV Club will meet Tuesday, Jan. 16, in Clubhouse 3, Room 1, the first general meeting of the new year. The dinner and social hour begins at 5 p.m.

The club is holding a soup contest. Members are encouraged to bring a crockpot of soup for the competition. Three winners will receive gift cards.

The refreshment committee will serve a variety of sandwiches. Beverages will be provided. People are encouraged to bring a side dish such as a salad, cold or hot dish, or a dessert. Guests must pay $10 for entry and bring a side dish.

The club welcomes input and suggestions from members on how the board can make the club even better in 2024. Membership annual dues for 2024, which cost $10, will be collected at this meeting.

For more information, contact Bob Konier at rvclubsb@gmail.com or text 714-402-9225


CAP Food Distribution

Free food is available in Leisure World to eligible residents who are 60 years or older through Community Action Partnership of Orange County (CAPOC), which has a monthly distribution site by Clubhouse 4. The next food distribution will be Jan. 18. Distributions are on the third Thursday of the month.

Eligible seniors must live in Leisure World and be at least 60 years of age and meet income guidelines. 

To sign up, bring a photo ID and proof of income (Social Security/SSI statement, letter or bank statement or paycheck stub). For more information, contact Roberta Arshat at 562-431-6586, ext. 317, or robertaa@lwsb.com. 


Democratic Club

Leisure World Democratic Club’s monthly voter education sessions will begin again on Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 1 p.m.  These sessions are being relaunched as a component of the club’s efforts to help voters better understand the importance of down-ballot races in the upcoming 2024 elections.  They will continue throughout the year to deal with issues of importance to club members.  

This first session of the new year, to be held in Clubhouse 3, Room 3, will focus on current attempts to censor reading material. Unfortunately, this attempt has become more common in recent years.  According to data released by the American Library Association, there were nearly 700 attempts to ban library books in the first eight months of 2023. President Biden has created a role within the Department of Education specifically focused on the practice.

Carol Daus, board member of the Friends of Huntington Beach Public Library, will be the resource person for this Jan. 17 session. With a long career in corporate communications and publishing, she is well positioned to bring attention to this subject of book censorship. She has also been working behind the scenes with nonprofit groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), PEN America and First Amendment Coalition.  

The Democratic Club’s first membership meeting in the new year will be on Wednesday, Jan. 24, in a new location—Clubhouse 3, Room 2—and new time: 1:30 p.m. Dom Jones, the Democratic Party endorsed candidate for the California Assembly in the March 2024 Primary Election, has been invited to be the featured speaker.  There will also be information available on Proposition 1 which will be on all Leisure World voters’ March primary ballot.

In order to have time to socialize with one another before the meeting begins, club members are invited to bring their own bag lunch and arrive as early as 12:30 for the meeting. Coffee, water and individually wrapped snacks will be available.  Access to the meeting will also be available by Zoom.


LW AMerica First Republican club 

Family conference is set for Jan. 13

Family Today-Family Tomorrow, an informational event covering issues of concern to many parents and grandparents, will be held in Clubhouse 2 from noon-3 p.m. Jan. 13. 

The event, sponsored by the American Legion, is non-political and open to residents and non-residents alike.

There will be community exhibits, educational materials, refreshments and speakers, including Anne Calvo, RN, director of Youth Protection; Jerry Rueb, pastor, Cornerstone Church; Brenda Lebsack, teacher, and founder of Interfaith Statewide Coalition, Jeffry Barke, MD; Theresa Murnby, director of Precious Life Shelter. For more information on the conference, call 562-335-0779.

The Leisure World America First Republican Club supports legal immigration and secure borders, peace through strength, lower taxes, cutting government spending, free enterprise capitalism, family values, parental control of education, public safety through well-funded law-enforcement and an America first foreign policy.


Seniors for Peace club

Life satisfaction is topic of meeting

The Seniors For Peace Club will greet 2024 with an afternoon of laughter at its meeting today, Jan. 4, at 2 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 9. The coming year will bring serious issues to deal with, including ongoing wars, global warming, crucial elections, etc., so the club feels that some hearty laughter will do everyone good prior to facing the stressful issues. 

A multifaceted program, anchored by Dr. Susan Mathieu, will be presented. Mathieu is adjunct faculty at the Alpert Jewish Community Center in Long Beach. Her talk will highlight a happiness and humor model that encourages social connection and peaceful actions among older adults. 

In order for individuals to be successful in promoting social justice, they need to look inward and follow the “life satisfaction scale” for happiness, according to research. Mathieu consults with public and private agencies on the “Art of Getting Along with Difficult People” and is known in some circles as the “happy professor.”

Renowned Leisure World resident and certified laugh leader Bev Bender will add her humorous take on things. Bender was a motivational-humorist speaker in San Francisco for many years. At the age of 57, she went back to school to get her masters in gerontology. Her master’s thesis was titled “Using Humor to Promote Healthy Living Among Older Adults.”

The program will be topped off by a humorous presentation by President Pat Kruger. All LW residents and their guests are invited to attend. For more information, call Pat Kruger at 562-357-4040.


LW Humanists

The Leisure World Humanists will meet Sunday, Jan. 7, at 10:30 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 1.

Club President Dave Silva will give a Powerpoint presentation on the history and future of retirement. Silva has been president of the Leisure World Democratic Club and ran for State Assembly in this district in 2004. He also served on the executive board of the Orange County Democratic Party.

Retirement is a fairly recent concept in human history. 

Silva will describe how retirement has evolved and how it might change in the near future. In his book, “Searching For Utopia,” Silva described how various social movements have dealt with retirement, including Leisure World. 

He will also explore how technology and politics might change both the nature of work and retirement.

All are welcome to attend. After the presentation, there will be time for questions and discussion.


Happy 80th to Pam Fink

Happy 80th birthday to Pam Fink. She moved to Leisure World two years ago, leaving her home in Kingman, Arizona to be closer to family. She is a mother, grandmother and friend. She can often be seen on her patio in Mutual 2 greeting passersby. All are welcome to join Pam’s family in wishing her a joyous and healthy 80th year.


SBTV-Channel 3

SBTV-3 airs on TWC-Spectrum Channel 3, Frontier Fios Channel 37 and online streaming at sbtv3.org/schedule. 

Have Roku? Go to http://roku.streamsource.tv/add/sbtv. The playback schedule is available at SBTV3.org.


Emergency information council 

Council will discuss potential 

presentations, services for LWers

The Emergency Information Council (EIC) will meet at 1 p.m., today, Jan. 11, in Building 5, Room B. Among the topics to be discussed will be whether to hold periodic activities such as presentations and services connected with disaster preparedness. Presentations could range from speakers from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the ASPCA. Services might include offering residents a service to scan their most vital documents onto a thumb drive to store in their Grab and Go bag. All ideas will be welcomed.

In order to provide these types of emergency preparedness talks and services to Leisure World residents at little or no cost, the Emergency Information Council will rely on donations from residents. 

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity (Tax ID No. 93-2693935), the EIC can now provide tax deduction receipts. Donations can be made by contacting EIC President Jackie Dunagan at jackie919@gmail.com or 562-431-7479 or by attending the upcoming meeting.

—Nick Massetti



In Memoriam 

John Schaeffer  56

Jeanette Johnson  83

Valentin Garcia 67

Donna McPherson 71

Carolyn Kustich  80

Chiao Chen Wan  101

John Storer 90

Wayne Stoller  52

Lucille Sinclair  73

Darlene Dameron  64

Angelina Figlewica  90

Steven McDonough  77

John Holland  86

Barbara Eich  84

Families assisted by McKenzie Mortuary, 562-961-9301.

—paid obituary


Steadfast donors continue their support

The Golden Age Foundation has been serving the Leisure World community for over 50 years. The GAF is a nonprofit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization established in 1973 to enhance the quality of Leisure World life. 

Over the years, through the support of volunteers, individuals and organizations the GAF has organized and implemented many programs that have benefitted shareholders at no cost. 

GAF’s major income source is contributions from shareholders, either individually or through clubs and organizations.

Donations have decreased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are now a handful of donors. Reserves are decreasing at a rate that has caused the GAF Board of Directors to reevaluate the programs that it currently supports. The board chose those that were strong and would continue to operate without GAF support. 

In spite of the decline in donations, there are a couple of bright spots, including one that wants to remain anonymous.

Other contributors are the Cambridge West Partnership LLC, which donated $5,000 to help the GAF Hospitality, Mobility Aids, Income Tax, Shredding and Battery Recycling, five major programs. Its support is greatly appreciated. 

The next donor is the Filipino Association of Leisure World (FALW), which was established in August 2009. The group’s mission was to build better relationships in a diverse community. It is a nonprofit charitable organization geared to support the needs of the Leisure World community.

FALW fundraisers include the annual luau dinner dance in September. It also supports and hosts an annual picnic for  veterans residing in Leisure World. Even during difficult times, FALW continuously made an annual donation to GAF.

For more information on the GAF, visit www.GoldenAgeFdn.org.

—Anna Derby

SUNshine Club

First meeting of the year is Jan. 5 at 10 a.m.

The Sunshine Club will meet at 10 a.m., Friday, Jan. 5, in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. There will be a social hour instead of a speaker. 

All members are welcome to attend, catch up and share any information they gathered during the holidays. There will be coffee, hot tea and cocoa, plus healthy snacks.

Speakers will resume Friday, Jan. 11, with GRF Security Director Victor Rocha, who will talk about the new RFID gate access program that will go into effect on Jan. 17. All are welcome.

On Jan. 19, Pegah Mohtashemi, pharmacist, USC Mann/Kroger Health will speak, followed by Eloy Gomez, GRF safety manager, on Jan. 26. 

Shareholders should bring their own coffee mugs and arrive early to enjoy refreshments before the meeting begins at 10. No membership is required, and donations are welcome. For more information, text Anna Derby at 562-301-5339.


American Latino Club

The American Latino Club will meet Thursday, Jan. 11, at 11:30 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. Sprouts will cater a lunch featuring a sandwich (choice of turkey, roast beef, or chicken breast), green salad, dessert and drinks (coffee, tea, lemonade, hibiscus water). The cost for members is $15 per person and $17 for guests.

No extra sandwiches will be ordered so people should make sure payment reaches Myriam Klotz,  the club’s new treasurer, by Monday, Jan. 8. Members will be contacted by email or phone. Payments must be sent to Klotz by U.S. mail or by dropping them off in her mailbox at 13940 Thunderbird Drive, 6-G. Checks can be made out to the American Latino Club. 

Members and guests can also bring their own lunch or drink but must tell Klotz. For more information, call her at 714-746-9626. Yearly dues of $10 will also be collected and a 50/50 raffle will be held. 

—Miryam Fernandez



LW Korean Community Church

The LW Korean Community Church (LWKCC) held a Christmas celebration praise service. 

After the pastor’s blessing, there were refreshments in the fellowship room and shared joy of Christmas.

LWKCC is the nesting church of the Community Church, which is located within Leisure World.

Sunday worship is held every week at 11:50 a.m. in the sanctuary, and the weekly morning prayer meeting is held at the sanctuary at 6 a.m, from Tuesday to Saturday under the guidance of the pastor. Every Saturday morning service is followed by breakfast in the fellowship room.

LWKCC is located at 14000 Church Place. For more information, call 714-323-0897.


Redeemer Lutheran and St. Theodore Church

On Sunday, Jan. 7, the congregations of Redeemer Lutheran Church and St. Theodore of Canterbury Episcopal Church celebrates the Epiphany. They will conclude a six-part series focusing on the earliest days of Jesus, beginning with his miraculous conception and following the biblical witness
of his infancy and childhood until he was 12 years old. The 10:30 a.m. Holy Communion worship service gathers at 13564 St. Andrews Drive in Leisure World. All are welcome.

The sermon message will be “A Refugee King” delivered by the Rev. Murray D. Finck, Bishop Emeritus of the Pacifica Synod. As always, food donations of canned and boxed
foods for the hungry will be collected.

The first Sunday in January is officially the Baptism of Our Lord but the Epiphany of Our Lord will be celebrated. At Christmas Jesus was presented to the lowly in the presence of the shepherds. Last Sunday Jesus was presented to the Jewish people in the Temple and through Simeon and Anna. This week Jesus will be presented to the world and the powerful in the Magi and the knowledge of King Herod. Each group reacted differently. Much of their reaction was based on who they were. The shepherds reacted with fear and then with excitement. Simeon and Anna reacted with joy, completion, and the need to proclaim it to others. The Magi reacted with joy and humbleness. King Herod reacted with jealousy and fear.


Community Church

Community Church will celebrate the new year with the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus. The church will have
water from the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized and a small token of remembrance. Those who have been baptized are welcome to come and remember their baptism. Those who have not been baptized are invited to come in a spirit of curiosity. The Last Supper will also be commemorated. 

At Community Church Sunday worship is at 9:50 a.m. followed by a time fellowship and light refreshment. Come early for a cup of coffee in the narthex. The church is located inside Leisure World at 14000 Church Place. All are welcome. 

People can join the service live on Facebook and on Zoom. @CommunityChurchLeisureWorld. Contact the church office for the Zoom link. Those in need without another way to address it may call the church office to leave a message at 562-431-2503.


Assembly of God

Welcome to 2024! Time to clean out the clutter, figuratively and literally, and make a fresh start. The easy task is to clean out the closets or drawers. The harder task is to clear out negative influences, bad attitudes and old grudges. If one is hoping for a good year, one must make a good plan and a good start. 

Pastor Chuck will bring a message to lay a good foundation for the year ahead, “Time for Self-Examination,” 1 Corinthians 11:28. The message will encourage the congregation to see through the filter of scripture what God’s plan is for the coming year and how to successfully and joyfully live out that plan. Establish the habit of attending church this year, even if it has been a while.

The Wednesday Bible study looks at Session 4 of “The Rock, The Road and The Rabbi,” “Galilee: Ministry Grounds.” Jesus spent 18 months of his ministry in Galilee, the longest period of time he spent in one place. The events of Jesus’s ministry here will come alive as students are led by Rabbi Jason Sobel through the biblical passages, adding cultural significance and insight. 

Leisure World Assembly of God meets Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. Wednesday Bible study is at 10 a.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. More information can be found on the website, lwassemblyofgod.com, and on Facebook at the Leisure World Assembly of God Church page, where one can catch up on past sermons. 

For more information, contact the church office at 562-357-4360, or pastorchuck@lwassemblyofgod.com.

-Sheryl Franco

Holy Family Church

Christmas at Holy Family Church this year was extra special. The church was not only extraordinary beautifully decorated but also pastor Father Joseph Son Nguyen had a special guest during the Christmas Eve mass. A beautiful 8-year-old girl, Ava, the granddaughter of Andy and Becky Maffucci, gave the most meaningful message. Her innocence asked God for a Christmas miracle: grandpa to get better and for the unity of her family.

The Church is bringing other people to experience God’s love and feels so blessed.


Seal Beach Union Evangelical Church

In 2024, Pastor Myung Hoon Joo shares the message that he hopes that all Christians living in Leisure World will become prosperous people throughout the year like Joseph.

He believes that 2024 will be a blessed year if people become not just people who know God, but people who believe in God and are with God.

Seal Beach Union Evangelical Church has had a truly happy and thankful time over the past year. Everything the church did with the seniors of Leisure World was full of joy. On Dec. 24, there was a Christmas celebration service, and on Dec. 31 the last service of 2023 was held, during which all church members had time to receive blessing prayers by Pastor Joo.

The ministry of the church will continue in 2024 with Tuesday power prayer meetings beginning Jan. 9 at 6 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 4.

The church meets Sundays for worship at 1 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 2. Members also meet every Thursday at 1 p.m. in Clubhouse 3, Room 4, for the Korean senior health class.


Christian Women’s Fellowship and Bible Study Group

The Christian Women’s Fellowship and Bible study group will meet Jan. 9 and 22 in Clubhouse 3, Room 6 at 10 a.m. All residents are welcome. The Book of John will be studied.

For more information, call Jean Davidson at 562-431-0597.


First Christian Church

First Christian Church of Leisure World teaches from God’s word, the Holy Bible, most often verse by verse. It is a friendly church that welcomes all visitors to join in worship and explore God’s word together, “That we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith, both yours and mine,” Romans 1:1

Pastors Message                                   

One of the things that seems to be missing in today’s society is generational history. If a person is asked how far back they can name first or last names of ancestors, very few could go back more than one generation; not true in the Bible. The records of many generations are recorded all the way back to Adam and Eve. Can we rely on these records? Most definitely. The Bible is a history book. It is also called the inerrant word of God. Thus, we cannot only trust it, we can learn so much from it. The text we are looking at this week in Genesis is a very important one as it tells the history of Abraham, his son Isaac and the importance of the wife of Isaac and their future children. 

 Genesis 24 records the story of Abraham asking his oldest servant to go and seek a wife for his son from his own country and his family. The servant with his ten camel caravan arrived in Mesopotamia, outside the city of Nahor, and settled in by the water well. The servant offers up a prayer and what transpires now is an account of one of the great love stories of the Bible. The prayer is recorded in verse 12. “O Lord, the God of my master Abraham, please grant me success today and show lovingkindness to my master.” What follows, almost before the prayer is completed, is one of the great workings of God, for it is through Rebekah, who was born to Bethuel,
son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abraham’s brother that Isaac’s descendants would continue as God had promised Abraham. That prayer, heard by God, is encouragement to us these many, many generations later to offer up prayer to a sovereign God, with confidence He will hear, and the answer may be something future generations can remember and pass on from generation to generation.                                 

Weekend Services                                  

Sunday services, from 9:30-10:45 a.m., are traditional services with Hymnal music led by Janet Ray with Pat at the piano. Sandy Carlson will bring special music this week.                                   

Saturday services, from 9:30-10:45 a.m., include contemporary songs of worship, led by Gregory Black with
guitar and vocal accompaniment.                      

Mid-Week Studies                                  

Monday Women’s Bible Study led by Melli Herrera is on hiatus until Jan. 8.              

Pastor Gary Whitlach leads the Tuesday Bible Study from 9:30-10:30 a.m.      

 Pastor Humes leads the Thursday Bible study from 10:30-11:30 a.m.              

Humes also leads the prayer Bible study on Fridays from 6-7 p.m.                                

 All Leisure World residents are welcome to attend the above services and Bible studies. 

Scripture of the Week

“But when the kindness of God, our Savior, and His love for mankind appeared, He saved us, not on the basis of deeds which we have done in righteousness, but according to His mercy, by the washing and regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit whom He poured out upon us richly through Jesus Christ
our Savior so that being
justified by His grace we would be made heirs according to the hope of eternal life,” Titus 3:4-7 NASB                            


First Christian Church is located on Northwood Road behind Carport 125. 

For more information, call 562 431-8810.


Beit HaLev

Beit HaLev’s community prays for Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, the safe return of all hostages and a swift end to the Israel-Hamas War.

To join the Beit HaLev Zoomagogue interactive service: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9152434704?pwd=THJGTE1OUXI5VXFDTWtuZHF4K3VxUT09; on Facebook: www.facebook.com/galityomtov;  on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@beithalevlive8816/streams.

All Beit HaLev services share brand new special prayer books onscreen, “Lev L’Lev,” which
include excerpts from the Reform Siddur, “Mishkan HaT’filah.”

Beit HaLev and Rabbi Galit-Shirah are affiliated with the Union of Jewish Universalist Communities and Clergy (UJUC) and the International Federation of Rabbis (IFR). They are progressive in thought and traditional in liturgy. Services are joyous, meaningful and musical. Everyone is welcome who seeks a path to the Divine. All religions are considered holy and valid.

To join the Beit HaLev Zoomagogue mailing list, call Rabbi Galit-Shirah at 562-715-0888 or email duets@icloud.com. Beit HaLev does not require a fee for membership, however contributions to
Beit HaLev are welcome and may be sent to: Beit HaLev, P.O. Box 2279, Seal Beach, CA 90740.


Congregation Sholom

Friday evening, Jan. 5, Congregation Sholom will hold services on Zoom with Rabbi Mike Mymon at 6:30 p.m. Services continue on Saturday, Jan. 6, in Clubhouse 3, Room 9, and on Zoom with Rabbi Eric Dangott at 10 a.m. Saturday’s Torah reading will be Shemot. Shemot (“Names”) is the first Torah reading in the Book of Exodus. It opens describing the enslavement of the Israelites in Egypt. Moses is born, placed in a basket on the Nile, and adopted into Pharaoh’s household. He later encounters God at a burning bush and begins his mission of demanding that Pharoah let the Israelites go.

To receive a Zoom invitation please contact Jeff Sacks at 714-642-0122.

Congregation Sholom has been serving Leisure World since 1962. It offers a traditional Jewish service in person and online.
Those who would like to become a member can call Howard at 714-396-0121 for a membership packet.


LW Baptist

LW Baptist Church starts 2024 in the bible book of Numbers with 10 a.m. Sunday worship in Clubhouse 4. Numbers is about recognizing and counting God’s blessings-in other words, faith in God. As Abraham believed God and was counted righteous, each generation must respond to the promises of God’s word with grateful worship. Jesus said it is foolish and slow of heart not to believe all that the prophets have spoken. 

For more information, call 562-430-8598.


Faith Christian Assembly

Another year has come to a close and is behind us. Is a resolution to make life more meaningful in 2024? People can come take advantage of opportunities at Faith Christian Assembly that are sure to enrich life and the coming year. And they can make friends at the same time. 

The church is located at 13820 Seal Beach Blvd., Seal Beach. To receive a free copy of the newsletter and for more information, visit www.fcachurch.net or call 562-598-9010.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Meetings for the Atherton Ward are held at 6500 E. Atherton St., Long Beach. 

Sacrament service is held every Sunday at 9 a.m. This is followed in the second hour by Sunday School on the first and third Sundays, Relief Society and Elders Quorum on the second and fourth Sundays. 

Primary classes (for children) are held every Sunday during the second hour.

Members who are unable to attend Sacrament services in person can request a link from Bishop Mike Gravley at 562-212-8641. 

The reading source for 2024 is the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon begins with an account of a real family experiencing real struggles. It happened in 600BC, but there are things about this account that might seem familiar to families today.




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