Art League

*Artwork courtesy of Cheryl Keller Kearney

The Art League was organized in 1963 to encourage community appreciation of and individual interest in the fine arts. The founders believed that the refining and spiritualizing influence of the arts is vital to the human scene and the community as a whole would flourish with the recognition and sponsorship of creativity in its members.

The League’s purpose is to support and promote the arts and artists through art education and community exhibition; to provide, to the extent of its resources, a center for the development, recognition, and pleasure of the artist; and to foster an appreciation of the arts in the community as a whole.

Over the years many artists and art lovers have gladly given of their time and talents to maintain the League’s contribution to the desirability of living in Leisure World. As a result of these efforts, the Art League also serves as a cultural inspiration to surrounding communities.

The Art League is a thriving organization, destined for continued growth and provides for the enjoyment and enhancement of the Leisure World community.

Upcoming Events


Date: May 10, 2022, Clubhouse 4, 7PM

Demo Artist: Toni Danchik

Popular Vote Theme: “Flowers”



Date: June 14, 2022, Clubhouse 4, 7PM

Demo Artist: TBD

Popular Vote Theme: “Water”